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The X-people are one of the biggest superheroescommands. Nevertheless, most of the heroes remain in the background and appear rather rare. This is due to the fact that readers tend to concentrate on such mastodons as Wolverine, completely forgetting about other, equally interesting characters. In this article, we'll look at one of the most interesting and entertaining characters of the X-Men. We will talk about Kurt Wagner, who is also known as Night Snake or Poprygun.

Kurt Wagner (Marvel)

Kurt Wagner

Night Snake is a pretty young character. In comics, he first announced himself in May 1975. This character is the result of co-authorship of two outstanding authors - Dave Cochrane and Lena Wayne. Outside the comics Kurt Wagner (photo can be seen above) often appears in video games. In 2003 Night Serpent played a significant role in the film "X-Men 2". Among other things, Poprygun does not deprive his presence and animated series. In the films "Spiderman and His Amazing Friends" and "X-Men" has episodic roles. And in the animated series "X-Men: Evolution" and "X-Men: Wolverine" Kurt Wagner is one of the main characters around which the story develops.


Kurt Wagner ("Marvel") - a mutant of the Germanorigin. The boy's mother (as it turned out years later, a mutant with the nickname of the Mystic) threw the newborn son into the waterfall in order to escape from the enraged villagers. However, the boy survived. After some time, he was found by a gypsy who took up raising a child. The so-called gene X was manifested in the boy from the very birth in the form of a tail, fur, fang-like teeth, pointed ears, etc. Because of his unusual appearance, Kurt Wagner experienced a lot of suffering and persecution from the people.

Kurta's childhood was spent in a circus. There he could safely exist without any harassment from the public. In his youth, Kurt Wagner became an excellent acrobat. The audience, in turn, perceived the appearance of the artist as a masquerade and part of the show. Nevertheless, a quiet and carefree life did not last long. The circus was bought by a Texas millionaire who wanted Kurt to join his "Freak Show". The young man did not like this prospect, for this reason he had to flee.

Kurt Wager Marvel

Kurt Wagner moved to the German city of Winseldorf. However, the trouble overtook the guy and there. Residents of the town accused Kurt of a series of brutal murders and decided to punish the "demon". From lynching Night Serpent was rescued by Professor X, who temporarily paralyzed the crowd with the help of his mental abilities. The telepath suggested that Kurt should join his mutant team, which he willingly agreed to.


Kurt's business card is teleportation. Night Snake can move almost instantly in space. Teleportations are accompanied by dense clouds of smoke, the smell of burnt sulfur and a loud bamf sound. Also Kurt can move things (for example, his clothes) and one or two allies. It is worth noting that Poprygun perfectly oriented in space, but it can not penetrate into the solid. It is for this reason that Kurt can not teleport to a place he does not see. In the fan environment, there is an opinion that Kurt Wagner and Kitty Pride are perfectly combined in terms of mutant forces. Night Snake can move to any place, and Catherine can pass through any matter, which annuls the main drawback of teleportation.

Kurt Wagner and Kitty Pride

In addition, the Night Snake has incredibleflexibility. His spine is more flexible than in humans. This allows him to perform the most difficult acrobatic stunts, which helps a lot during the battle. Thanks to the dark coat, Kurt is very difficult to notice at night. Also, do not forget that this mutant has a tail. Typically, Kurt uses it to inflict an unexpected blow to his opponent.

The result

Kurt Wagner photo

Kurt Wagner is one of the most interestingcharacters comics "Marvel". Its authors have made not some kind of pacifier. They laid in it a valuable life lesson and morality. On the example of Poprygun you can see how wrong it is to judge people by their appearance. Kurt, though similar to a demon, however is a very kind and sensitive guy. In addition, Night Serpent is an active devotee of the Roman Catholic Church. Moreover, one day Kurt even intended to become a priest.

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