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Alexei Tolstoy, whose biography isa classic example of the formation of the Russian poet and writer, was born in 1883. His father - Count Tolstoy Nikolai Alexandrovich, mother - Alexandra Leontievna Tolstaya-Turgeneva. The family lived at that time in the city of Mykolaiv, Saratov province. Primary education little Alyosha received at home, dealing with the incoming teachers. A significant influence on the learning process of the son was provided by Alexandra Leontievna, an educated woman well versed in the literature. After the family moved to Samara, when Alyosha grew up, he was identified in a real school, where the young man had studied for four full years.

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Student years

After graduation from the school in 1901year Alexei Tolstoy, whose biography abounds with sharp turns, moves to Petersburg. In the northern capital, he enters the Technological Institute for a mechanical department. The beginning of studies coincided with the first literary experiments of Alexei, he gave preference to poetry. He wrote poetry easily, with inspiration. However, studying at the institute did not leave free time, and Tolstoy's poetic attempts could not be regular. In addition, practical training in the shops of the Baltic factory soon began, there was no time left for poetry.

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The beginning of literary activity

Nevertheless, in 1906 the firstthe publication of poetry by Alexei Tolstoy in a small newspaper "Volzhsky leaf", which was published in Kazan, and Alex decided to devote himself to literature. Studying at the institute was now proceeding insofar as, and after a while the future writer quit studying, although there was very little until the end of the course. In 1907, his collection of poems was published under the title "Lyrics". Then the collection of poems "Behind the blue rivers" was published. In the same year, Alexei Tolstoy, whose biography was replenished with another new page, tries his hand at prose, he writes Sorochi Skazki. All his books are successful, quickly sold out and collect good reviews.

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The first successes in prose

In 1909, a short biography of Alexei TolstoyIt was marked by the writer's decision to finally switch from poetry to prose in his work. He writes the novel The Week in Touraine, which is published in the large bourgeois magazine Apollo. Then the publishing house "Shipovnik" publishes the first collection of short stories. With the outbreak of the war in 1914, Alexei Tolstoy becomes a military correspondent and leaves for the front. During the war, he manages to visit France and England. The war years gave the writer rich material, which Tolstoy used later in his works. In early 1917, the February Revolution puzzled the writer and made me think about Russian statehood and its historical significance.

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Political aspirations of the writer

October Revolution Alexei Tolstoy, biographywhich is full of pages reflecting the political uncertainty of the writer, rejects. He goes abroad with his family, lives in Paris, then in Berlin. Long five years of emigration dragged on. In this period, the novel "Aelita" was written. In 1923 Tolstoy returned to the USSR. Years from 1925 to 1927 passed for him under the sign of active literary creativity, a novel in the genre of science fiction "Hyperboloid Engineer Garin" and a wonderful fairy tale "Golden Key" about the adventures of the wooden little man Pinocchio. Then Alexei Tolstoy begins work on the novel "Walking through the agony", which will bring the writer Stalin Prize. Alexei Tolstoy, whose biography does not end there, will write a number of works in subsequent years, among which there will be the novel "Peter the First".

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