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In May 2016, the world rolled outa fantastic Duncan Jones fighter "Warcraft", shot based on the same name game. At the moment this work is the most successful adaptation of the computer game in the history of cinema. Actors of the movie "Warcraft", carefully selected by the production team, played an important role in the popularity of the picture.


The screen version of the popular computer game"Warcraft" was at the development stage since 2006. The script and variations of the plot have been repeatedly rewritten. Originally it was planned that in the director's chair will be Uwe Boll, already working on such a project, but he refused to sell copyrights. Perhaps this was due to the deafening failure of his film "In the Name of the King" in 2007. Sam Raimi showed interest in working on the film, but eventually he was replaced by Duncan John.

Actors of the movie "Warcraft"

The casting took place from September 2013. Actors of the movie "Warcraft" were approved in March 2014, after which began an intensive filming process, which lasted four months. It was planned that the film will be released in the world in mid-December 2015, but due to the release of the blockbuster "Star Wars" premiere was postponed. In the end, the fans could see the long-awaited picture based on the game only in May 2016.


Actors of the movie "Warcraft" for the most partvery famous. The role of Medivh was played by Ben Foster, star of the paintings "X-Men," "30 Days of Night" and "Birds of America." The character of King Llane was embodied on the screen by Dominique Cooper, known for his participation in the projects "The Devil's Double" and "Reason and Sense". Other actors of the movie "Warcraft", worth mentioning, are Travis Fimmel, who played the role of Anduin Lothar, and Ruth Neggra, for whom the role in the film became the most visible in her career. Directed by Duncan Jones, known for his "source code."

Reviews and Fees

The picture was coldly received by critics and receivedfor the most part negative reviews. There was an inarticulate plot, unreasonableness of characters of the main characters, a heavy for perception abundance of visual effects.

"Warcraft" movie actors

On the contrary, viewers rather appreciateda picture for a dynamic plot and visual effects. However, the negative reaction of critics broke the dream of the creators about the sequel to the painting "Warcraft". The film, the actors and the director have not received any awards.

"Warcraft" was the most successful adaptation of the gamein history. The film grossed more than $ 430 million at the box office, thus overrun Prince Perii, Silent Hill and BloodRayne. However, given the considerable marketing costs, the film did not bring a grand profit.

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