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Luc Pasqualino is an actor from the United Kingdom,who announced himself through the series "Milk Pipers". In this television project, he embodied the image of a simple guy named Freddie, who is busy searching for his place in life. "The phenomenon", "Musketeers", "Borgia", "Star Cruiser Galaxy: Blood and Chrome", "Big Kush" - other famous films and series with his participation. What else can you tell about this person?

Luke Pasqualino: the beginning of the road

The future performer of the role of Freddie was bornin Great Britain, there was a joyful event in February 1990. Luke Pascualino was born into a family far from the world of cinema. His father owned a network of hairdressing salons, and his mother was a housewife.

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Interest in the acting profession Luke showed in theteenage years. His path to success began with a game in amateur theatricals. After graduation, the young man studied at the art center "Stamford", studied the art of reincarnation under the direction of Martin Buri. He earned his living by posing for magazines and filming commercials, as well as helping his father with his salons.

The series "Molokososy"

The role in the TV project "Milk Pumps" Luc PasqualinoThe first time he tried to get back in 2007, he was only 16 at that time. A young man could play a character named Tony, but his candidacy was rejected after two rounds of listening. For two years the young man forgot about the series, got a job as a cook in a restaurant that his cousin owned.

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Luke was 18 years old when he accidentally heard aboutLooking for actors who are able to breathe new life into the TV project "Milk Pipers". Pascualino successfully passed the audition and got the role of Freddie, having defeated a lot of applicants. His character characterizes a guy as something between a madman and a failed loser. Freddie can not understand his relationship with women, suffers because of his mother's death and constantly smokes grass.

The star of the series "Molokososy" Luke Pasqualinoremained for two years. He left the project when his character died. The actor sighed with relief, as it was incredibly difficult for him to play a hero who has nothing to do with himself.

Movies and TV shows

Thanks to the role of the unlucky guy, Freddie becamepopular actor Luc Pasqualino, films and series with his participation began to go out one by one. Already in 2009 he embodied the image of a key character in the family picture "Stingers Rule!", Starred in the role of hotel staff in the sitcom "Miranda". Then Luke was invited to the TV project "Borgia", telling the story of the ascent to power of the famous Italian family. In this series, the young man turned into a young Paolo, who suffers from unrequited love.

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Secondary character Luke played in a thriller"Phenomenon," which narrates about young people pursued by ghosts. In the fantastic film "Star Cruiser Galaxy: Blood and Chrome," he embodied the image of a pilot of a fighter with a secret mission. Then came the interesting roles in the comedy "Virgins, beware!", The detective television project "Joe", the dramatic thriller "Through the snow." In the series "Musketeers" Pascualino portrayed the famous D'Artagnan.

"The Big Jackpot"

In 2017 still remains in demandactor Luc Pasqualino, films and serials with the participation of the actor continue to come out. The key role was given to the charming Briton in the TV project "The Big Kush". The crime comedy tells the story of enterprising fraudsters who accidentally manage to rob a truck carrying stolen gold bars. A daring crime allows common crooks to enter the world of the elite of organized crime, however it is very difficult to survive in such a society.

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Luke embodied the image of a guy named Albert, whoseFather Vic is serving his sentence in places of deprivation of liberty. Life makes him also stand on a crooked road, it is he who leads the operation, the result of which is the theft of gold bars. But the hero does not want to repeat the fate of his father, so he intends to observe the utmost care. It is still difficult to say whether the series will receive a "big jackpot" extension for the second season and whether the actor will continue to star in it.

Life Behind the Scenes

Of course, fans of the British actorand also wondering whether there is a celebrity with someone who met Luc Pasqualino and his girlfriend. The most famous friend of the star "Milk Pumpers" is Orla Brady. This actress was remembered by the audience thanks to the TV project "Mistress". Luke and Eagle met in Los Angeles, began to meet, not paying attention to the significant difference in age. Pascualino claims that he never met a more sexual and passionate woman.

It is known that he does not plan to bind himself yetmarriage ties Luke Pascualino, whose personal life has been held by the public for many years. Ideal woman star considers actress Cheryl Cole. Also, Luke does not hide that he prefers experienced and grown-up ladies.

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