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The actress, loved by millions of Soviet andRussian audience, People's Artist of the USSR Rufina Dmitrievna Nifontova left a bright mark in the national cinema and theater. Multifaceted images created by it, for a long time will remain in the memory of the audience.

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Biography of Rufina Nifontova

Charming red-haired and big-eyeda girl who was called the rare name of Rufina, was born in Moscow in mid-September 1931. No one could have guessed that on that day a star of Soviet cinema appeared.

A family

The family, who had Greek roots, lived on Sokolinamountain, near the famous in the capital of the cinema "Motherland". Papa Rufina, Dmitry Ivanovich Pitade, worked as deputy head of the Moscow-Sortirovochnaya station. He was a very considerate and gentle person.

Daria Semyonovna, the mother of the future star, worked at a weaving factory. She was an activist, a percussionist, distinguished for her fervent and fighting character.

Alexander, the elder brother of Rufina, disappeared in the first days of the Great Patriotic War, and her middle brother Boris heroically died at the front. The third brother of Rufina Dmitrievna, Vyacheslav, is her twin.

Childhood and youth

In childhood, Rufa Pitade was thin, pale and weak. She changed during the war.

When the first days of the war went missingolder brother Alexander, and then the family received a funeral for the average Boris, the mother seemed to be distraught with grief. She began to over-patronize her twins. This particularly affected the last son. Gradually, from a mischievous and laughable boy, Slava turned into a quiet and shy family teenager. And Rufina, on the contrary, became stronger, felt self-confidence.

Drama Circle

When the girl was at school, she enrolled indrama circle. When Nifontova Rufina Dmitrievna recalled these years, she stressed that she had never thought of a movie. Soviet actresses were little acquainted with her. All her dreams were directed to the theater. For the first time she appeared on the stage in Ostrovsky's play, where Anna's maid played.

Soviet actresses

Classmates have always been sure that Rufina will certainly become an actress. However, the girl was not accepted into any theatrical school in Moscow.

Studying at the university

After graduating from school, Nifontova Rufina Dmitrievna fileddocuments to the theatrical school, but she was not accepted. In the "Chip" for her entry the entire admissions committee voted, except for the chairman, actress Vera Pashenna. She was not satisfied with the low voice of a young talent, and she felt that Rufina would not be able to play female roles.

Upset Nifontova tried to pass the examsin VGIK, but it was not accepted. In the corridor of VGIK, Professor Borys Bibikov saw a tearful girl. He saw the potential in this red-haired girl and took her on his course. She was in a group where together with her the future great Soviet actresses Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Izold Izvitskaya and Maya Bulgakova studied. In this luxurious flower garden the talented girl was not lost - she almost immediately began to offer roles, she was looked after, she was admired. The classmates remembered that Rufina had many novels in her student years. Each of them was like a bright performance. But the details were never told either by the actress herself or her friends.

Carier start

VGIK Rufina Dmitrievna graduated in 1955.Almost immediately she was accepted into the troupe of the Theater-Studio of the film actor. Many of her colleagues noted that she was a good, deep tragic actress. Her unusually beautiful face and delightful eyes fascinated. They were very special, bottomless. Later, many noted that the depth of these eyes depends on the depth of those feelings that she experienced.

daughter of a nymphite

Actress Nifontova Rufina met on onestage with VN Pashennaya in the performance of the Maly Theater "Stone Nest". Vera Nikolaevna often recalled how she had not accepted Nifontov at the school. Then she was very affectionate to this talented actress.

Working in a movie

Almost simultaneously with the admission to the theaterNifontova Rufina Dmitrievna began acting in the cinema. She made her debut in 1955 in the movie "Volnitsa". She was immediately entrusted with the main role - Nastya. This work received the prize of the International Festival in Karlovy Vary.

It should be noted that all the heroines of Nifontovavery feminine, lyrical, but possessing a strong character. After the release of the three-part film "The Walking Through the Flours" by G. Roshal, the actress of the theater and cinema, Nifontova received all-Union fame. Refined, gentle, beautiful Katya for a long time to remember the audience. Rufina Dmitrievna in this image managed to convey the deep inner feelings of her heroine, which fell into the maelstrom of social events. There was an impression that it was this kind of womanhood, sensual, thinking that Katya Bulavin pictured to Alexei Tolstoy when he wrote his famous novel.

After this wonderful work new proposals of interesting roles began to arrive quite often.

In 1957, Nifontova was accepted into the troupe of the Maly Theater. At this time, she was already known and in demand.

Work on the radio

Nifontova Rufina Dmitrievna spent a lot of timework on the radio. She took part in radio shows. Its partners were Rostislav Plyatt, Nikolay Plotnikov, Georgy Menglet, Evgeny Matveev, Oleg Strizhenov. Worked with her and the famous Soviet actresses - Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Tatiana Peltzer and others.

In the collection of the Radio Fund there are many recordings with Rufina Dmitrievna's participation.

actress of theater and cinema

Famous film actresses rarely worked on radio, and Nifontova loved this work. In addition to productions, she recorded on the radio poems Ya Polonsky, L. Ukrainka, R. Jeffers, L. Shchipahina.

Personal life

Numerous fans of the actress closelywatched her life. They were interested in everything - how they live, how they breathe, what Rufina Nifontova does in her spare time. The personal life of the star evoked increased interest.

In the second year Rufina became the wife of HlebNifontov. He studied at the Faculty of Directing and was older than his chosen one for ten years. Later he became a famous director. He devoted himself to popular science films. With Gleb Rufina Dmitrievna lived all her life, until his tragic death. The couple had a daughter, Olga. She followed in the footsteps of her father - graduated from VGIK and began to shoot popular science films.

In the early 1990s, Rufina Dmitrievna Nifontovaenters the black band of his life. At first, because of heart problems, her beloved brother died, with whom they were very close. He died of a heart attack in the bathroom. They grabbed him in two days, broke the door and saw a terrible picture. At that moment Rufina Dmitrievna said: "I will die in the bathroom too ..."

After a short while, her niece Vyacheslav's daughter died. She was engaged in commerce. She was robbed, taken to the forest and brutally murdered.

Rufina Dmitrievna was very worried about thesetragic losses. She could not get used to the idea that she had lost her brother. Problems added and the daughter of Nifontova Rufina. Olga married a man who categorically disliked parents, against their will. But after a while she gave birth to a wonderful boy - Misha's son. Parents had only to reconcile with her marriage, although conflicts with her daughter's husband did not stop.

rufina nifontova personal life

Once, after the scandal that occurred at the cottage,Gleb Nifontov got into the car in anger and went to Moscow. On the way he had a heart attack, he failed to manage and his car collided with a truck MAZ. Gleb died instantly.

In the last years of his life, Rufina NifontovaDmitrievna lived alone. Daughter with his family lived in another apartment. At this time, her heart began to worry, but she continued to play in the theater, preparing new roles.

Rufina Nifontova: the cause of death

Many famous movie actresses ended their lives tragically. But Rufina Dmitrievna's death shocked Moscow.

On November 27, 1994, the actress returned home withvilla, strongly chilled and decided to lie down in the bathroom before going to bed to warm up. The water seemed to her not warm enough, she turned on the boiling water, and after a moment lost her senses.

Neighbors from the lower floor, who noticedthe ceiling was first knocked on the door, and then the daughter of the actress called. Olga came to Olga with her husband, who came to the apartment and opened the door, boiling water. Rufine Dmitrievna no one could help ...

They buried a great actress in an open coffin, but there was a lace on her face - the one in which she played in the performance "Summerers". Buried Nifontova Rufina Dmitrievna in Moscow at the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

We want to present you some outstanding works in the cinema of a wonderful actress - Rufina Nifontova.

"The Birds of Our Youth" (1974)

We would like to start our conversation with thiswork because in this film-performance 43-year-old actress Nifontova played a very old woman - the wise and infinitely lonely aunt Rutz. The beauty of Rufina Nifontova was never afraid to be old or ugly in front of the camera. And with this role, she coped brilliantly.

"Optimistic tragedy" (1977) - the main role

Drama, screen version of the play by V. Vishnevsky.The events unfold in 1917. In the marine detachment led by the anarchist Vozhak, a woman commissar is sent on behalf of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. Its task is to explain to the sailors the tasks of the revolution ...

"Love Yarovaya" (1981) - the main role

A screen version of K. Trenev's play.The revolution destroyed not just the foundations of social order, but also human souls, families. The painting reflects the historical events of the Civil War. The Bolshevik underground operated in the White Guard rear. At this alarming time, the husband and wife Yarovye found themselves on opposite sides of the barricade.

actress nifontova rufin

Lyubov Yarovaya was sure that her husband was a man with revolutionary convictions. This helped her serve the cause of the revolution. It accepts the ideology of the workers and acts on the side of the Bolsheviks.

A chance meeting with her husband demonstrates that Yarovoy does not share her views - he is the worst enemy of the Bolsheviks. In the heart of a woman there is a conflict between love for her husband and a sense of duty ...

"Control by specialty" - melodrama (1981)

A young student of the History Departmentgets the job: Alka should find a war participant and it's interesting to tell about his participation in the fighting, about how his life after the Victory was formed. At first the girl reacted to the task rather blithely. But when she met Lyubov Savelievna Oreshko (Nifontova), who was partisan during the war, she rethought her life ...

"Comrade Innokentiy" - drama (1981)

In this historical and revolutionary drama RufinaDmitrievna played a small role Serebryakova. However, this image was remembered for the viewer by the femininity and at the same time by the enormous strength of the character of the heroine Nifontova.

The film tells of the beginning of the revolutionary activities of I. Dubrovinsky.

"Foma Gordeev" (1983)

The film is a performance of the Maly Theater based on the novel by M. Gorky, in which Nifontova played the part of Sasha.

The protagonist of the film received a largestate and family business. He wants to continue the activity of the parent with dignity and increase the capital that he has acquired, but he is far from the world of businessmen. His dreamy nature tells him that happiness can not be measured by the amount of money. He is looking for his place in life, but faces many problems ...

"The Time and Family of Conway" (1984) - the main role

In this family drama, based on the play of J.Priestley, the actress played the role of Mrs. Conway. The action takes place in the UK for 20 years between two world wars. The film shows the complex relationships in the once well-off bourgeois family. All its members in different ways are experiencing the collapse of their hopes and plans ...

"Crazy Love" is a drama (1992)

The heroine of this film (Nifontova) was in a madhouse. Someone from its inhabitants reminds Alexander Nevzorov, someone severe Gdlyan, and someone Anatoly Kashpirovsky ...

famous movie actresses

Strangely enough, but life in a madhouseis interesting, and besides, it does not oblige. There is a loyal friendship and tender love. The word "crazy" does not apply to it. It describes the circumstances that suit all the characters. Therefore, they are not too rushed "to freedom" ...

Today we remembered the great Soviet actresstheater and cinema, a talented person and a very beautiful woman - Rufina Dmitrievna Nifontova. Her life ended tragically, and it's very bitter to realize that this beautiful artist could still play many wonderful roles.

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