"Bella and the Bulldogs": actors, a short story

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"Bella and Bulldogs" - a new youth sportsseries, first shown on the channel "Nickelodeon" in 2015, January 17. Since then, viewers have had the opportunity to enjoy 3 seasons of the project (the second one was released on September 30 in the same year 2015, the third one is already in the next year, 2016, on June 25). What is this youth picture about? Who are the main actors of the series "Bella and Bulldogs"? You will learn about this further.

actors bella and bulldogs

Short story

In the center of the story, a teenage girl Bella Dawson, who at first encouraged herperformances of fans of American football, as it was in the support group of the team "Bulldogs." But one case radically changed her life. She did without any effort an amazing transfer, which the trainer could not help noticing. He could not leave such a talent aside, and Bella was transferred to the team "Bulldogs" in place quarterback.

But will the fragile girl manage to stand in the teamboys? After all, you need to show all the stamina of the character and do not lose your friends. Just for this opportunity to watch all 3 seasons fans of the series "Bella and Bulldogs." The actors perfectly coped with their task. This is one of the components of the project's success.

actors of the series Bella and Bulldogs

"Bella and the Bulldogs": actors

It's time to introduce people, thanks to which the series had a huge success among the youth. What took part in the film "Bella and Bulldogs" actors? The main role was played by actress Brace Bassinger. She's still very young. Was born in 1999, on May, 27th. Today she lives in America with her mother. Two older brothers live in Texas. The girl is fond of basketball and volleyball. Took part in beauty contests.

Other actors of "Bella and Bulldogs":

  • Coy Stewart embodied the image Troy;
  • Jackie Radinsky perfectly got used to the image Sawyer;
  • Buddy Handles - his character - Newt;
  • Lilimar perfectly coped with the role Sophie;
  • Haley TJU - it's hard to imagine someone else in the role Pepper;
  • Rio Mangini perfectly got used to the image Ace McFambles.

Your attention was given to the main actors and the roles they played. They are still very young, but promising. We wish them good luck and rapid career growth!

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