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Famous American actress Maggie Grace,which played the role of Shannon in the movie "Lost", purposefully moved to its goal. Her career as a film actress began when she was sixteen. Then she only occasionally appeared in commercials. Now Maggie Grace - a demanded actress, who works on the same set with the world's stars of cinematography. How did her career develop? What is Maggie Grace doing now? About this and many other things - in the article.

Maggie Grace


Born Margaret Grace Denig (this is a real nameactress) September 21, 1983 in a small town called Worthington in Ohio. The parents of Maggie - Rick and Valinne Denig - had their own jewelry business, so their three children (Margaret was the second child) did not need anything. Maggie Grace attended a Christian school until the ninth grade, then moved to the Thomas Worthington Secondary School. There the girl began to study in a theatrical circle - she played in school plays.

When Maggie turned sixteen, her parentsdivorced. The girl had to leave school and change her place of residence - she moved with her mother to Los Angeles. Her brother Ian and sister Marissa stayed to live with their father. In their lives, little has changed, and Maggie had to start all over again. In addition, very often they were in a difficult financial situation - they rented a house, bought only the most necessary food. It was not easy for the girl, but it was this test of fate that tempered her character, helped define the goal in life and gave her the strength to achieve it.


Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Maggie Grace,the filmography of which already has many interesting works, just started to look for its door to the cinema. She immediately found herself an agent and enrolled in a circle of acting skills. The first time she was invited to shoot in advertising, but the girl did not disdain this work - took up everything that gave her the fate. Soon she was invited to a role in the youth film "Rachel's Room." The picture told of the things that happened in the bedroom of a young teenage girl.

Maggie Grace

The second notable work of Maggie was the role ina movie based on real events. "Murder in Greenwich" - the so-called picture in which the directors tried to reproduce the terrible event that occurred - the murder of the fifteen-year-old girl Martha Moxley. For the role in this film, Maggie Grace was nominated for the Young Actor Award.

The long-awaited success

Only a year after filming in the "Murder in Greenwich" Maggie received a prominent role in the film "Twentieth Mile". Here, the actress brilliantly played the grim oddish daughter Wendy Cryson and Tom Selleck.

And a year later, when Maggie celebratedtwenty-one-year old, she gained true fame. Her birthday was celebrated on the set of the movie "Lost" in Hawaii. She got the role of the rich pampered beauty Shannon Rutherford, who was on a desert island along with other survivors of the plane crash.

Maggie Grace at dusk

Work in such a picture was for a beginneractress real luck and brought her fame and recognition. For a long time, Maggie could not get used to everyone's attention. Fans often turned to her, like her heroine Shannon, which misled the girl, but then she got used to it.

In Hawaii, Maggie found herself a new hobby - surfing.The first wave hit the actress, the board hit her hard. Dozens of bruises and abrasions remained on the feet, but Maggie was not worried about this, since, in her opinion, it's impossible to be shot in the jungle and remain unharmed. Still the actress dreams to jump with a parachute and has not made it till now only because directors forbid to expose a life of danger. Drive, adrenaline and speed - that's what attracts a young girl. That's the kind she is - Maggie Grace!

Filmography: works of recent years

In 2006, the actress played in the movie "A girl from the suburbs." She was lucky enough to play on one set with Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In 2007, she participated in the filming of the painting "Life by Jane Austen."

Maggie Grace and Yen Somerhalder

The year 2008 presented the audience with a new film work with Maggie's participation. This is the thriller "The Hostage", where she played with Liam Neeson.

Not so long ago I went to American TV screensmodern adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, in which Maggie Grace played. In "Twilight" actress was the role of Irina. She also starred in the films "Knight of the Day" and "Flight Lessons" with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

Personal life

For some time the media disseminated information about thethe fact that Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder (a colleague in the shootings of Lost, who played Maggie's half-brother) meet. Young people in every possible way denied this fact.

Now Maggie, she said, is free.She thinks she's too busy for a relationship. The only man she spends time with is Roux's cat, whom she and Ian found in the jungle during the filming of The Lost.

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