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Sarah Tancredi is a character, remembered by everyonefans of the sensational series "Escape". It was this teleproject that presented the starry status of the charming Sarah Wayne Callis, who embodied the image of a nurse who falls in love with a prisoner. What is known about the actress and her heroine, what other interesting roles did Callis play?

The series "Escape"

"Escape" - American TV series, the first seasonwhich saw the light in 2005, just four seasons. Prison Break - a teleproject, one of the central characters of which became a man falsely accused of killing a politician. An unlucky guy must be executed for a crime committed by someone else. However, the brother of the hero Michael intervenes in the case, who sits in prison in order to free his native person. Junior Scofield is perfectly oriented in the prison building, as he participated in the development of his project.

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Sarah Tancredi and Michael Scofield, for the lovethe story of which viewers can watch intensely for four seasons, get acquainted in prison. Initially, the prisoner plans to use the nurse, intending to use it to escape together with his brother. However, unexpectedly for himself, he falls in love with a girl who reciprocates with him.

Who is Sarah Tancredi?

Interest is also in the background of one of thethe main heroines of the famous "Escape". Sarah Tancredi is the daughter of a prominent politician, a doctor by profession. Her successful career breaks down due to drug addiction. In the course of treatment, Sarah arranges to work as an ordinary prison nurse in order to escape from herself. The father does not like the choice of his daughter, but he can not influence her in any way.

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Falling in love with the prisoner Scofield, Sarah helpsto release his innocent brother. The girl is accused of aiding criminals, and she also has to hide from law enforcement agencies and bandits who hunt Michael and the company. Because of the unplanned pregnancy, the actress was unable to withdraw in the third season of Prison Break, so her heroine is "killed." In the final season of the TV project, she returns. Unfortunately, the end of the love story of Tancredi and Scofield is sad.

Biography of Sarah Wayne Callis

Above is told about who Sarah isTancredi. The actress, who embodied this vivid image, was born in the US, it happened in June 1977. Sarah Wayne Callis was born in a family of teachers, but as a child she began to dream about acting profession. The future actress graduated from Dartmouth College, then received a master's degree in fine arts, but the cinema world continued to attract her.

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Sarah is not one of the stars whosethe ascent to glory turned out to be long and difficult. Her star role in the television project "Escape", she was already at 28 years old, before she managed to star in episodes of several serials. The audience liked her Sarah Tancredi, Michael Scofield's lover. It's no wonder that the actress began to receive offers from directors who wanted to shoot a star in their films and serials.

The most interesting roles

The next victory won by Sarah WayneCallis, - filming in the cult television project "The Walking Dead". The series tells of a world that falls under the power of the epidemic, captured by zombies that feed on people. Callis got the role of Laurie Grimes, the wife of the protagonist and the mother of his only son.

Sarah Tancredi and Michael Scofield

Laurie Grimes is the woman who caused the quarrelRika with his best friend Shane, who is also in love with her. The result of the love triangle is Shane's death at the hands of Rick. Laurie is a character that most fans of "Walking Dead" cause negative emotions because of betrayal to her husband. This prompted the creators of the TV project to "kill" the heroine in the third season, although initially it was planned that Lori will stay on the show longer.

An interesting role went to the actress in the newthe television project "Colony". In this series, "Sarah Tancredi" tries on the image of a brave woman who, together with friends, confronts extraterrestrial invaders. Noteworthy and fascinating films with the star "Escape", for example, "Lullaby for Pi", "Black Gold", "Faces in the Crowd", "Towards a Storm".

Life Behind the Scenes

In her personal life, the talented actress is also successful,as in their professional activities. Her chosen one was classmate Josh Winterholt, with whom she decided to link her fate even before she starred in the TV project Prison Break. It was the birth of daughter Keala forced the girl to abandon filming in the third season of "Escape". The actress and her husband still have no other children.

If you believe the words of Sarah, free time shelikes to devote to household chores. Especially the "Escape" star likes to cook for members of his family, experimenting with dishes of various cuisines of the world. Also, Kallis loves to travel, explore other cultures, but this opportunity is rarely due to a busy shooting schedule.

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