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I want to spend Valentine's Day with my beloveda person fun and interesting? There are many ways. We suggest you to stop your choice on watching movies. On the one hand, it seems that this is a boring occupation, but on the other - everything is not so bad. If you select the right movie, then everything can turn out very exciting.

For you, we have prepared a description of interesting films that will make unforgettable Valentine's Day.

Movies: List

movies for St. Valentine's Day

First we will consider the film "Pretty Woman". This film won the love of many. The story of how a fleeting meeting of the financial tycoon Edward and the beautiful girl Vivian, who "takes only cash", has changed their lives. Waking up the next morning, the man did not want to part with his new acquaintance, he suggests staying with him for a while, certainly for an additional payment.

"Valentine's Day" - a Russian film, but interesting

This funny movie will appeal to people over40 years, although it is possible, and the youth will attract the actors' play. In the center of the plot is a married couple. "Exemplary" husband on Valentine's Day sent a pious on a business trip. Then he decides that he needs to rest in the company of a long-legged beauty. He invites her to his home. But that's bad luck, in the midst of their communication, the husband returns. That's where the most interesting moments of the movie "Valentine's Day" begin. The film is Soviet, but there is something very original about it. This movie is suitable for those who do not know what to see on Valentine's Day.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Describing the films for Valentine's Day, one can not help recalling this brilliant film. Let's look at the plot.

movies like St. Valentine's Day

What happiness, at last the machine is invented,thanks to which you can get rid of memories that tear your heart. The guy and the girl decide to throw the memories of each other out of their heads. But Joel, that's the name of the young man, still has a tender feeling for his former lover. And the less he remembers, the more he loves.

Joel realizes that he adores Clementin with all his heart and soul, he is trying to find a way to finally give back to his lover the memory of the past that they had.


In the center of the picture is a married couple whosethere was a crisis in relations. First, lovers, literally, bathed in love, but after a while everything changed. Relations for them have become a burden.

The drama of this film is that everything early orit is too late to come to such an outcome. After all, when love leaves, we stay. It happens that it comes suddenly, and just as quickly it can evaporate because of the grayness of everyday life.

"Paris, I love you"

This film is great forhave a fun Valentine's Day. This film consists of 18 stories about different manifestations of love. Note that they all occur in a certain district of Paris. The highlight of the film is the length of the video five minutes. Each story has its actors, scriptwriter and director. The main task for directors from different countries was to have time to tell in 5 minutes, to show the love story against the background of the chosen quarter of Paris.

"Valentine's Day"

Valentine's Day Movie

You know that "Valentine's Day" is a filmRussian, but there is under the same name American cinema. It is with this picture that we want to introduce you now. In the film, in the Day of All Lovers, a series of random acquaintances are taking place, linking many people. In such a wonderful holiday, many amazing things happen.

"Between heaven and earth"

Considering films for Valentine's Day,you can not forget about this movie. In the center of the plot is the guy David, he just moved into a rented apartment. There he meets a girl who is the mistress of the apartment. When the guy finally begins to believe in her words, a beautiful lady named Elizabeth disappears.

David decides to change the locks, but it does not savehis apartment from the fact that she again appears a girl. Soon he realizes that Elizabeth is a ghost. The guy wants to help his friend. In the process, they fall in love with each other, but it seems that their prospects for a joint life are becoming more and more illusory.

"50 First Kisses"

movies like St. Valentine's Day

For those who are looking for something to see on Saint's DayValentina, this film will do. The main characters are Henry and Lucy. They get acquainted, the guy long and persistently achieves the girl. After that, young people think that their love will be eternal.

But because of the disaster, Lucy loses memory, forgets everything that was the day before. Henry decides, by all means, to return the love of the girl.

"The real moonlight"

Choosing movies for Valentine's Day, it's worthpay attention to this picture. Louise's husband found another. He flies with her to Paris. The wife decides on the most extreme measures to not let her husband go, she ties it with scotch tape. The spouse, of course, tries to get out, but he does not really get it. After that, the couple is waiting for many interesting moments in life.

"Plan b"

Telling that to look at Valentine's Day, this film can not be left without attention.

The main character is Zoe.She is a little over thirty, she has neither children nor husband, but there is a plan. She turns to the doctors to make her artificial insemination. After the girl finds out that she is waiting for the child, she meets her love. After that, Zoya's troubles begin.

"Sorry for love"

saint valentine's day movies list

The main characters are a young girl of 17 years old Nicky and37-year-old handsome man named Alex. The guy does not want to be aware of himself as an adult, he likes to behave like a teenager. After Alex parted with his "eternal bride", he took up only work, but one day he gets acquainted with Nicky, which, by the way, is developed beyond the years. Between them, a friendly relationship is first formed, soon grown into a true love, from which, unfortunately, their relatives and friends are not delighted.

"I'm sorry, I want to marry you"

Pay attention to this movie, if you want wellto spend Valentine's Day. This film is a continuation of the painting titled "Forgive For Love". The main characters are the same (Alex and Nicky). These two lovers decided to tighten their relationship by marriage, set a date for the celebration, but every day they realize that the decision was hasty.

"Real love"

St. Valentine's Day film Russian

Now consider movies like "Valentine's Day". To this category, you can reliably refer a movie called "Real Love".

The main idea of ​​the film is to show,how much love is unforgettable and inexplicable. All are subject to it: the prime minister, the writer and the teenager. This feeling brings chaos to the life of every hero of this picture. Such a film really deserves attention, it is worth a look.

"To promise, does not mean to marry"

Picking films for Valentine's Day, you can not forget about this tape.

The film's events unfold in Baltimore.It tells about a rather difficult relationship between a man and a woman who often misunderstand each other's intentions. A young man is not in a hurry to part with the status of a bachelor. This behavior causes him quite a stormy reaction girlfriend.


Now you know how to have a good daySaint Valentine's. A Russian or American film, for example, can be selected. This pastime will be remembered by a merry laugh and pleasant emotions.

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