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Actor Oleg Chernov - a man whose audienceThey are accustomed to seeing in the roles of heroic law enforcement officers. The most famous for him was the series "Sea Devils". Also, fans can admire their idol in such popular TV projects as "Gangster Petersburg", "Streets of Broken Lights", "Secrets of the Investigation". What is known about his life?

Actor Oleg Chernov: childhood

The future artist was born in a smallmining community, located on the territory of the Kemerovo region, occurred in June 1965. A few years later, his daughter was born. Oleg's father was a simple miner, his mother worked in the administration.

actor Oleg Chernov

The choice of entertainment in the village left much to be desiredHowever, the future actor Oleg Chernov still recalls with pleasure the years of his childhood. The boy was seriously fond of sports, visited various sections. He was engaged in swimming, boxing and gymnastics, acquired shooting skills. Oleg studied medium, his favorite lessons were few.

Choice of life path

Actor Oleg Chernov does not belong to thelucky people who almost in the first years of life understand what their vocation is. On the career of a professional athlete, the young man never dreamed, even in his school years, tired of grueling training. For some time he was thinking about becoming a doctor, but the first attempt to get into the number of students at the Kemerovo Medical Institute failed. A year later he enrolled, but not at the Department of Dentistry, as planned. However, in medicine Chernov quickly became disillusioned, leaving the university already in his third year.

oleg chernov actor private life

Several months Oleg worked as aminer in his native village, but he also did not like the idea of ​​dedicating his life to this dangerous profession. It's no wonder that he happily became a stage installer at the local theater, as soon as such an opportunity arose. It was there that he decided to become an actor, which prompted Chernov to submit documents to a theatrical high school located in Krasnoyarsk. Unfortunately, already in the third year he was expelled for frequent absenteeism. The young man still graduated from the Theater Institute, but already in Saratov.

Only after moving to St. Petersburg Oleg Chernov managed to find his place in life. He got a job at the Satire Theater and began acting in the movies.

Shooting in movies and TV shows

At the beginning of the XXI century, luck began to turnto the young man's face. The life of actor Oleg Chernov changed when he began to trust roles in popular TV shows. The characters he played were similar to each other. Directors liked the brutal appearance of the artist, as well as his sports training. "Banditsky Petersburg", "Streets of Broken Lanterns", "Slaughter Force" - all of these TV projects managed to withdraw Oleg.

life of the actor Oleg Chernov

The first fans of the beginning actor appearedthanks to the criminal militant "The Blind". In this picture, he appeared before the audience as Clim Neverov, a brave spetsagenta. Positively critics reacted to the role of Chernov in the tape "Inspector Cooper."

Starring role

"Sea Devils" - a series, thanks to whichActor Oleg Chernov, whose filmography was already extensive enough by that time, felt the taste of real fame for the first time. The first season was presented to the audience in 2007, the last one, which also starred Chernov, was released in 2015. The success of the teleproject of criticism was explained by spectacularity, dynamism. Also, the audience was impressed by the fact that many of the stunts actors performed themselves.

actor Oleg Chernov biography

Oleg's character in this show is a brave oneSpecial Forces Ivan, who speaks for the name of Batya. Filming in the Sea Devils was not easy for Chernov, but the sports skills acquired in childhood helped to cope. Performing tricks from time to time turned out to be minor injuries, after one difficult scene the actor even found himself in bed with a high temperature. With other actors in the series, Oleg still maintains friendly relations, but does not believe in real friendship with members of his profession.

Wives of Oleg Chernov

Of course, the fans of the domestic starcinema is interested not only in the series and films in which actor Oleg Chernov starred. The biography of the artist testifies that he entered into a legal marriage four times. It's interesting that all of Bati's chosen ones were his colleagues, although in the interview he repeatedly spoke about the harm of relations that begin on the set.

actor Oleg Chernov

Oleg Chernov is an actor whose personal liferesembles a love story. His first serious love was Lyudmila, an actress from his native mining village. Nicholas's son appeared in the family, but the relationship between husband and wife quickly deteriorated. Lyudmila categorically objected to Chernov becoming a student of a theater university, believed that he should work and support the family. After the divorce, the former spouse forbade Oleg to meet with the child, he saw Nicholas only when he became an adult.

On the actress Anastasia Svetlova Chernov was married 4year, the couple broke up peacefully, as both wanted a divorce. Oleg's marriage lasted longer with Irina, with whom he spent 10 years. In this case, the reason for parting was the frequent travel of the actor, associated with the shooting.

Our days

Oleg Chernov is an actor whose personal lifefinally settled down due to acquaintance with the actress Marina Blake. They met on the set of the Inspector Cooper and fell in love at first sight. Oleg and Marina are forced to spend a lot of time separately because of employment, but their feelings for each other from this only grow stronger.

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