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This summer, the movie was the next premiere ofJohn Green's best-selling book City Paper. The book reviews were in fact very ambiguous: some sang her praises, others claimed that this is a second-rate literature designed for teenagers, and the deep meaning in it is more than imaginary. Needless to say, that after the movie the judgments were very similar? Only the criticism of the actors' play was added, and the fanatical opinions were divided into "this is genius" and the "crown" in the book was not so. " After the last, the question of what happened in the book is of particular interest. In fact, did John Green write something outstanding in these lines? After all people have hooked something this book.

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What is the book "Paper Cities"?

The book reviews, as already mentioned, has a verymotley. On them it is difficult to say what happened in the popular novel. Every now and again, the name of Margo Roth Spiegelman flashes among the opinions, but it is not clear to the ignorant people what the fans of the "Paper Cities" say. It is necessary to briefly tell the story.


A high school student and almost a graduate of KewJacobsen and the "queen of the school" Margo Roth Spiegelman - neighbors. As a child, they often walked and made friends. But as they grew older, their opinions began to separate somewhat: calm, cautious Kew and restless Margo, for whom there are no limits and barriers. At one point their paths just broke up - without any quarrels and disputes, it just happens. Many years passed and Margo Roth Spiegelman became the one who can not be ignored, and Kew became (or remained?) Just a freak, in love with his "queen" to the ears.

What is the climax?

One fine night Margot climbs out the window to Kewand offers to make that most incredible adventure in his life - to punish and take revenge on her offenders. The couple makes a magnificent raid and ends the night on the highest floor of the tallest building in the city where Margot Roth Spiegelman, in fact, pronounces the famous phrase that gave the book the title - "Paper Cities". The book reviews on this particular issue have, as already supposed, contradictory: there are those who admire the thoughtful "this paper city ... paper people in paper houses," and there are those who claim: in fact, the author, John Green , only gave his heroine a little pathos, but about her wisdom, and the wisdom of the book itself does not say it at all.

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The culmination is that the next morning Margo Roth Spiegelman disappears. Well, Knight Kew Jacobsen decides to find it nobly. Than all ends, the book "Paper cities" can tell.


The book of John Michael Green by the plot, in principle,clings - she has an intrigue, so necessary to ensure that the reader does not become bored. Curious characters. A pair of funny minor heroes. Claim for wise thoughts.

What does the readers think about all this?

Book City reviews book assures thatthe book is good for the contingent for which it was written: teenagers of school age will taste the humor inserted into the place, and some naive situations that surprise older readers.

The reviewers pay much attention to howthe author built the final. It can be safely called open: John Green does not put direct questions, it is thought-provoking, and answers the reader becomes interesting to find himself.

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This style is not alien to Green: the same is observed in the less famous "In search of Alaska."


"Paper cities" - a book, reviews about whichcurious to read no less than the work itself. Its advantages are called a simple syllable - this book is easy, you can read it overnight and be pleased with such a valuable acquisition. Also for dignity take a qualitative humor, which, by the way, abound, unbroken plot. This is true: there are no clichés in the Paper Cities either by events or by characters, which is very encouraging. After all, this is modern prose, and young authors sometimes find it difficult to resist the use of time proven.


Unfortunately, the merits that arethose, because they are suitable for a teenage audience, boil down to this shortcoming - a narrow age category. For young readers, the book of John Michael Green "Paper Cities" is too full of adult events, it will be incomprehensible to them, for adults it is naive and simple-minded. This also causes an illogical sequence of events, and sometimes even the strange behavior of the characters.

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On average, the book gives an estimate of about 6-7 points out of the possible ten.

Positive opinions

Many read the "Paper Cities" after the sensational"Blame the stars" and received equally vivid impressions, although the books, in fact, are different. Enthusiastic reviews are more often directed towards Margo Roth Spiegelman - an unusual heroine as opposed to such ordinary Kew Jacobson. Readers assure that the book is ideal for fans of love, adventure and detective novels.

No wonder that many of the fans"Cities" are girls. They liked it because of its penetration and philosophical overtones. Loving riddles, they joyfully accepted and understatement in the finale.

In our crazy fast-moving world, the works are attributed to its small size. That's what some reviews say.

"Paper cities" (John Green) - the book is enoughpopular, so there were a lot of reviews and opinions on her account. Readers assure that the book can be called very kind, it makes you think about the attitude towards your relatives, the world, to the notorious stereotyped rules of society.

The moral of this fable is as follows ...

There are several main conclusions that come to the fore after reading the book.

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Firstly, the one that Margot Roth Spiegelman himself asks, speaking of her attitude to the world, she calls everything paper, and the reader thinks: maybe the truth is paper? Maybe he himself is a paper one?

Secondly, the one that occurs immediately after the finale: stereotypes, what are they? With what frameworks did we long ago reconcile? Maybe it's time to let go of these stupid rules?

Thirdly, the one that appears aftersome meditation on the work "Paper Cities" (John Green). Reviews on the book do not always take into account this conclusion. And it consists in this: if you run faster, you will not be able to escape anyway. Was not Margo's attempt to escape to the immediately adult (in her understanding) version of herself more than stupid? Did she build her own instead of the illusions of this world that she did not like, that in fact nothing is better?

Fourth, the one that is noticeable among the commentsleast of all: the problem of idealizing the image of "queen" Margo Roth Spiegelman. In the idols of her erection Quentin (Kew) Jacobsen, there also include her and fans of "Paper cities". This is wrong, because the author himself in the finale indicates how important it is to see not the image of a man created in his head, but to try to see the true essence. Love fiction is always easier, giving the character any qualities. Such an ideal. And the problem of such illusory love, which is important, is relevant not only for adolescents, but also for adulthood. And the older the person, the more painful it is for him to give up such a habit.

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Negative Views

The intricacies of light and complex,insignificant and serious - that's what the book "Paper Cities" is. Reviews it has not only good. Those who have not sunk into the soul have found enough flaws in it.

They say that despite the fact that John Green's books are called "vital", in fact they are not. Margot is too perfect, Quentin too common.

The meaning in the work is covered by too vulgar and vulgar conversations of friends-comrades, who, it seems, do not feel a gram of shame for the said things.

The plot eventually gets confused enough thatThe final is not so much open and unsaid, as unconvincing. The character should not closely correlate with the reader, but it should be written so that the choice of the hero could be understood, even if all the others in the work just did not realize and could not accept it. With this task, the easy syllable of Green failed.

As for the syllable, there are also claims to the author."Paper cities" - a book, reviews about which always begin with the way the author writes. And not everyone is happy with his simple style. In addition, some even complain that in the middle of the work, instead of being exciting, it becomes monotonous and tedious. This testifies that John Green failed to make the transition from easy to serious successfully.

Is there a single opinion?
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Unfortunately, no, there is no consensus.The book "Paper Cities" (John Greene) testimonials of customers are quite ambiguous. As always: to whom are the lemons, to whom boxes of lemons. And for everyone putting "paper cities" on the altar there is one who will prefer to throw it away and unsubscribe, that money and time are wasted. Well, to have your own opinion, it is worth it just to read!

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