"Lulia the Mole" series: actors and roles performed in the film

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The world of theater and cinema is a kind of a planet, inwhich directors, actors, operators live a life different from all mankind. This art was always appreciated by the viewer and was loved at all times. The advent of cinema and television made art closer to the people, and the genre of serials completely captured his attention. The film industry produces a huge number of films, but not everyone becomes a favorite and an expected viewer. The contribution was made to the creation of the series "The Marshy Lala" actors. And the roles that they performed perfectly, made the film very popular.

Creators of the series

The film "The Mover of Lala" became one of the mostloved and lived up to the expectations of the audience. A wonderful composition of actors, directors and screenwriters: they create memorable pictures. The history of cinema knows many productions about the life of the Roma, and they all become very popular. The script for this painting was written by Tatiana Gnedash. A successful script is the key to the success of any film. But the true popularity is brought to the series "Marshy Lala" actors. And the roles he proposed were chosen so correctly that they impressed and were remembered by the viewer. Now every new season is expected with impatience. The ratings of the show speak about this.

The actors of the film "Lulia the Marsh"

The creation of a picture involves a large numberactors. The main role went to the young actress Oksana Zhdanova. The series brought her real popularity, although she already had experience working in film. Oksana starred in two films: "The Diaries of the Dark" and "Bar Duck." But the main role of Gypsy Lyalya in the series - this is the recognition of the viewer. Twenty-two-year-old actress studied at KNU. IK Karpenko-Kary, in the workshop of D. Bogomazov. She works in the Theater of Drama and Comedy, while filming in films.

actors and roles

Once again I want to note how successfully selected inthe film "The Marshy Lala" actors. And the roles written by the screenwriter for young artists have become for them a real start in their careers. Especially for filming Oksana Zhdanova mastered horse riding and perfectly learned to manage with the horse.

The role of Sergei went to Alexander PopovNikolayevich, who graduated from the same university as Oksana Zhdanova, but much earlier. Has experience working in the cinema and the Young People's Theater "On Limes". Preparing for the shooting, Alexander deliberately lost seven kilograms: it was required to create the image of Sergei, as well as the fact that he had to glue his mustache and put on his wig.

actors of the series mongrel lilya

Talent and experience

Ada Rogovtseva is a real decoration of the film. The actress of this class is invited to the series - this means that the ribbon is destined for a happy fate. Ada Rogovtseva is a beautiful, talented and legendary actress, whom spectators love. She spent many years working at the Kiev Lesya Ukrainka Theater. Today Ada Rogovtseva plays in productions of chamber theaters, touring with them, and with solo concerts. The spectator is grateful for her talent, adores this actress, so seeing her on the show is a great pleasure for everyone. She perfectly conveyed the essence of her character - Eugenia Semenovna Cherkasova - a businesswoman, mistress of a nightclub.

the actors of the movie mongrel lya

But apart from the main ones, there are also supporting roles in the film "The Marshy of Lala". The list of actors is very large. Among them Konstantin Danilyuk, Dmitry Lalenkov, Nadezhda Kostyuk, Oksana Stashenko and others.

Each actor has his own tasks in the series: Dmitry Lalenkov had to play the role of a man, chained to a chair, for forty episodes. The actor so experienced the state of the disabled, to whom the attitude of close people changed, that he was stressed after another shooting day.

Work on the film

The film was directed by Dmitry Goldman. The plot line of the series is that the main character was thinking about her origin: who she was, why she was in a gypsy camp? Her Slavic appearance led to similar thoughts and actions. Show gypsy life truthfully, create an atmosphere in the film that captures the viewer - this is the task of the creators of movies and TV shows. In addition, the idea of ​​the origin, the roots, which runs through the entire film, makes the viewer think about themselves. To be interested in their ancestors, tell their descendants about them - this should not be forgotten. This idea is conveyed to the audience by the actors of the series "The Marshy of Lyalya".

pirate lya list of actors

Description of the series

Red-haired gypsy Lyalya - the main character of the film.Life in the camp is free, romantic, but often it involves many difficulties. Including with material problems, like all ordinary inhabitants of the Earth. Everyone wants a beautiful life and a better share for himself - not an exception and Lyalya. To fix her financial situation, she decided on a traditional gypsy method - stealing, which is called in the people "the call of blood." The actors of the series "The Mister Lyalya" beautifully played this main episode of the picture.

mongrel lyala 2014 actors

Main events

Is it only the finances that caused the behavior of Lali? After all, it's also adrenaline, which often becomes the cause of many actions.

The main heroine conceived to rob one of the richhouses. Lala got into it, and the goal was already close, but the son of the hosts, Sergei, was at home. He caught her at the time of the robbery. But he did not call the police: he came up with another punishment for her - a wedding. Lily accepted his offer and agreed to marry Sergei. From that moment on, the events that formed the basis of the series began to take place. The intrigue was the origin of the girl. Even outwardly, she is a different person and does not resemble her relatives. It is these data and suggest that the girl is not a gypsy: red-haired, green-eyed - this is not their type. Who is she, where did the tabor come from, who are her parents? The desire to know everything about herself, because she is only seventeen years old, and the whole life ahead, directs her actions and actions.

"The Mover of Lial" - 2014

The actors who are shot in the film are finecomplement each other's game. According to the plot, there is a love quadrangle, from which you need to get out without mental trauma and stay with your loved one. The true feelings were shown in the film "Marshy Lala" actors. And the roles they played in the series, caused the admiration of the viewer. This is the indicator of the popularity of the created film. But let the intrigue remain for the audience to be interested, and this interest did not decrease.

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