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Indian films about love have long beena separate and quite popular genre, which has its own characteristic features and traditional moments that distinguish it from all others. In addition, the specificity of Indian cinema as a whole has a great influence on the structure of the Indian film.

indian movies about love

Indispensable components

The details that are inherent in Indian cinema in general and which necessarily have all the Indian films about love are the following:

- the presence of an additional story line within the main storyline, retreats and additional stories other than the main storyline;

- the influence of a typical Indian dramatic tradition, making singing and dancing an integral part of the story told;

- rather conditional and implausible plot, which aims to convey to the viewer a very specific idea, and not tell him a consistent story.

indian films in russian

"Love" features

At the same time romantic Indian cinema, i.e. Indian films about love, have their own key moments:

- most of Indian paintings about love refers to the genre of melodrama;

- The traditional Indian film has a good end with the reunion of lovers after much suffering;

- in the plot of the Indian film about love, the woman is in a more emancipated position than in other Indian films.

Spiritual orientation

India is considered one of the most spiritual countriespeace, and spiritual orientation is a generally accepted and unshakable mark of quality that is enjoyed by all, without exception, Indian films about love. In such pictures, truth, true love and beauty always win. European viewers with a coarsened soul, spoiled and oversaturated with American films, it is difficult to appreciate the offspring of the cinema of India, because you need to be able to see the unforgettable beauty of the surrounding world. For example, almost unceasing songs and dances for the uninitiated seem ridiculous naivety, but it is through them that the billion-strong population of India feels and conveys the emotional background of what is happening in the film.

Reference pictures

In the domestic rental since the Soviet eracinematograph Indian films in Russian occupied a separate niche and they are not going to take positions. They have hundreds of thousands of fans in the vast expanses of the former USSR. The films shown below are especially successful and popular. These Indian films in Russian, despite different time periods of their appearance, were most interested in both the domestic viewer and the world cinema community.

and in sorrow and in joy

Very soulful and family!

"And in sorrow, and in joy ..." - a film by the Indiandirector Karan Dzhohara, shot in his own scenario in 2001. The main roles were performed by Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. The film was the record holder at the box office until 2006, spent more than three weeks on the third place of the British charts and was awarded a large number of awards. At the heart of the film "And in sorrow, and in joy ..." lies the conflict between social status and love. The protagonist, forced to choose between a wedding with a beloved girl, a lost parent and any support, and the world in his own family, with a father who does not approve of his bride, makes a choice in favor of the girl. Together they leave the city, breaking all ties with the family, but some time later the younger brother of the protagonist finds out about what happened and is followed by him in the hope of reunion.

forever Yours

Love comes softly

"Yours forever" - a 1999 film released, shotdirector Sanjay Lila Bhansali according to his own scenario. The main roles were performed by Aishwarya Rai, Ajaem Devgan and Salman Khan. The film was awarded more than twenty awards. At the heart of the conflict of the painting "Forever Yours" lies the love between a young musician and the daughter of his teacher. The teacher, displeased with this connection and prochaschee daughter of another, more promising bridegroom, makes them part ways and gives the girl to marry another. A major role in the story will be played by the letters of the young musician of his beloved, who accidentally fall into the hands of her father and make him completely change his view of the marriage of young people and invite the musician to accompany him on a trip to Italy, where the girl lives now. Her father is going to fix the deed, not wanting to see his daughter unhappy in a marriage with an unloved man.

zita and gita movie

Number one in Russia

"Zita and Gita" - a film directed by Ramesh Sippi,It was filmed in 1972 and immediately took off to the top of the film distribution. I enjoyed great popularity in the USSR. This picture was repeatedly filmed remakes. The main role played by Hema Malini, with her successfully played Dharmendra and Sanjeev Kumar. "Zita and Gita" is a film whose story is based on the popular motif of the separated twins in India - it happened with the main characters of the film, Zita and Gita. Both girls lead a completely different life, and one of them has a soft, compliant character, the other has grown quite tough and active. By chance, the characters change places and stay to lead each other's lives, and they like it much more than their former existence. It seems that the affair begins to be adjusted and with love, but at this time their uncle interferes with the situation, whose harassment earlier almost brought one of the girls to suicide. He tries to get rid of a strong sister, preventing him from suppressing the weaker, and for this he attracts connections in the police.

This pair was created by God

All that God does is for the better

The movie "This couple created by God" refers to the genreromantic comedy, not the most typical for Indian films about love. His premiere took place in 2008 and immediately made him the sixth in the rating of the box-office films and the second in the annual list of hits. Director and scriptwriter - Aditya Chopra, the main roles were performed by Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. The film has more than a dozen awards and nominations. In the picture unfolds a complex conflict between love and family debt. The main heroine is a young girl who, at the request of a dying father, married the chosen groom. Despite the fact that the husband genuinely loves her, the heroine does not feel any special sympathy for him, but she starts taking serious interest in her dance partner. Her feelings are mutual, and the partner invites her to leave her unloved husband and flee with him, so that the heroine faces a really difficult choice.

blind love

"Breath was not mine, and the beating of the heart was a stranger ..."

The film "Blind Love" directed by Kunar Kohlicame out in 2006. The main roles were performed by Kajol and Aamir Khan. Filming took place in more than five countries. At the same time, part of them, held in Delhi, required special permission from organizations involved in protecting the historical part of the city and monuments of antiquity. The right to these surveys also required a large payment. The film was awarded more than ten awards. The plot is based on the story of a blind girl who, with the permission of her parents, goes to Delhi. There she meets a young guide who immediately falls in love. It seems that he feels the same feelings for her. So, at first glance, the relationship of young people is not threatened, and the business is moving straight to the wedding. However, at some point the heroine finds out that her beloved is not the person for whom she is trying to extradite herself. She has to learn the truth and make a final decision.

New items

To this particular category of Indian films,which loves and watches countless viewers around the world, in 2014-2015 several new products were added. In them, the fertile theme of romantic relationships and love also comes to the fore. Love conquers everything in the following Indian film premiers: Heart to Heart, Love Over Clouds, Leader, I Love New Year, and in many other worthy projects of modern Indian cinema.

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