What is common between the films "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Country of Oz"? Actors of the film "Country Oz"

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"Country Oz" - Russian comedy, premierewhich was held in 2015 as part of the Kinotavr festival. The film was attended by both novice and celebrated actors, including Yana Troyanova, Gosha Kutsenko, Andrei Ilyenkov, Evgeny Tsyganov, Inna Churikova, Alexander Bashirov and others. All of them appear in completely unexpected and unpredictable images.

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The main heroine of the film is Lenka Shabadinova,who recently divorced her husband and leads a marginal way of life. On the eve of the New Year, her friend and part-time cousin Ira quarreled with his fellow-foreigner, and he decided to part with her in a strange way - threw out of the window. Lying in a snowdrift, Irka decides to call Lena to call her to help and take revenge on the hot-tempered cavalier for abusive behavior.

Having developed the plan, the girls again try to get intoapartment of an alien. However, the repeated invasion ends unsuccessfully for Irki. She again drops out of the window and breaks the coccyx. The girl is lying in the snow and waiting for an ambulance, who is not in a hurry to come, because many residents of the city need medical help on the eve of the most traumatic holiday.

Meanwhile, Lena remains completely alone inthe height of festive festivities and slowly going to a new job to take a shift in the stall. But before she needs to get on the street Torforezov. However, where this place is located, even the all-knowing "Google" has no idea. To get to the heroine of "The Country of Oz" help, though for the most part prevent, casual passers-by. Some of them have no heart, others have courage, the third lacks intelligence. All this they want to find somewhere under the tree. Or at least not to lose the last in the New Year's turmoil. Shabadinova wants only one thing - to find that ill-fated stall.

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At this time Lenka is waiting for a shift at work,who in the past worked as a writer. He is in the company of a friend named Duke - an alcoholic and a former jailer. In the stall in Torforez Street friends are philosophizing and drinking. Liters of alcohol and an abundance of wisdom bring them to madness. One tries to foul everything around, and the second - to incinerate. However, this is only the beginning of the adventures of the ordinary Russian Lenka, not burdened with high intelligence and high salary, but endowed with an incredibly kind heart and the ability to fall into comic situations. Who played this colorful heroine in the film "Country of Oz"?


The unfortunate Lena played Yana Troyanova. This actress - personality is not ordinary. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, the Moscow Art Theater School, then worked in the theater for several years. In 2007, she made her debut in the cinema. And a little later the actress played a role for which she was awarded the award at Kinotavr. The actress played the main character in the film with a heavy and gloomy plot - "Volchok".

Gosha Kutsenko played a wizard (albeit prettystrange) in the film "Country of Oz." The actor played the role of an eccentric person brilliantly. Alexander Bashirov appeared on the screen as a drunken philosopher with a criminal past. Other actors of the film "Oz Countries": Andrei Ilyenkov, Yevgeny Tsyganov, Svetlana Kamynina. One of the heroines was performed by the star of Soviet and Russian cinema - Inna Churikova.

The above information about the film "Country Oz"(cast and story). The filmmakers used the work of Alexander Volkov, based on Frank Baum's book The Wizard of Oz, as the basis for the plot.

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Actors of the 1939 film

This film does not have a Russian picturenothing in common. The screen version of the famous novel, created in the 30's at the MGM studio, is designed for children's audiences, which can not be said about the Russian film "Country of Oz." Actors who performed roles in the American film-fairy tale - Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Frank Morgan.

"The Wizard of Oz": the content of a fairy tale

The plot of this picture is known to Russian-speaking readers. After all, Volkov's book has always been very popular in our country, which is an author's translation of the novel by a foreign writer.

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The actors of "The Wizard of Oz" created on the screena fairy tale story. In the film there are well-known characters: Woodcutter, Scarecrow and Lion, suffering from various phobias. The girl Dorothy and her dog carry a tornado, she is in a distant country Oz. Actor F. Morgan, two-time nominee for Oscar, played the role of a magician in this film, which helped the heroine return home, and her friends find something without which their life was unbearable.

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