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In the comedy "Rush Hour 2" actors and director Brett Ratner repeated the success of the first film at the box office. The heavy criticism from the experts of cinema was blocked by high rates of fees at the box office.

Jackie Chan - the king of the comedic action movie

In 1954, the actor was born in one of theChinese poor families and was given by parents to educate the teachers of the Beijing opera. A lot of stars of Asian cinema came out of this institution. Among them was Jackie Chan, he took place and succeeded in combining two genres of cinema: an action movie and a comedy, he was the best of the others who managed to make dangerous adventures of heroes on the screen ridiculous. In the movie "Rush Hour 2" the actors again managed to please the most experienced fans of the authorial fighting style of Jackie Chan.

The first time appeared in the frame still eight-yearchild in the crowd. He was actively attracted to different scenes, and then Jackie becomes a stuntman in stunts and fights. In this case, the skills in martial arts and the legendary school of physical education of the Beijing opera help him to succeed.

Career Jackie

Among the thousands of fellow stuntmen of hisdistinguished persistence and discipline in the work. Before that, as a child, he also passed a good selection in the extras of movies. Now on the account of the king of comedy fighters there are already 114 films with huge fees in the world box office.

rush hour 2 actors
His successful career has been going on for 55 years onthe big screen. For more than one decade, the actor has remained among the most popular and successful Hollywood stars. And most of the pictures he himself and directs with his own stunt and fights. At the moment he turned 63 years old.

Unlike the first film, for participating in the "Hourpeak 2 "actors did not hear about themselves a lot of flattering reviews, but the work itself has already delivered a great pleasure to the crew. Jackie did not hide his joy at meeting with the same actors on the set of the second film.

John Lown

Another pupil of the Beijing opera in the worldThe cinema was John Lone with the skill staged tricks and fights. He was born in 1952 and his mother was left in a shelter. After that, good luck will intervene in the fate of the boy two times - at first he will be adopted by a Chinese family, and then American sponsors will finance the move to Los Angeles in adolescence. There the future hero of the militants will get much more opportunities in their careers.

john loun

For the comic thriller "Rush Hour 2" actors are not withoutEfforts tried to restore their previous physical form in the work. At the time of filming John was already 49 years old, at this age had to please fans of tricks and fights.

Among the other actors starring in the film are Alan King, Roselyn Sanchez, Chris Tucker, Harris Yulin, Zhang Ziyi.

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