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Who among us does not remember a wonderful boy withdisheveled hair, emerald eyes and a scar in the form of lightning under a long bang? The story of Harry Potter has grown more than one generation and, perhaps, many more follow it. Since 1997, the story written by Joanne Rowling, does not leave indifferent neither adults, nor children, inspiring feats, forcing to dream of beauty and to believe in magic. It is the latter that will be discussed in this article.

The most famous spell of "Harry Potter"

In this case, the leading position is shared by two manifestations of sorcerous charms. In fact, the whole "Potter" is built precisely on this confrontation.

list of spells from harry potter

You do not even have to be a fan of a series of novels aboutyoung wizard to instantly recall a spell from "Harry Potter", like "Awada Kedavra", with the help of which the representatives of the dark side continually tried to reduce the number of goodies. It was these spells that led to the death of the parents of the young wizard in his time.

Nevertheless, always and in everything he opposedanother spell from "Harry Potter" - the famous word "Expelliarmus", so beloved by the protagonist and more than once saved his life. Perhaps, it is these charms that are most associated in the minds of the fans of the "potter" with the "boy who survived".

From a loved one

If you think about it, the influence of a series of novels about the youngthe wizard is so great that some of the phrases are pretty firmly embedded in everyday life. For example, such a spell from "Harry Potter", as "Akzio", quite often comes to mind during the search for a lost thing. After all, how wonderful it would be if the phone left in the wrong place, or the long-forgotten summary were at the right time with a simple wave of a magic wand!

List of spells from "Harry Potter",remembered to us on occasion, can continue for a long time. For example, when the keys are treacherously located at the very bottom of the bag, the famous spell of "Alohomor" comes to mind, with which you can open any door.

Harry Potter spells and their meanings

And sometimes I want to say so to some superfluouschatty interlocutor something like "Ostolbeney", actively used in the last parts of the "Potter". And so it becomes a pity that witchcraft outside of Hogwarts is forbidden ...

Continuing the list of spells from "Harry Potter"remember "Lumos". Just imagine how much more convenient it would be to use these charms instead of the phone display when you are in a dark room!

Dangerous Enchantment

So, it's time to talk about magic moreseriously, because with such things joke is not worth it. Let's begin our enumeration, perhaps, with the most dangerous spells. In addition to the previously named "Avad Kedavra", in the universe of "Harry Potter" there is a huge number of no less serious spells. Continuing a series of "unforgivable spells", you should, of course, call "Cruciatus" and "Imperius", also done a lot of dashing. The first spell is intended for torture, and the second is for absolute control over the will of man. The use of any of them is strictly forbidden and is punishable, as a rule, by a lifetime permit to Azkaban.

death curse harry potter

Despite the fact that the most terrible enchantments are"Awada Kedavra" - the spell of death, Harry Potter on his way faced and other, no less dangerous manifestations of magical power. The simple word "Sectusempra", for example, is capable of inflicting cruel cut wounds on the enemy, and "Serpensoria" is very useful if you are going to throw a poisonous snake at the enemy's feet.

In the first book about the adventures of a young wizardHermione uses the Petrificus Totals spell, which provokes complete paralysis of the body. To use these spells for nothing, of course, is not necessary, but at that moment the situation was simply hopeless.

The Opputo spell is also known to usyoung sorceress. In a fit of anger, she somehow had to set Ron on a flock of small canaries. Of course, they will not bring much harm, but they can definitely vex.

Finally, among the most dangerous spells can be identified incantation "Incarcer", connecting the enemy.

Protective magic

Continuing to list spells from "HarryPotter "and their meanings, we smoothly pass to the charms, opposite to the previous ones. About the disarming charms ("Expelliarmus") has already been mentioned, so we will not repeat. To the protective charms there is such an incantation as "Protego", which creates a shield in front of the wizard.

Of course, in this respect we must not forget about the charms"Expecto patronum," who have repeatedly saved the life of the main character "Potter". By the way, in the films we are shown only one side of the glowing patronus. In fact, they are much more multifunctional and mysterious. For example, the patronus can act as a telegram, which, of course, is not as important as protecting against the Dementors, but also a useful thing.

Harry Potter's most popular spell

The Ridiculus spell is very useful whenmeeting with the boggart, but against other opponents it turns out to be decidedly useless. Nevertheless, the enemy can always be repulsed with the help of a more versatile "DePulso".

It should be noted that all of the above are combat spells from the "Harry Potter", the knowledge of which will be useful to every scoundrel.

Unlocking Enchantment

This category, of course, is much more harmless.It would seem that there is more to say, but few know, then, in addition to the well-known "Alohomor", there are also analogues. The spell "Dissendium", for example, unlocks exclusively secret doors, and the charms of "Portoberto" seem to be created for those who like more spectacular actions. When using these charms, the padlocks explode, and in their place appears a steaming hole in the door.

Mental "superpowers"

In addition to the unpardonable "Imperius," in booksdescribed and other ways to climb into someone's head. A vivid example of this can be called the spell "Legilimens", allowing you to read the thoughts of another wizard. Confront this scourge can only be mastered the art of Occlumency, so in this respect, even great that ordinary people do not know how to conjure.

And you remember how Zlatoust Lokons triedto enchant Ron and Harry Potter? The most popular spell in the arsenal of this wizard sorcerer is "Obliviate", with which you can erase the memory of another person.

And with the help of the charms "Confundus" you can literally confuse a person, forcing him to lose his orientation in space.

Household magic

Spells from "Harry Potter" and their meaningsare very extensive and diverse. Caring Joan Rowling, owner of unlimited imagination, has created a whole dictionary of magical terms used by wizards in everyday life.

The charms of "Reparo", for example, would be very usefuleach of us, because with their help you can fix any object of a small size. The cleansing Escuro spell would permanently solve the cleaning problem, and the Boylio, which makes the liquid boil, would greatly simplify the cooking process.

spell of fire harry potter

"Insendio" - the spell of fire - Harry Potter is notused, however it was successfully done by Hermione during the Quidditch match, when the broom of the young wizard was bewitched by Quirrell. Of course, with this spell you should rather kindle a fireplace, but you will also get a fire on the teacher's cloak.

Other "lifhaki"

Being a magician is extremely convenient.You can, for example, not worry about heavy luggage or bags, which must be brought from the store, because specially for such cases, the spell "Locomotor" is put, lifting things into the air and moving them around the caster.

Slush magicians, too, is absolutely not terrible,because in their arsenal there is a charm "Impervius", repelling water, so you can safely run around in puddles. And the spell "Pak" - and at all a dream of any traveler, because its use allows you to instantly collect everything you need, and in the most optimal version.

Harry Potter Combat Spells

And all this - flowers compared to the ability to fly on a broom and, moreover, to transgress. If you think about how much time these wizards save?

Where does the enchantment come from?

Well, seriously speaking, creating a dictionaryspells - this is a huge work done by Joanne Rowling at the time of writing "Potter". Almost all the spells used in books and films are borrowings from the Latin language with a corresponding meaning. In fact, it is a titanic work, a job that has been calibrated to the last detail. Each Harry Potter spell: the most popular and occurring only once in the entire series of novels - all this is brought to perfection.

Harry Potter spell

The entire universe of "Harry Potter" is built up to the smallest detail, to the most insignificant (at first glance) nuances, from which the result is magic.

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