How to draw a wolf in stages: the lesson is animated by Kotyonochkin

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Suddenly there comes a point in life when you just need to know how to draw a wolf? A step-by-step approach to this issue will help this article.

Preparatory work before the drawing process

how to draw a wolf in stages
All artists, before proceeding toimage of an animal, first carefully consider it in life, get acquainted with its habits. Some even study the structure of the skeleton of the object for drawing. And only after that they proceed directly to work on the drawing. How to draw a wolf in stages? First you need to make a layout - a sketch in which the main parts of the image will be marked. It will be four mugs of different sizes: the largest in the middle is the chest, a little less the circle is located just below and further is the back of the trunk, an even smaller circle is drawn above the chest and slightly further from the opposite side from the back is the head, - this is the front part of the muzzle. The same auxiliary lines mark the legs and tail.
how to draw step by step pencil wolf

The final stage of drawing a wolf

After the auxiliary sketch is completed,the artist depicts directly the silhouette of the animal. This stage is the most difficult. The drawing process ends with the artist writing out the small details: the animal's fur, eyes, ears, casts shadows. If the drawing is intended for application or burning out, it is enough to depict only the silhouette.

How to draw a face of a wolf in stages - a lesson from the multiplier Kotyonochkina

how to draw a wolf face in stages

Who is not known masterfully executedKitten character cartoon "Well, wait!" - Wolf? At one time the author of this remarkable hero in one of the children's shows showed viewers how to draw the Wolf step by step, though not completely, but only one face. And it was not so difficult at all. The artist explained in detail how to draw step by step pencil Wolf, but if you want you can paint the character as the drafter wants.

  1. First, a segment of the inclined straight line is drawn.
  2. Then a torn oval of irregular shape is attached to its edge. Above is a painted circle - this is the nose.
  3. At the front of the muzzle, the oral opening is depicted in the form of an elongated droplet. Dots place the growth of the mustache.
  4. At the opposite end of the slopeDraw oval eyes of different sizes: the eye that is closer, the larger. They can be tipped to each other - this will give Wolk an astonished expression, which he usually says in the cartoon by the voice of the unforgettable Papanov: "Oh!" Almost from the same place, the author suggested drawing a shaggy wolf bang sticking out in all directions with a tuft.
  5. Follows a huge ear. On the nose, slightly wrinkled lines depict wrinkles.
  6. Famous long untidy head of characteris drawn from the extreme lower corner of the ear. It remains only to finish the chin - this is also a straight line - and now we have a ridiculous and ridiculous, slightly stupid Wolf!

Knowing how to draw a wolf in stages using Kotyonochkin's lesson, you can apply this skill to perform funny embroidery on clothes or to decorate a children's room.

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