Will the season 13 Supernatural be created? When to wait for him?

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The series, which premiered in the distant2005, is called "Supernatural." Will there be a season 13? The first episode of this series was released on September 13. Then each new series was traditionally published in the autumn. Since then, much has changed. For example, now the premiere is not on television, but on the Web.

Many spectators ask if there will be a season 13"Supernatural"? Released it is what? We have already said that every series of paintings by tradition (as in other, and a series of other serials) comes in the fall, in the very season - in October.

For the fans of the film there is good news. We give an affirmative answer to the question, whether there will be a season 13 "Supernatural" created.

will the output of season 13 be supernatural?


The whole plot is twisted around two young people (at the beginningseries) of guys - brothers. In the world of the supernatural there is a place for monsters, vampires, werewolf werewolves and other evil spirits. Most ordinary people do not suspect anything about the dangers hidden in the darkness of streets and roadside bars, and sometimes, in their own home. Thanks to hunters in the world there is still a balance between good and evil.

In the series, family ties and family are cultivated,and the brothers attach great importance to their status. When the show was just beginning, many laughed at the fact that their relationship was somewhat similar to that of a homosexual couple. In the 10 season, filmmakers and screenwriters themselves began to joke about this topic.

No matter how it was, the series is not about Dean's relationshipwith Sem. But such brotherly love more than once saved them in many woes, where they do not stop falling. The fact is that they are hunters. And they did not become fishers of living creatures, they were born by them. In a literal sense.

The Winchester father was a hunter after deathmothers, when the boys were still quite children, dragged them into it, without the right to choose. Later, Dean and Sem learn that their mother was a hunter, and their fate was almost completely written in advance.

Hunters literally crumble different monsters, andWinchesters are the best in this. But later the situation becomes more complicated. After all, demons are involved in the affair as well. Quite quickly, the guys adapt to the new situation, and then angels appear. This is an interesting, but quite predictable turn.

will the 13th season be a supernatural release date

Eleventh season

In the eleventh season of "Supernatural"unleashed a serious war between darkness in its true manifestation (the Darkest, if you will) and, oddly enough, by the angels, with God at the head. The season ends with the fact that (attention, spoiler for those who have not watched season 11) Darkness, looking for its brother all season, finds it. For a while, Darkness with a brother - God - find out the relationship, but after they reconcile and "go to the sunset."

The Twelfth Season

Then again Lucifer himself appears, some kind oftime ago so carefully locked in the cage by the Winchesters. He pranks around the world, and at the end he leaves the child. The child of Lucifer, who was borne by a woman, is pure evil in the flesh-nifelim. The denouement of such a difficult situation was unpredictable.

The whole matter is complicated by the constant disagreements of the brotherson various issues, quarrels and the struggle of views on life. In addition, both of them are constantly trying to kill, take away the soul, turn into vampires or demons, kill and resurrect. Winchesters had to deal with ordinary werewolves, and with demons, and with the angels, and with the horsemen of the apocalypse. What will happen next and will the 13th season of "Supernatural" be equally interesting or the whole story is already exhausted?

Main question

The last season ended quite clearly and withouta lot of questions. And the authors themselves in October 2016 claimed that the 12 season would be the last. And it is not surprising, since the main characters have not grown younger since 2005. So, will the season 13 Supernatural be filmed? We answered this question above. Of course, the plot is still unknown. And will there be fatal twists in season 13 of Supernatural? No one knows the answer to this question.

will there be a season of supernatural

So, the first series of fans will have to wait until October 12, 2017. Well, we are waiting impatiently!

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