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For today in St.-Petersburg 34 worksFM radio stations. Among them there are both local St. Petersburg and the branches of all-Russian media companies. Frequencies of St. Petersburg radio stations are located in the range from 87.5 to 108 FM. We will tell you in more detail about some stations that broadcast only in St. Petersburg.

The best news stations

First of all, people listen to local stations tolearn all the latest news of the city and area. You can adjust the most different frequencies of St. Petersburg radio stations, but you will only be informed of the latest events in the city from Radio Baltika on 104.8 FM. It differs a lot of information on the air. In addition, the news is interesting - the station does not depend on either city officials or business representatives. Almost in real time, you can listen on the air data about traffic jams, weather and recent events.

frequencies of radio stations

One of the main St. Petersburg clubs "Zenith" becamethe main partner of the station of the same name, broadcasting at a frequency of 89.7 FM. It is distinguished by the density of news releases and a large number of references to sports. Men who are fond of football do not need to remember all the frequencies of St. Petersburg radio stations, they need only know how to catch Radio Zenit.

Radio for intellectuals

Listen to good music and cultural of the city can be at a frequency of 95.9 FM. It broadcasts the radio "Neva", in the grid which you will not find popular music. But jazz lovers can spend more than one pleasant hour listening to the programs. However, now on the air less often the voices of DJs sound, and most of the time music sounds.

But there are other frequencies of St. Petersburg radio stations,peace and comfort to the listeners. It is not for nothing that the Northern Capital is called a cultural capital: the radio "Hermitage" operates on it at 90.1 FM frequency. With its help you can plunge into the world of jazz. In the broadcast network, connoisseurs of this musical genre will find both novelties from contemporary artists and classical compositions.

At what frequency can you listen to good music

The film "Peter FM" for a long time was remembered by the audience, but very few people know that in the northern capital a radio station with this name really works. It broadcasts at a frequency of 100.9 FM.

frequency of radio stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

If you want to know the frequencies of radio stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, then outside the city it is worth looking for "Peter FM":

  • in Vyborg, the broadcast is 89.9;
  • in the Volkhov - by 104.6;
  • in Kingisepp - by 106.2;
  • in Kirishi - by 106.1;
  • in the Luga - by 104.7;
  • in Tikhvin at 106.4.

In the rotation of this station is not the most popular music, but it is notable for its sincerity. Here you will find songs of talented chanson performers and good old rock.

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