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In this material will be presented the plot, the roleand the actors of the film "Dauria". This is a Soviet two-part color artistic picture. The film was shot in 1971 by Viktor Tregubovich at the Lenfilm studios. The script was based on the same novel by Konstantin Sedykh. The premiere took place in 1972.


First, let's talk about what the film "Dauria" is about. Actors and roles will be described in the next section of this material. The plot narrates about the events of the summer of 1914. The main character is Roman Ulybin - a young Cossack. He asks his father to invite his matchmaker, until his beloved Dashutka was taken away. However, the father has no money. Therefore, the girl is married to a wealthy merchant's son. In desperation, the main character smears the bride's house with tar, then receives a severe punishment from his father. Soon the wedding begins.

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The people are wandering at the expense of a rich merchant. Everyone forgets about Roman. After another's wedding, the hero grows up and understands that the world around has changed. Mother worries. My father is angry with his son. However, traditional life also continues: it is necessary to help parents, work on the ground, mow and clean. Everything changed revolution and war. The people were divided into white and red. The novel becomes the commander of the latter. He believes that he is fighting for social justice and equality. However, while the hero is away from his house, the traditional order has already been destroyed in his village: death, devastation, suffering and pain come, destinies break, the ataman is beaten and the ataman is suffering.

Roman's father dies before the eyes of the whole Cossackstanitsa. He never has time to reconcile with his son. Roman returns to the village on horseback as a brave commander, and sees a grief-stricken mother mourning a dead father.

The main characters

Next, the actors of the film "Dauria" will be presented,who played the main roles in this picture. Vitaly Solomin embodied the image of Roman Ulybin. Arkady Trusov played the grandfather of the main character - Andrew. Vera Kuznetsova embodied the image of Avdotya Ulybina, the mother of Roman.

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Actors of the film "Dauria" Peter Shelokhonov and VasilyShukshin played Severyan and Vasily - father and uncle of the main character. Zhenya Malyantsev was given the role of Roman's brother - Ganki. Father Dashutki - Epifan Lukich Kozulin - played by Fyodor Odinokov.

Yefim Kopelyan appeared on the screen in the imagestanitsa ataman of Elisey Petrovich Kargin. Love Malinovskaya played Agrafena - mother of Dashutka. Boris Arakelov received the role of the son of Kargin named Mitka. Dmitry Masanov played the merchant Sergei Ilyich Chepalov. Victor Pavlov in the film reincarnated as the sergeant Nikifor Chepalov. Vladimir Losev played Alexei Chepalov - the son of Sergei Ilyich. Yuri Solomin embodied the image of the Bolshevik Semyon Nagorny. Mikhail Kokshenov received the role of Fedot Muratov - Roman's friend.

Vsevolod Kuznetsov played the blacksmith of PlatoVolokitina. Igor Efimov transferred to the screens the image of the Cossack Timothy Kosykh. Yuri Dubrovin played the armless man Kuzma. George Shtil received the role of an anarchist, Lavrov. The image of the white general Semenov was embodied by Zinoviy Gerdt. Alexander Demyanenko got the role of punitive Bubenchikov. Esaul-punisher Solomonov was played by Igor Dmitriev. Yuri Nazarov reincarnated for the film in a runaway convict Taras. Lydia Fedoseyeva embodied the image of a matchmaker.

The actors of the film "Dauria": Dasha

The image of the beloved protagonist embodied onscreen Svetlana Vasilievna Golovina. Let's talk a little more about this actress. She was born in 1948, on 1 January. I studied at the studio of the Stavropol Drama Theater. I played on this stage from the age of 14. At the same time she was educated at a music school. First I attended the conductor-choir department, then - theoretical.

dauria film actors dasha

In 1965 she became a student of the acting faculty of GITIS. She studied at the workshop of O. N. Androvskaya and G. G. Konsky. She played in Leningrad in the Bolshoi Theater of Music of M. Gorky.

In the episodes

Next, the actors of the film "Dauria" will be presented,who got the roles of the second plan. Sergei Butler embodied the image of a Cossack. Sergei Polezhaev played a white officer. Mikhail Khrabrov got the role of a Bolshevik. Lilia Gurova played Kirillovna - the wife of the merchant Chepalov. In addition, E. Demin, Y. Neishuler, Anatoly Stolbov, V. Glukhotko, Vitaly Matveyev, I. Melnik, Oleg Dashkevich, Yevgeny Mezentsev, E. Zarkh, A. Birtsev, A. Shevchenko, A. Zadorov were also in the film. , Vladimir Gorkov, Anatoly Vedenkin, Valentina Pugacheva, Cyril Goun, Vladimir Karpenko, Arkady Tigay, Peter Gitis, Anatoly Matveyev, A. Nikulin, Viktor Chaynikov, Valentin Zhilyaev.

Interesting Facts

The actors of the film "Dauria" were named above, nowwe give some interesting information about this picture. On the filming near the city of Chita was shot a unique for the Soviet cinema episode. In it, the actor Shelokhonov, who plays the role of Severyan Ulybin, rides a horse on a jump in the Ingoda River from a 70-meter cliff. The horse's jump was filmed with a mannequin reinforced in the saddle. In this case, the animal died.

The plot of the role and actors of the film dauria

Filming took place from 1969 to 1971. in Irkutsk, Chita, Transbaikalia, and Siberia. Also the work took place near Narva. There they built a Cossack village, which the actors completed with their own hands and lived in it for two filming years.

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