Actress Anastasia Ivanova: biography. The series "Univer"

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Anastasia Ivanova - another star wholighted thanks to the channel TNT. Before the invitation to the popular series, viewers knew this charming 24-year-old brown-haired woman with blue eyes only as Galya from the "Housekeeper". The TV project "Univer" turned her into Julia Semakin, the pretty and cunning sister of Yana. What is known about this actress and the roles she has played?

Anastasia Ivanova: biography. Childhood, hobbies

Many from childhood know that they want to become actors,but this girl is not among them. Anastasia Ivanova seriously engaged in sports almost from the moment that was born in 1991 in Volgograd. Her passion - the merit of his father, coach of the Volgograd team and former football player. Football girl was interested in little, with about 10 years, her passion was sports ballroom dancing. She even participated in the championships, which took place not only in our country, but also abroad.

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Professional sportswoman Anastasia Ivanovato become and could not. This prevented such banality, as the refusal of a permanent partner from joint performances. Once without a couple, the girl suddenly decided to study at the faculty of acting and unexpectedly entered a local university.

student life

Biography of film actress Anastasia Ivanova containslittle information about the years of students. Mastering the secrets of the acting profession, she became stronger in her sudden desire to be a movie star. She also became an active participant in university productions, acquired the first experience of playing on stage.

anastasia ivanova university

Performances in which she played during her studiesthe future star, numbered in dozens, often took her and the main roles. She managed to get the first fans, participating in such productions as "Basic Instinct", "Figaro". However, the beginning actress realized that if she remains in her native city, she will not have a future in her chosen profession. The decision was obvious - moving to the capital. Anastasia Ivanova translated her intention into reality, having left for Moscow right after receiving the diploma in 2012.

First roles

Once in the capital, the girl began to activelyto attend castings. She dreamed of the main role, but did not refuse to play and minor characters, which remained for the audience almost unnoticed. It can be seen in such popular TV projects as "The Fifth Watch", "The Track", in which she participated in the shooting in 2012.

biography of actress anastasia Ivanova

The first months of visiting castings did not bringSpecial fruits, except for taking part in the filming of the episodes. But it is difficult to force a quick surrender of the former sportswoman, who is Anastasia Ivanova. "Univer" was not the first series, in which she got a prominent role. The first was the TV project "The Housekeeper", where she was unexpectedly invited to appear.

In this series, Anastasia appears before thespectators in the image of a young girl, who settled herself as an au pair to rich people. The character she has played is highly emotional, inclined to ill-conceived actions. Galina easily joins in another's conversation, amazes associates by directness. This does not prevent her from nurturing plans for a profitable marriage. Anastasia assures that she is absolutely not like her heroine.

Filming in Univer

The main role in Dom servant opened fora rising star the way to new accomplishments, which did not keep you waiting. In 2013, she was casted, whose goal was to find a new actress who would star in Univer and revive the show. According to the girl, the qualifying round stretched out for six months, but with incredible efforts she nevertheless received the desired role.

actress anastasia ivanova from the series university

Yulia Semakina is a character who alsoabsolutely not like Anastasia Ivanova. "Univer" acquired a new heroine, which has a very complex character. At the first acquaintance, Yana's younger sister seems a pretty and fragile girl, fascinated by a sunny smile. But under this mask lies a calculating manipulator. Julia (as a younger daughter) is spoiled by her parents, she is ready to achieve what she wants by any means. Its main goal is Anton, who is the son of a billionaire.

The actress herself is delighted with the role she received,calls it interesting and multifaceted. Also, she was impressed by the readiness with which the new team allowed her to enter her circle. Even before she first came to the casting, she liked to watch "Univer". And she is very pleased with the opportunity to create new series together with her favorite actors.

Personal life

Actress Anastasia Ivanova from the TV series "Univer"very quickly became popular, as the TV project has many fans. Not surprisingly, journalists were interested in the personal life of the rising star. Numerous rumors began to appear, attributing to it a variety of romantic hobbies.

Actually, the actress is focused onwork and at the moment does not meet anyone. However, she does not deny the desire to meet her man in the future, mentioning that her idea of ​​an ideal husband is radically different from the desires of her serial heroines.

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