Domestic movies about horses: from Soviet times to Russian

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Have you seen a lot of movies about horses? Surely someone can remember "War Horse" Spielberg or cartoon "Spirit: Soul of the prairie," and this, perhaps, everything. Below are examples domestic movies about horses, which can be viewed in a unique rubric "movies about horses". You will be surprised how many excellent movies about these amazing animals were shot in the Soviet times, and then in the times of Russia.

One such tape is "Adele", Telling a story about a young girl,Christine, who was going to marry a rich and powerful businessman. Before the wedding, he brings her to his country house, which the local summer residents call a castle, for its size and luxury. To the bride does not miss the eve of the ceremony, the groom gives her a race horse named Adel. At the same time, a certain Zakharov comes to the village. He considers himself to be a very unfortunate scientist, but after he manages to stop the unruly mare at full gallop, Christina sees in him the most real hero.

A completely different kind of film "Mustang Mustang". If in the previous story the emphasis was on romantic relationships, then the narrative is about the harmony of nature and man, and also about how this same man loves to destroy and destroy all life and beauty. Wild mustang-pacer, his girlfriend Soli, as well as their foal - they are the main characters of this picture. People here come for the most part as secondary villains of the Wild West.

Another film on this topic, "Country Holidays", Connects in its plot the narrative ofharmony between man and nature, as well as romantic relationships between people. It all starts with the arrival of a girl Tanya, who is attending the senior classes of one of the Moscow schools, for a vacation to her grandmother in the village. Soon after arriving, she met a local boy named Lesha. He offers her to learn how to ride a horse and gradually between young people there are mutual feelings, growing into the first youthful love.

Another film, telling a story about teenage friendship between a man and a horse, is the 1975 tape "What's going on with you?".This time the main character is a student of the sixth grade Mitya Gromov. He has a transitional age, which introduces corresponding changes in the character of the young man. Quite unexpectedly, he decides to stay in school for a second year, since the girl he likes is unlikely to move into the next grade. And he becomes an unwitting kidnapper of his classmate when he decided to help him in his studies. And on top of everything, Mitya violates the law, trying to save the horse leading to the slaughterhouse. In something similar the plot has also a film "Ivan and the mare".He united, probably, all the main scenarios of the previous tapes. There is also a romantic component, and a different attitude of people towards nature in general, and to the horses of particular. The narrative twists around the love triangle between Galina, Edik and Ivan. Unexpectedly, in the vicissitudes of their relationship, the mare, named Kasya, interferes. Edik longs to lead the horse to the slaughterhouse and "let him go to the serverel," Ivan, on the contrary, tries to save the poor animal with all his strength. The young girl has to make a choice between these two people and their actions. As you can guess, almost all the films from this column are impregnated with real humanism, as well as the attitude of people to each other and living nature.

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