Saying of friendship is a reflection of folk wisdom

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"Walking folk expressions" (as expressedDal), or proverbs, quite often contain the quintessence of people's opinions about this or that phenomenon. These small folklore forms, like proverbs, live for centuries, and from them one can judge how imaginative thinking can be. The sayings of friendship are no exception. Sometimes they reflect the evangelical maxim. For example, the phrase that if one dies for another, then this is the greatest friendship, is a rehash of the famous saying of Christ.

Sayings about good and friendship

On the Strength of Human Relations

These sayings are very numerous and offensivevarious aspects of mutual attraction of people. Many sayings about friendship are devoted to describing the conditions for the truth of this phenomenon. For example, some sayings assure us that poverty can be a good criterion of whether or not you have real buddies. A person who finds himself without anything, can understand whether he has friends, or whether they turn away from him: "Without the misfortune of a friend you can not recognize." When someone is "in power", then he can not fight off his friends, and when misfortune comes, they run "away from the yard". Sayings about friendship are also warned against sudden acquaintances. Folk wisdom knows for no reason that someone who is too inadequately imposed, can only observe his own interest: "Be a friend, but not suddenly." New friends can be just as unreliable as ice in the spring - people claim. Therefore, on a person with whom you have known for a long time, it is much more necessary to rely on: "Stay in the house of the new, and the friend of the old."

Sayings of friendship

On the Value of Friendship

The spark of contact between people is sobright, which can eclipse any adversity. It is not for nothing that the sayings of friendship say that the main thing is communication with a person, and everything will follow - both leisure and joy. With those with whom it is interesting, even "drinking water is sweet" - it is done in the mouth like honey. With a close person it's good to go even on a very long journey. The proverb says that it is better than a hundred relatives. If there are problems, people are alone crying, and next to friends, you can smile. And the relationship of loved ones can be so strong that they can not be overcome by anything - "even with an ax can not be cut."

Sayings of friendship and friends

These turns of speech also touch upon the topic,what are real friends. It often happens that there are many friends, but there is not a single close person. There can be many reasons for this. Bad character and steep temper lead to the fact that no one wants to be friends with this. But with a gentle person, the whole world is at his service. Do not be friends with liars, they will tell you about all kinds of lasciviousness. Bad as a friend and those who all the time assents - "ponakovschiki." It is better to be friends with lovers to argue. In any case, it's easy to make friends, but it's hard to keep them. So it is stated in folklore.

Sayings of friendship and friends

Sayings about good and friendship

Of course, folk wisdom could not get aroundand the eternal question of good and evil. Enmity between people does not do good. The greatest evil that can come between friends is envy. It is by nature - the same quality as "wolf predation". After all, such a person "dries", if the other is happy. Envy is the biggest obstacle of love. But friendship leads to good and peace. And in this are all the sayings.

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