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Daniel White
Actor Daniil Belykh is the hero of our article. Many viewers love him for his role in the series "Matchmakers", where he played Maxim. However, the list of paintings in which he participated, is so wide that it should be given special attention. Let's find out when and where the actor was born, what roles became for him sign, and which serials with Daniel Belykh many people review several times.

Childhood of Daniel

The hero of our article was born on December 41979 in the city of Irkutsk. As he himself recalls, his childhood was very unusual and peculiar. The fact is that his father, Georgy Belykh, lived and worked as a doctor in Irkutsk, his mother, Natalia Kolyakanova (actress), lived in Moscow, and her grandmother, whose boy often had to live, was in Orenburg. Daniil Belykh has changed five schools for the whole period of his studies, and already from the eighth grade he tried to earn his own. Than only the boy was not engaged: washed cars, sold different newspapers, engaged in fartsovkoy. In general, he did not even dream about the profession of an actor.

You can not escape from fate

And there was a desire to become an actor when DanielWhite studied at the school of aesthetic education. At first he became a student of VGIK, but he did not attend classes once. A year later he entered the famous Theater School. Shchukin, who graduated successfully in 1995.

Daniel White Filmography

A bright start to the cinema

Daniil Belykh, whose filmography openseven in his student years, he became really popular in 2001, when such pictures with his participation as "Medics", then "Bourgeois's Birthday-2", then "FM and the guys" appeared on the screens. And this is quite normal and natural. Well, how do viewers not like the charismatic and charming actor, whose characters were young, beautiful and never faint? For example, in "Physicians" Daniel played a young doctor Andrew, who only graduated from medical school and constantly got into some funny situations. In the series "FM and the guys" he got the role of a cheerful and optimistic Vadim, who was always the soul of the company. And in the film "Bourgeois's Birthday" Daniil Belykh played the persistent detective Vasily.

Success should be consolidated

After the above pictures, the actor showeredoffers from many directors. Daniil Belykh, whose filmography grew at an accelerated pace, consolidated his success by starring in such projects as "Lily of the Valley Silver-2" (in 2004) and "Cavaliers of the Sea Star" (also in 2004). Then Daniel was to play in the TV series "For All Thanks to You" (2005-2006), but in a rather unexpected way for him. His hero is a drug addict and alcoholic Alik, who killed his own uncle. It is worth saying that the role came out very expressive. Perhaps it was because Daniel likes to make personal adjustments to words, suits. In this case, this habit of the actor went only to the benefit of the series.

The next landmark role

Daniel White Biography

The series "Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno" (2006)gave the actor a great role as a militant and associate of Makhno - Fedosia Shchusya. Before the shooting Daniel White considered it necessary to fill some gaps in knowledge, for which he turned for help to his history teacher. And in order to learn horse riding and be fully armed, he visited Golitsyno near Moscow, where the cavalry regiment is located. Filming was conducted throughout Ukraine, namely in those places where Makhno himself visited. Daniel merged with his hero. And all because during the filming of the group came local residents, members of the mass rallies and told that their relatives were personally acquainted with Makhno and described him with sympathy and warmth. Daniel really liked the mode of work, because it was not necessary after the shoots to change clothes, race home, and in the morning it's too early to go up and fly to the site. They lived there in those suits, in which they were shot. And although this series came out in the summer, which the filmmakers do not like to do, it became very popular and had a huge success.

serials with daniil white

Series and not only

Daniel had to play a variety of characters,but he always made something of his own, and sometimes it even came to quarrels with the producers. So it happened on the set of the series "Legacy" in 2008, where Daniel tried on the role of the intellectual Kostya. By the way, it's hard to even find out our hero here, since his hair was brightened and heavily made up.

In 2009, the series "Special Corrections Department of Investigations" was released, where Daniil got the main role. He played the journalist Dmitry Poluyanov.

It is worth emphasizing the participation of the actor in suchprojects like "New Year's Ambush" (2008), "Life that was not" (2008), "The King" (2009), "The Basic Version" (2010), "When the Lilacs Blossom" (2010), "Love-Carrot -3 "(2011)," Dragon Syndrome "(2011)," Swallow's Nest "(2011) and many others.


actor Daniel White

This series is very fond of not only adults,but also to children. Daniil Belykh, whose biography is full of various roles, will never forget this one. So he said himself, because he fully got used to the role of Maxim Kovalev for those 5 seasons of the series, in which he took part. Our hero says that there was always a cheerful and friendly atmosphere on the court. He was very upset when the shooting was over, because the whole team has become a big family over the years, and he did not want to part with anyone.

Cases amorous

When the series "FM and the guys" was shot, our herobegan to meet with Anna Sliu, an actress who also took part in the shootings. In 2004, the couple legalized their relationship. After some time, the actor admitted to his wife that he fell in love with her at first sight and even told his parents that he had found a wife for himself. And the most interesting thing is that he did all this before he and Anna started dating! The character of both Anna and Daniel is quite explosive, which was the reason for many quarrels and conflicts. The couple then parted, then again converged. In 2008, they nevertheless realized that nothing good would come of this union, and dispersed. And officially issued a divorce only in 2010. In 2013, Daniel Belykh, whose personal life again began to improve, married Anna - a worker of the presidential administration.

Daniel White's private life

Adventurer in life

The hero of our article claims that he neverworried about how he looked, what he was wearing, whether he had this or that thing, how things are arranged and furniture in the apartment. If we talk about clothes, then it is characterized by an inconspicuous style, therefore, passers-by on the streets know Daniel not always.

In this life Daniel is a real adventurer.It is enough just to pay attention to where he is resting. And it does not happen in Egypt, Turkey or Tunisia. Honeymoon, for example, he spent on a small island near Phuket, where he and his wife were nearly blown away by the tsunami they witnessed.

And somehow Daniel went to Cuba.As an interpreter, he took a local woman with him and traveled to the local villages to see the wrong Cuba, which is depicted on the covers of glossy publications, but real, as they say, from the inside. He wandered through these villages for four days, bathed only in the ocean, did not shave. And while everyone was returning to Moscow with souvenirs, rum and cigars, our hero was carrying only bright impressions.

And after Daniel played in the film about Makhno, he went to India for six months. Our hero passed there ayurvedic purification and conquered several peaks around Mount Everest.

Daniel still loves green tea, but neverDo not brew it using tap water, but bring it specially from sources and springs. He brews tea according to all the rules and in special dishes. Sometimes he even collects herbs for tea, and then goes to Buryatia or Baikal.


However, all the adventures and hobbies of Daniel do not interferehim to work. So, in 2013, such films with his participation as "Mom will be against", "Vangelia", "Serious relations" appeared on the screens. And this year, 2014, will please viewers with pictures "Marriage dances" and "Young grandfather", where the hero of our article is simply irresistible.

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