"Pandorum." Actors and roles of space horror

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"Pandorum" - a vigorous space horror from the director of "Antitel" Christian Alverta and the producer of "Event Horizon" Paul US Anderson.


In 2008, the director of "Antitel" Christian Alvert,having concluded a creative alliance with the producer of "Event Horizon" Paul Andersen, presented the world with a new fantastic thriller "Pandorum". The film is a brisk space horror film, a mosaic of classic examples of film fantasy and psychological horror. Christian Alvert, who appeared in Pandorum as an incarnation and co-author of the script, has his own recognizable creative handwriting and does not change his favorite genre in any of his projects. Separate film critics accuse the director of borrowing ideas from films that have become classics of the horror genre. However, the main idea and atmosphere of the painting "Pandorum" (actors participating in production, confirm this fact in media interviews) are quite unique, the tape is an extraordinary canvas, full of author's metaphorical character of the director.

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About the story without spoilers

A giant spaceship called"Elysium" carries more than fifty thousand immigrants from the overpopulated Earth through outer space to the planet on which there are conditions suitable for life support of representatives of human civilization. From anabiosis, two astronaut officers are awakened, discovering that something is wrong with the ship that has been entrusted to them. The spacecraft is empty, and the equipment behaves quite oddly. They suspect that their suspended animation lasted much longer than was required, and something terrible happened. Then the real madness begins to be created. "Pandorum" is a film - a cosmic nightmare causing claustrophobia and paranoia, therefore it is strongly recommended to keep your hand on the pulse during viewing.

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Subject frenzy

Creating a picture, the authors were able to verifyto rhyme the sensations of the characters: the psychological decay of the personality and the physical primitive fear of attacking carnivorous creatures. The two main characters of the painting "Pandorum" (actors Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster) literally plunge into the abyss of insanity. Sergeant Bauer, making his way through the gloomy corridors of the spaceship to the main processor, is barely able to cope with trembling in the limbs and cannibal mutants. Lieutenant Payton, remaining in the control room, struggling with panic attacks and the rolls of nightmare of a nightmare, senselessly tries to remember what happened before entering the suspended animation. Such an atmosphere reigns in the tape "Pandorum". Actors-performers of the main roles perfectly coped with the task set by the director.

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Actors and roles. Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid)

Played not the least role in the success of the film "Pandorum" actors involved in the production of paintings.

American actor Dennis Quaid, making his debut in1980s in the big cinema, after participating in several significant projects, secured a star status. Spectators of the Soviet era, he is known for the film "My Enemy". Among other famous paintings with the participation of Quaid stand out: "Going to White Castle", "Guys what you need", "Escape from Sleep", "Inner Space". But the recognition of a wide audience and enthusiastic reviews of film critics the actor received after reincarnation in a businessman of unconventional sexual orientation in the dramatic picture "Far from Paradise" directed by Todd Haynes. For the performance of this role, Dennis was nominated for the Golden Globe Award and was awarded numerous other awards. While shooting in the horror "Pandorum", Dennis Quaid simultaneously played General Clayton Ebernathy in the film "The Roll of Cobra" and Aidan Breslin in "Horsemen". All three films were released in 2009.

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Corporal Nolan Bauer (Ben Foster)

The debut in the film career of an American actor has becomepainting "Forgery" in 1996. After that, Foster spent a long time exclusively on television projects. On the big screen, he returned in 2001, playing in the youth comedy film "The Virus of Love." In the same year, he was confirmed as the performer of the role of Jamie Smith in the film "Black Hawk", but during the production of the painting, Ben received a serious injury and was replaced by Charlie Hofheimer. A real springboard to success in an actor's career is considered to be the film "Hostage", where he played a vicious but sensual psycho maniac. Among the artist's recent works, roles in such films as "Warcraft", "And the storm struck", "On the run" and "Pandorum" are more significant. Ben Foster in 2016 starred in the movie "Land Comanche." This film is currently completing the filmography of the actor.

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Corporal Gallow (Cam Gigandet)

Among the performers of the second-line roles,American actor Cam Gigandet, who played the role of corporal Gallow, a member of the team who received a message before the anabiosis of the death of the planet Earth. The creative start of Zygande's career is considered to be participation in the television movie "C.S.I .: Crime scene". The initial stage of the artist's creative career includes three more famous TV series: "Jack and Bobby", "Lonely Hearts", "Young and Daring". Then the actor disappeared from the cinematic horizon. In the film industry, he returns only in 2007 in the comic film "Who is your Caddy?". Then follow the roles in "Never Give Up", "Twilight", "Burlesque", "Pastor" and the "Pandorum" tape. Cam Gigande is currently one of the most sought after young talents of the Dream Factory, only in 2014 he simultaneously starred in four scenes, such as "Red Sky", "For the End Answer," "Careless" and "Bloody Revenge".

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