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In recent years, a lot has appeared in the Russian languagewords that are incomprehensible to ordinary people. All of them came to us from the professional environment of managers and their entourage. If you are planning a holiday or a solemn event, then you may have a question: "What is booking?" This term is now at everyone's ears. Let's look at the meaning of this incomprehensible word and tell about the specifics of the work of booking agencies.

Two meanings of the word "booking"

In a literal translation, a booking is "making an order orbook a service. "This word is used by tourism specialists, managers are engaged in booking hotels and ordering tours for customers in this business field, most often booklets in the tourism business work remotely via Internet sites.

what is booking

What is a booking, you can find out if youit was required to organize a celebration or a corporate event. After all, no holiday can be held without artists, leading and DJs. It is worth noting that agencies and private bookers do not administer the event itself. Their task is to ensure the arrival of the artist at the place and time specified by the customer.

Who are the bookers?

Specialists of the entertainment industry are often calledbookers by music managers. It is important for them to know the basics of the economy and the fineness of drafting contracts. Also, they should be able to negotiate the most favorable terms for their customers.

show business of Russia

Booker is responsible for coordinating the process of providing artist services. Usually it has its own catalog of stars that work with it. Among them may be:

• Dance groups;
• actors of the spoken genre;
• professional leaders;
• singers;
• musical groups working in different genres;
• DJs.

Capital booking agencies are ready for the event to deliver not only domestic but also foreign stars.

Who can become a buker

Become a music manager can onlya person who has many connections in the entertainment industry. He must be a public and recognizable person with a crystal clear reputation. Only in this case the stars of the first and second echelon will trust such an agent.

entertainment industry

Not always a booking of stars is offered by individual managers. This service can be offered by:

• Promoter organizations;
• event-agencies;
• Concert companies.

However, it is only directlybooking agencies. It is important for customers to know that many companies whose scope of activity is the organization of entertainment events themselves resort to the services of specialists in bookings.

How to become a good buker

Booker should know the basics of economics andjurisprudence. He must fully understand what a booking is. It's good to have your own base of artists and constantly improve. Specialists of one of the leading metropolitan agencies start their careers from scratch. They study the profession by the method of McDonald's, who claimed that any top manager should spend at least one day in the kitchen.

Before learning how to engage stars firstit is necessary to carefully study all the stages of booking. It seems that in this profession it's enough to succeed, only having connections, but in fact the process of booking an artist's time is much more difficult. Domestic bookings differ in the need to delve into all the processes. In any other country, it is sufficient only to be able to sign contracts, and in Russia the expert must delve into all the subtleties of the process.

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One of the country's most famous bikers, Mikhail Yurkov, says that at the dawn of his career he had:

• Continuing to study;
• Regularly visit the capital's clubs and social events;
• meet the artists at the airport;
• organize their settling in hotels;
• To attend sound checks;
• To understand the connection of equipment in particular.

Only in this way can you succeed.In the early years, the work of a bouquet is extremely complex and requires full payoff. To achieve success, professionals should not count their fees, but think about the joy that they give to people.

Differences between booking and concert agencies

booking stars

There are two kinds of work in the music industry:invitation of artists for one-off events and organization of tours. Many confuse concert agencies and booking. The first are engaged in organizing tours, that is, several performances on one or different venues. The latter are engaged in one-off activities:

• Festivals;
• parties;
• corporate evenings;
• weddings;
• celebrations for various occasions (anniversary, anniversary and special holidays).

In other respects, these two directions of musicalmanagement are similar. Both agencies have catalogs of performers with whom they cooperate. It is also important that bukers have connections with major Russian and foreign agencies, where the first-magnitude stars are collected.

Unlike concert agencies, the work areabooking companies - club show business in Russia. They mostly deal with party organizations, closed events and festivals taking place in the nightlife of the city.

Interaction with event-managers

For those who have a large amount of money and canallow yourself to order a performance of a domestic or foreign artist for a celebration, it is important that it fits into the overall concept of the event. Event-managers are responsible for this. They create the scenario of the event and choose artists who have a corresponding repertoire suitable for the solemn occasion.

Further, the organizers of the events arecontact with booking agencies and those executors who are free on the relevant date are determined. The client selection is completed. It is the final customer who determines what artist he wants to see on his holiday.

domestic booking

Features of the operation of booking agencies in Russia

Show business in Russia has its own characteristics andspecificity. Club entertainment projects have appeared with us relatively recently. Booking is also different from European, primarily because this concept is much wider. In the West, the booking manager only needs to contact the agent of the artist and specify the main points of the contract. We need a similar specialist to deal with all the logistics, from the issuance of visas for Western artists, ending with a transfer from the airport to the hotel. The room in the hotel will have to bookers too.

How to work with artists

If a common man does not know what a booking is,he will find contacts of the artist and write an email or call his manager directly. Now no one works for such orders. Usually the application remains unanswered. Stars of the first echelon cooperate with about a dozen major booking agencies. Contact with a specialist is easy to find by subscription.

Work with artists is conducted in two directions.The first is when managers track musical trends and popularity ratings. They make contact with the stars and offer their presentations to the partners of the company. Partners are usually several sites (nightclubs or similar entertainment facilities), which often book performances. After one of the partners approves the nominee of the artist and proposes a date that will fit into the celebrity tour schedule, the stage of an active PR company begins, aimed at the payback of the event. Promotion of domestic bookers are also often taken into their own hands.

The second direction - the client comes and doesan application for a particular artist or asks for several options for an event to choose from. In this case, the work of the booking specialist is less creative. It is necessary to negotiate with celebrity agents and look for ways of mutually beneficial cooperation.

How does the crisis affect the work with artists?

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about how,that booking in Russia - the direction is not promising. In fact, this is far from the case. In recent years, specialists in this sphere are experiencing difficulties only because of the increase in the fees of domestic celebrities.

the organization of entertaining actions

A little more trouble for the organizers of the speechesforeign artists. They often refuse to speak in the country, referring to inconvenient dates or an improper platform. A more frequent type of refusal is a request for a fabulous fee. To recoup the performance of some Western artists in the last two years is very difficult, as people try to spend less on entertainment. Only the legendary stars of the world scene can attract public attention.

Nevertheless, the Moscow booking agencies foundexit and are now actively invited to cooperate gaining popularity of artists who have already won the love of the public. Also they do not lack a talented DJ.

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