Mickey Rourke is an American film actor. "Nine and a half weeks": Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. Roles and actors of the film "Nine and a half weeks"

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When we think about the erotic film, of course,first of all, the actor ("Nine and a half weeks") Mickey Rourke is remembered. It's about this personality and once a cult film that we'll talk about today. We subject the film to detailed analysis.

actor nine and a half weeks

A coveted story for all women

Maybe someone does not know, but the film was based on a book written by a woman. The author is Elizabeth McNeil.

The viewer sees the divorced Elizabeth McGraw (KimBasinger) - an employee of the art gallery, which is still painfully experiencing her state of abandonment of her husband. We apologize to too scrupulous readers, but let's start off the bat. Beth, among other things, is sexually clamped even before the horror, although men from the very beginning of the film throw at her carnivorous looks. And now the main actor comes out to the forefront of the works of cinema art ("Nine and a half weeks" we consider scrupulously) - Mickey Rourke (John Gray). Despite the fact that the hero Rourke - an investor with Wall Street, at first it seems that he is unemployed.

Silk shawl

nine and a half weeks actors and roles

It all starts with a flea market. Beth walks around and chooses all sorts of lovely uselessness. And suddenly she sees a silk shawl - beautiful, but expensive ($ 300). Then, wandering around the rows, she comes across a hen carrying eggs, she seems very pretty to her, and for $ 30 Beth buys her. Making this acquisition, the girl and gets acquainted with John Gray (recall, it is played by Mickey Rourke - actor). "Nine and a half weeks" at this moment tied. In other words, the characters behave as if they already have a novel, although it is not yet available.

In the flea market, they are tossed by severalin words, then John invites Beth for dinner, then gives her a shawl (yes, that same for $ 300). Covering the girl with a gift, the investor boldly hugs an employee of the art gallery. On the first date, a man invites a woman into the room. There he personally gets a bed, and she asks him: "Why are you so sure?" Then, a few minutes later: "I'm tired, I'm tired, I want to go home," she tells him. The audience understands that this is a romantic game. Apparently, John Gray (Mickey Rourke - actor, nine and a half weeks with whom our heroine will lead) caught Beth on the hook.

Dates. Sexual experiments of heroes

nine and a half weeks the content of the actors

Therefore, of course, the heroine returns to John.Then follows a short candy-bouquet period. Then she invites him to her home. John asks Beth to undress, then he treats her body with ice. She gets from this all incredible pleasure. The rest of the reader can freely guess. In general, in the film "Nine and a half weeks" actors and roles are chosen well, but sometimes it seems that Beth could have been more beautiful. Kim Basinger in this role is not very organic and good.

A series of experiments continues

nine and a half weeks film actors

On this the plot actually slips, becausenothing remarkable in the movie until a certain point does not happen. John widens the sexual horizons of Beth and leads her along the edge of the permitted, tries it for strength. Sometimes humiliating, mocking, but before sadism, the business does not reach, maybe, fortunately.

A woman feels in this situationis ambiguous. On the one hand, she likes all these erotic delights, and on the other hand, the girl is uncomfortable that sometimes her feet are wiped off, figuratively speaking. Nevertheless, for a while all this continues.

Now let's make a lyrical digression and before the finale we'll talk about the main character.

John Gray - the perfect man

9 and a half weeks actors and roles

More Ch.Bukowski noted that in order to be an ideal lover, one must be unemployed. In general, if we expand the thesis, then we can say the following: in order for some action to begin to take place at least somewhere, the protagonist must be freed from the burden of labor. If the reader thinks, he will understand everything himself. For example, superheroes do not work or are partially occupied. "American Psycho" also does not work for 8-10 hours a day. It is difficult to deploy some action for 2-3 hours a day, you will agree.

John Gray is also no exception.He is rich. Once upon a time he worked as he should, and now he can devote himself to romances with women. He is neat, diligent. In other words, a dream, not a man.

There is only one flaw:it little that can excite. That's why he does all these things with the notorious ladies. Disclosing the flower of sexuality, it starts much more than directly sexual intercourse.

Here is such an image of a man who gives us "Nine withhalf a week "- a film whose actors build their game according to this type of person. Honestly, they look a little pale against its background.

The final

film 9 and a half weeks actors

He is predictable.Despite the ideality of the hero, Beth begins to vomit at one of the exhibitions of paintings. But do not think bad, she is not pregnant. This is a general reaction to her life. She is disgusted with all this "experimental" sex. It is disgusting to him that John uses it to satisfy, on the one hand, his vanity, and on the other hand, his faint lust. Beth still leaves the ideal man.

Because it is not rooted in the everydayreality, with him there can not be a family, children. Everything that happens is like sex tourism. In other words, it's interesting, exciting, but it's so hard to live a lifetime, but 9 and a half weeks (the actors and roles of the eponymous film are not all covered by us yet) - please.

It is noteworthy that the gap occurs withoutscandals. According to some viewers, this is not too realistic. They believed that the end of such a relationship should be marked by a powerful emotional outburst, and instead John Gray said: "Beth, I love you. Beth, I want you to come back when I count to 50. " To the heroine this has nothing to do: she closed the door and left.

Actors of the second plan

We devoted a lot of time to the main actor couple of the film. Now it's time to touch on the topic: "The film is 9 and a half weeks": actors of the second plan. " They can be represented simply by a list:

  • Margaret Wilton - Molly;
  • David Margulis - Harvey;
  • Kristin Baransky - Tia;
  • Karen Young - Sue;
  • Bruce - Olek Krupa.

With Bruce (according to the film, the ex-husband of Beth) a very reliable and psychologically exact detail is connected.

When Beth met John, her friendMolly told her: Bruce wants to meet her. Between the case the girlfriend said: "He's so cute and sad." Beth either in jest, or seriously answered: "Well, go in that case on a date with him myself." In Molly and Bruce, a novel is fastened, and Beth begins to be terribly jealous of her ex-husband. In other words, the film as if tells us that women are proprietors, and they want to have forever not only real, but also past (and possibly future) lovers.

"Awards" of the film

Why the quotes were used in the title, the reader now will understand. The film was nominated for three awards "Golden Raspberry":

  • the worst actress - Kim Basinger;
  • worst scenario;
  • the worst original song.

As we see, film critics are not too highly appreciateda film that was once a cult in the Soviet Union (still, such frankness). Nevertheless, "Nine and a half weeks" (content, actors) were presented and characterized by us. We hope that the reader got at least some idea about the plot and the main conflict of the film.

It remains only to say that, despiteantipremia, even in Hollywood the tape had some influence. This can be judged at least by the fact that the parody movie "Hotheads" (1991) reproduces the scenes from the film we are considering. Hence, it is not so bad and worthy of the viewer's attention, because this is a definite milestone in the life of our country, too, and it would be superfluous to get acquainted with it. And then move on to research other films with Mickey Rourke (and maybe Kim Basinger).

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