Ogurtsov Alexey: biography, filmography and personal life of the actor (photo)

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Ogurtsov Alexey was born in 1969, on September 11. It happened in Hungary. To date, he is known as a stuntman, actor and producer. Alexey is usually photographed in comedies, criminal insurgents and melodramas.

Learning the future actor

Ogurtsov Alexey

Alexey Ogurtsov was born into a military family. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that in his time he studied at the Yaroslavl Higher Military-Financial School. The service was conducted in such structures as counterintelligence, airborne troops, FSB, border troops. Among his achievements, it can be noted that he is a master of sports in shooting from regular weapons, as well as in hand-to-hand combat.

There are other specialties to which the actor was trained

Ogurtsov Alexei can boast of the second, andthird education. He graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical College and VGIK in Moscow. His popularity was supplemented by the program "The Man's Hobby", which was published on the "Zvezda" TV channel. In it he acted as a presenter. At one time, the actor was engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

Social activity

Alexey Ogurtsov actor

Ogurtsov Alexey also is in the GuardianshipCouncil of the International Public Organization for Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies. There he was entrusted with the post of chairman. The responsibility of this organization is to help those families in which the military were killed, as well as veterans and disabled people.

Training and further service in the KGB

Ogurtsov Alexey Nikolaevich, as has already been said,grew up among military men. Therefore, there is nothing strange about the fact that every year he entered new schools and constantly moved from place to place. Military towns succeeded one after another. It was very difficult, because every time I had to join an entirely new team.

When he graduated from school (in 1986), the futurethe actor decided to enroll in the Yaroslavl Higher Military-Financial School. After his graduation, Alexey Ogurtsov was assigned to serve in the KGB. Then he served regularly in various power structures for twenty years, and everywhere he held the position of accountant.

Participation in the shooting of commercials

However, not only a military careerboast of Alexei Ogurtsov. Actor from him also turned out enough, if not more, good. In his first video, he starred in 2003, and it happened quite by accident. When he was walking along the Arbat, a kid came up to him suddenly. The young man said that Alexei is very reminiscent of Poddubny, and therefore can try to play a small role in the cinema. After a few days, Alexei really found himself in Ostankino. He was invited to appear in a video dedicated to a famous athlete, and play the very Ivan Poddubny. A few weeks later he was invited to participate in a video dedicated to chocolate "Nestle". There he got the role of coach.

son Alexey Ogurtsov

After that, life sharply went in a different direction, which Alexey Ogurtsov does not regret at all. Actor because he turned out wonderful.

The beginning of acting and the end of military career

Alexei decided to resignin the year 2003. However, due to his participation in the commercials, the period of his acting began. First Alexey Ogurtsov was invited to shoot director O. Stepchenko for the role in the film "Male Season". Then he starred in the movie "Call Me Jin", directed by I. Khotinenko. These roles were his first in the cinema.

Alexei Ogurtsov, whose biography is so sharphas changed its direction, is not a professional actor. However, the giftedness, sincerity and diligence that he possesses more than cover this insignificant flaw. Thanks to his past, he became one of those actors who are able to fully revive the faith in Russian officers with strength and courage. When you look at him, there is a belief in wise athletes, in those people who are characterized by a heightened sense of justice. The embodiment of Alexis in the image is due to internal discipline and self-irony.

Ogurtsov Alexey photos

Naturally, many people know him from advertisingrollers, which talk about chocolate "Nestle". And the expression "What am I to you, Vitek?" At the same time, with the shrewd look Alexei possesses, he almost became a winged one. He also remembered many of his role in the "Day Watch", where he got the role of a security guard.

A large number of diverse roles

The filmography of this actor has manypaintings, where he starred as security guards and heads of security companies. However, the tests that he went through, shooting in action films, influenced his invitation to shoot the continuation of the favorite series "Officers".

Family wonderful actor

Alexey Ogurtsov biography

With his wife, as Alex says, acquaintancehappened in the kindergarten. Not once it was even said that it was he who led her into the kindergarten. Thus, they are familiar for more than 35 years. The official marriage is about 17 years. And interestingly, for the entire period, the longest parting was only two months. It happened during the filming of the film "Call Me the Genie." The fact that he takes his wife Lena everywhere with him, repeatedly joked. But this is understandable, because she was present with him on almost all of his filming. However, from all jokes, the actor waves off with one phrase: "The husband and wife are one Satan. And the wife of an officer is a double wife. " As the actor said, without his wife, he would not have achieved anything.

The son of Alexei Ogurtsov followed in the footsteps of his father.He starred in films, and his account already has 4 main roles. They also have a daughter. She also received offers to participate in the shootings. However, parents do not want her to associate her life with the cinema.

In the life of the actor there was a place and a talisman

If you watch all the films carefully, in the filmingwhich participated Alexei Ogurtsov, photo actor in the magazines, you can see one characteristic feature: to see the chain on which the icon hangs. This is a gift from the wife, which she made to the actor for the wedding, so he never parted with him. We can say that this icon became his talisman. According to the actor, the witch-guard saved his life. It happened in 1996, when Alex was in an accident. And when he was already being taken to the morgue, he woke up. However, doctors believe that he was saved by the love of sport, namely bodybuilding.

Not without its numerous hobbies

However, not only bodybuilding is fond of Alex. He also engages in hand-to-hand fighting, swimming, shooting, skiing, ice skating, playing hockey, volleyball.

Ogurtsov Alexey Nikolaevich

It is generally accepted that Alexei started acting in 2003. However, the first role was played by him, when the actor studied in the 8th grade. He starred in the crowd in the movie "Boris Godunov" and got 2 rubles for participation.

In what films can you see Alexey Ogurtsov?

The filmography of the actor includes participation in suchfilms and serials like "Kill Stalin", "Truckers-4", "Wii", "Dubler", "Rzhevsky against Napoleon", "Marines", "Thirty-seventh novel", "Biker", "Real Dad", " Monroe "," Ranetki "," True Love "," Taras Bulba "," School "," Once in the Militia "," Hitler Kaput ". He also acted as a producer in such films as "Bitch for the Champion" and "Kisses of the Fallen Angels". In fact, the films in which he was shot are quite numerous. And on the achieved, Alexei does not intend to stop. In his plans - to continue to act in films. And this fact is able to please not only the numerous fans, but also all viewers who enjoy the game of this wonderful actor.

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