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In a short time he became the idol of millionsSoviet listeners and spectators singer Yevgeny Belousov. The cause of the death of the singer still excites the hearts of his fans. The songs that Zhenya Belousov performed, are still played on the radio: few succeeded to repeat his success.

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Short way

In the late eighties in the Soviet Unionthere was a new singer who brightly flashed, like a shooting star, and left this world. It was singer Evgeniy Belousov. The reason for the death of a talented handsome man was not hidden from his fans - it was a brain hemorrhage, but what happened was preceded by many more events that led the singer to death.


Zhenya Belousov was originally from the Kharkov region,where he grew up with his twin brother Alexander. Parents moved with their sons to Kursk, where the children attended the art and music schools. After graduating from college and receiving a specialty bass player, Zhenya Belousov found a job as a singer in a restaurant. His activities did not bring a special income until the guy noticed the successful producer Bari Alibasov. He took Evgeny to Moscow, where he began to perform in the band "Integral". A beginner, but a talented singer began to collect stadiums, thanks to the performed hits, the girls-admirers enthralled already one name Eugene Belousov. The cause of death, which was waiting for the musician in a few years, was then still very far from the boy.

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Bright life

Zhenya's life was very bright and rich: success, admirers, fees and rapid take-off circled the head, then Evgeny Belousov lived on a broad foot. The cause of death, which overtook the pop star in a few years, is probably connected with such a frantic pace of life. The singer gave himself completely to work, but at the same time he did not forget about his personal life, his friends. Girls changed with Zhenya quite often, he associated himself with both legal and civil relations, had two official marriages and several novels from which children were born.

At first the singer was in seventh heaven with happiness,when success came. But over time, he began to understand that money and fame are brought to him only by certain hits that fans like - songs about cute girls and pop music. The musician himself wanted to sing a few other songs, preferred heavy music, other directions. But trying to change his role, he received in response such blows of fate, which turned out to be beyond his power. The popularity was falling, the singer could not collect a full hall with a new direction, not even the stellar name of Zhenya Belousov was saved. The cause of death, according to friends, was associated with the musician's feelings about the fact that he could not fully realize himself.

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Trying to become a merchant

In the early nineties, when the singer's careerit was very fashionable to open own business. I tried to become a businessman and Zhenya Belousov. The reason for the death of the singer is partly connected with the failed attempt to open a commercial vein. The business did not go, we had to pay debts, draw friends, worry about the failure and the collapse of plans, which also influenced the lifestyle of the musician. The cause of the death of Evgeny Belousov, according to friends, is largely due to the fact that Zhenya often became depressed from the collapse of plans. He sank his sorrows and troubles in wine.

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Doctors have warned the musician many times,that he categorically can not drink alcohol. Zhenya had attacks, after which it was with great difficulty brought back to life. The language fell, Zhenya lost consciousness, but when he came to himself, he continued to live the same way, with alcohol and fun, which he tried to drown out the inner pain.

The singer Eugene Belousov was light-minded. The cause of death, the photo of the singer was published in the near future in the press, causing pain not only to loved ones, but also to fans of the musician in all of Russia.

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A family

During such a short, but interesting andbusy life Zhenya Belousov managed to leave his mark. He has two children from different marriages, the eldest daughter is Christina and the youngest son Roman. Children were born one after another, daughter - in legal marriage with Elena Hudik, and son - from Oksana's civil wife, with whom Zhenya worked on the stage. The girl was a keyboardist. There is one more intriguing story about the relationship between Zhenya Belousova and Natalia Vetlitskaya, who were legalized by them, but the marriage did not last for two weeks. Apparently, creative individuals could not get along in one territory, and they understood it immediately. Eugene collected his things after a joint week-long stay.

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The fourth wife who spent by the beddying his last days, was Elena Savina. Young people lived in a civil marriage, but it did not bother them, because the feelings they felt for each other, crossed out all the conventions, so Zhenya Belousov believed.

Biography, the cause of the death of the singer was goodknown to his civil wife Elena. When in the end of May, 1997 Evgenie was taken to hospital with an attack of a pancreatitis, she did not depart from beloved one on a step. But at the moment of the singer's stay in the hospital, the doctors found out that he had an aneurysm of the brain, and decided to do the operation. Seven hours lasted the removal of an aneurysm, after which Evgeny Belousov fell into a coma. For two days he was unconscious, and only once before his death he opened his eyes and saw Lena. She managed to tell him that she was very fond of her Zhenya and that everything would be all right. That same night Evgeny Belousov died.

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