Tchaikovsky, ballet "Sleeping Beauty": a summary

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The word "ballet" from the Italian language is translatedas a dance. Costumes, beautiful scenery, orchestra - everything is designed to make the viewer interested. But how to understand what ballet dancers are trying to express in their movements? In each theatrical action there is a brief content, a script. It is called a libretto.

Composer PI Tchaikovsky wrote in the XIX century ballet "Sleeping Beauty". A brief content, the libretto of it carries an allegory. This is a fairy tale story about the evil fairy charms, the fallen asleep princess and the magic kiss of love.

History of creation

Creativity of the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was highly appreciated by his contemporaries. Symphonies, ballets, musical miniatures collected huge halls of spectators, tore off a storm of applause.

ballet sleeping beauty

The love for his work prompted the directorImperial theaters make an interesting proposal. Several tales of Charles Perrault combine in one storyline and write for the Bolshoi Theater a new ballet.

Tchaikovsky liked this idea. He read with great pleasure the fabulous libretto of the future ballet. This fantastic story inspired the composer so much that the music poured out from under his pen.

The ballet "Sleeping Beauty", a summary and music - an amazing combination of fairy-tale action, scenic scenery, classical choreography.

Ballet in our time

The premiere of the ballet took place in January 1890 inMariinsky Theater (St. Petersburg). More than a century has passed since that time, but the "Sleeping Beauty" is still popular. This ballet can be seen at the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow. It is also put in regional theaters.

In St. Petersburg, on the stage of the Hermitage Theater,"Sleeping Beauty" was first introduced in 2009. You should know that in the auditorium there is no numbering of seats. A long tradition presupposes a free seating. Therefore, the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" in the Hermitage Theater can be viewed from any place you like.

sleeping beauty ballet

The most interesting thing is that the choreography has survivedpractically unchanged. It was put to the premiere by the legendary Marius Petipa. Since that time, choreographers from different countries, cities, regions have added something of their own. Slightly changed the drawing of the dance, made amendments to some movements. But the general style of Petipa's choreography is traced in every new ballet production. This example of dance art has become a classic.

Tchaikovsky, ballet "Sleeping Beauty" for kids

Theatrical action is always an objectnumerous discussions, contributes to new creative ideas. Fairy-tale ballet is a good basis for children's inspiration. In drawing lessons, students create pictures based on the plot. Creates available performances for theatrical circles.

In secondary schools, several lessonsare assigned to the ballet "Sleeping Beauty". The brief content, music, viewing of the video materials of the performance contribute to the introduction of students to the elite art.

There is a training material for music schools. There are slides, adapted for a specific note instrument. CDs contain the main themes of the ballet.

sleeping beauty

In many kindergartens for babies showa musical fairy tale based on the music and the plot of "The Sleeping Beauty". After listening to preschoolers themselves try to dance favorite themes. With ribbons, bells, kids try to express themselves in art.

"Sleeping Beauty". Summary

The libretto of the ballet was written by the director of the Imperialtheaters - Ivan Vsevolozhsky. This is the original fusion of several tales of Charles Perrault. The eternal conflict of good and evil is represented in the image of two sorceresses - Fairy of the Lilac and Fairy Carabos. The awakening of beauty from sleep symbolizes the power and triumph of love.

the ballet dancer's ballet

Fantastic scenes, magical transformations - all this is spectacular and poetic. Therefore, "Sleeping Beauty", a ballet by PI Tchaikovsky, became a successful work of the composer, choreographer, screenwriter. And already for a century does not leave the stage, becoming a radiant masterpiece of world art.


Being on a trip (France, Turkey, Georgia), he wrote Tchaikovsky ballet "The Sleeping Beauty". Content, action The performance is told about what is happening in the fairy-tale country.

The palace is a holiday - the birth of Princess Aurora. King Florestan and the queen invited guests. The Fairy of the Lilac and 5 other sorceresses bless the newborn. They give her five necessary qualities. Fairies Candide, Fleur de Farine, Tiny, Canary, Violant have time to make their offerings.

ballet tale for babies

But only to the princess came her godmother, FairyLilacs, as the evil witch named Carabos breaks into the solemn hall. She blames the king and the queen for not being invited to the party. She wishes cruelly to avenge. Good wizards persuade her, ask not to ruin the fate of the young princess. But the evil of Fairy Carabos is inexorable. She calls evil forces and conjures that Aurora will prick her hand with a spindle and die.

At that moment the Fairy of the Lilac, which did not have timemake his prediction, proclaims that the princess will not die. She will only fall asleep for many, many years. Evil never defeats good, and Fairy Carabos retreats in impotence.

First action

Will the princess prevent a terrible curse? His narrative continues ballet "Sleeping Beauty". Summary the first action says that 20 years have passed. It is closer to the day of the age of the princess when the evil prophecy is to be fulfilled.

The palace is preparing for the holiday. Peasants weave garlands of flowers. Four grooms - the contenders for the hand of the Aurora - are worried. On the day of her adulthood, she will name the one who will become a happy chosen spouse.

Aurora hurries to start the holiday. She enjoys dancing and is ready to give each of her suitors a smile. But her heart is silent, the princess does not like any of the contenders.

Tyekom, disguised, sneaks into the palaceFairy Carabos. She also prepared a gift. The princess, not knowing about the bad, reveals another present. Among the flowers hidden spindle. Aurora, not noticing him, accidentally pricked her finger. In fright she rushes to her parents, but immediately falls dead.

ballet sleeping beauty in the Hermitage Theater

Carabos triumphs, her hour has come, and the prophecycame true - the princess is dead. The lilac fairy tries to calm the guests. She prepared her magic - immerses the entire royal palace of Florestan in a sleepy kingdom. Only the appearance of the hero and his love will awaken the princess, her parents, the whole palace.

Second action

"Sleeping Beauty" - a ballet fantasy, fabulous. Therefore, by the beginning of the second action, a whole century had passed. The godson of the Fairy of the Lilac, Prince Desiret, hunts in the forest. He wanted to be alone, to decide. He is already an adult, and it's time to choose a wife. But the prince can not choose. His heart is silent.

Suddenly, a Fairy of Lilac appears in the forest. She wants to know who Prince Desiret will choose as his wife. The godson honestly replies that none of the brides is nice to him. Then the Fairy offers the prince to introduce him to one more pretender. It evokes the spirit of Aurora. The prince is impressed by the beauty and grace of the girl. But the Fairy does not allow him to even touch Aurora. The prince must go after her to the magical realm.

sleeping beauty ballet п.и. Chapkovsky

Sleeping castle, all around in the fog, covered with dustand cobwebs. Prince Desiret looks around cautiously. Suddenly appears Fairy Carabos. She does not like this prince and his desire to wake the Aurora. There is a battle, Carabos is defeated. Dispels the fog, Desiret sees the lying princess. One kiss of love - and evil spells are broken. Aurora wakes up, and with her the king and the queen wake up, the whole courtyard.

The hero asks for the long-awaited reward - the hand of the princess. King Florestan blesses the young. Preparation for the wedding begins.


Evil spells are scattered, peace and good triumph. At the wedding of Desiree and Aurora comes a lot of fairy-tale characters. Puss in Boots and Duke Bluebeard with his wife. Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf. White cat and Bluebird. Cinderella and Prince Fortune. We came to the wedding of Fairies of Silver, Sapphires, Diamonds, Gold. Happiness and joy reign today in the palace.

The ballet contains an allegory thatpestvuet about the power of love. The fact that without her soul sleeps. And only having felt the power of love, a person wakes up from the sleep of indifference. His soul is ready to give the world kindness and joy.

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