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Such movie heroes as Rocky or Rambo knowmany. They are played by Sylvester Stallone, whose biography will be examined further. The full name of this actor is Michael Sylvester Gardencio Stallone. He was born on July 6, 1946 in the city of New York. Father Stallone was a hairdresser, an immigrant from Italy, and his mother a daughter of a Washington lawyer. Also, Michael has a brother Frank.

Over the future famous actor at a young agepeople scoffed at him, because he had problems with his speech. After his parents divorced, at the age of fifteen, Sylvester Stallone moves to his mother and enters a special school for difficult children.

sylvestre stallone biography

Even at school age Sylvester Stallone beganinterested in playing on stage and attending a drama club. Almost at the same time, he went to the gym. Over a period of time, Stallone has developed significantly physically. Further, he continues his studies at the American College in Switzerland. To pay for his studies, Michael worked as a coach. Then he is admitted to the drama department of the University of Miami.

Deciding to become an actor, Sylvester returned toNew York, but for a long time visited castings unsuccessfully. He barely had enough money to live. Over the next few years, mostly in episodes or in films of the "B" category, Sylvester Stallone was shot.

The biography of the actor also contains some information abouthis personal life. He married in 1974 on the actress Sasha Chuck, who gave birth to him two sons. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1985. Then about two years, Sylvester was married to a Danish model and actress Brigitte Nielsen.

Starting to think about leaving the film business because ofa number of unsuccessful roles, Stallone decides to start writing scripts for films. So he wrote "Rocky". This scenario is very well appreciated and offered to sell it for a tidy sum. But the actor agreed only on the condition that the main role will be given to him.

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The painting came out in 1976 and was a huge success. It was here that Sylvester Stallone became rich and famous all over America. Biography in a large cinematography for him was just beginning. For the role in "Rocky", he was twice nominated for an Oscar.

"Rocky-2" and "Rocky-3" also had a commercialsuccess. Their Sylvester shot already as a director. In 1982, Stallone released yet another all known and beloved picture - "Rambo", the scenario of which he also wrote. This film is about John Rambo, a veteran of the Vietnam War. After this picture, the actor falls into a trap, playing the same image for a long time. There are films "Rambo-2", "Rocky-4", "Rocky-5", "Rambo-3". With each picture, the plots became more primitive, and the collections all diminished. At the same time, Stallone was nominated repeatedly for the "Golden Raspberry" (eighteen times), and in 2000 was recognized as the worst actor of the twentieth century.

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But Stallone had many outstanding paintings. Such films as "Tango and Cash", "Rock-climber", "Judge Dredd", "Destroyer", "Assassins", "Expendables", "Spy Kids-3", etc.

Until now, Sylvester Stallone continues to actively act in films.

If we continue talking about Stallone's personal life,it is worth saying that in 1989 he married for the third time. We all know what Sylvester Stallone looks like. The photo on the right also shows his family. His wife was Jennifer Flavin. In 1994, they split up, but in 1995 they again converged and re-married in 1997. They have three daughters: Scarlett Rose, who was born on May 25, 2002, Systin Rose, born July 27, 1998, and Sophie Rose Stallone, born August 27, 1996. So, today we learned who Sylvester Stallone is. His biography is truly saturated and interesting.

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