Simple tips on how to draw a penguin in pencil in stages

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how to draw a penguin
Penguins are very nice and funny polar birds,so today we will learn how to draw them. But first you need to prepare a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser. Let's start drawing and make a preliminary sketch. First you need to outline the body of the bird. Since it looks like a vertically placed oval, we draw it. It's okay if it does not turn out to be perfect, it's just a guide.

Consider how to draw a penguin in stages. The next step is a sketchy sketch of his head. It also looks like an oval, but smaller in size and positioned horizontally. Since our bird will stand in our profile, its head will be depicted slightly to the right of the upper part of the trunk. Both ovals should not touch, you need to leave a small gap between them.

how to draw a penguin in stages
Before you draw a penguin further, you need toA small ellipse (head) is divided into four parts by thin intersecting lines. This will help in the future navigate with the drawing of the beak and eye. Now, from the right side of the head, we represent a triangle. This will be the basis for the beak. Next, we need to connect the two ellipses using two curves, from which the bird's neck will be formed. Since it is thick enough, the first line will start in the upper part of the head and end on the future back of the penguin, and the second will go from the base of the beak and smoothly end in the region of the chest. Both segments should be slightly curved, so that the bird's body looks as if monolithic, solid, without sharp transitions.

The next step in how to draw a penguin,there will be a sketch of the wing. We depict it inside the body, with a slight shift to the left and down. So far, you can map out the Latin letter "U". Next, we represent the feet of a bird. To do this, draw two broken lines at the bottom of the trunk, similar to the Latin letter "L". How to draw a penguin at this stage? We leave a general sketch and pay attention to his eyes and beak. You remember that we divided the head into four parts using two overlapping segments. Therefore, now on the horizontal line, which is to the right of the center line, closer to the beak, we draw a small round eye. Then it can be detailed with small curves.

how to draw a penguin in pencil

When working the beak, the corner of the triangle is slightly bent downward. Add a line that will be the mouth. We form the general view of the beak.

We continue to figure out how to draw a penguin. The next step is a more detailed study of all parts of the body of the bird. For this we define with a general outline, add a small tail behind, draw the legs. Do not forget the bottom of the stomach to represent a fat fold. We form the wing, making it more curved and narrow. We draw fluffy "panties" on our feet. Now the auxiliary lines can be erased. Next, you need to indicate the boundary of the separation of the color of the bird. The front of his head, back, wing and tail will be black. All the rest can be left white.

Now you know how to draw a penguinwith a pencil. It remains only to shade the figure where it is necessary. The black part is toned tight enough, but still not in full force, because you will need to outline the shadows. White fluff of the bird can be left as it is, slightly obscuring only the darkest areas to impart volume.

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