Sheilin Woodley: from the starlet to the Hollywood diva. Sheilin Woodley: height and weight of the actress

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Young talented actress woke up famouslong. Even with the release of her first successful film, the series "The Secret Life of an American Teenager," they started talking about her as a real star. So her name is Sheilin Woodley. The height and weight of the girl, as well as her beautiful forms and external data, have for years been the object of envy and admiration.

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A gift from nature

The future star of the screen was born insolar California in 1991. Parents Sheilin - the principal of the school and her psychologist - were not associated with the acting profession. The family split up when Sheilin turned 15 years old. This is a good time to understand the situation, only Woodley has already taken trial steps in acting. The girl preferred communication with both parents. She also has a younger brother, Tanner, who, unlike her, did not follow in the footsteps of her star sister.

A role model: the beauty of Sheilin Woodley

The height and weight of the girl was formed long ago. According to the actress, she herself tries to keep him on the same mark, not allowing, as they say, "to be heard" in breadth. By the way, it does not threaten her. From birth, Woodley has a natural charm, which was celebrated by many who remember her from her childhood. But very few people know that during these years she suffered from scoliosis - curvature of the spine, which, fortunately, managed to be cured with a special corset.

How to save the figure? Tips for Shaylin Woodley

The height and weight of the actress, exciting fantasy malepart of her fans, say that she watches herself. In another way it is impossible, she admits, because the world of show business is quite cruel. According to the actress, she never loaded herself with grueling activities in the gym. Such methods of maintaining the form the girl actively used directly on the set: take at least the "Divergent", where she had to run, fight and practice martial arts. The film was warmly received by the audience, and thus with the image of the protagonist, steadfast and courageous Beatriz, struggling for survival, Woodley coped. In her interviews, the actress noted that the right food remains important, for which she also tries to follow.

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Starlet turns into a star

In the life of every actress comes a watershedthe moment when it ceases to be perceived as "another star", dreaming to conquer Hollywood. But only diligence helped this girl become what she is now. Films with Sheilin Woodley were successful in every sense. Her screen partners were bright, eminent stars of the country of dreams. The girl herself harmoniously combines work in different directions - from comedies to fantasy and dramas. The most famous paintings with her participation are:

  • "Descendants" (2011);
  • "Exciting time" (2013);
  • "The stars are to blame" (2014);
  • "White bird in blizzards" (2014);
  • "Divergent" (2014);
  • "Insurgent" (2015).

For 2015, the release of the biographical tape "Snowden", in which Sheilin plays the role of the girlfriend of the protagonist, a former intelligence officer Edward Snowden, accused of espionage, is planned.

To stay "afloat," the actress appearson the covers of many publications. She perfectly feels herself as a model, because she has everything necessary for this. Many envious admire the forms of Shaylin Woodley. The height and weight of the actress is 173 cm and 53 kg. Is not this miniature, charming beauty turned heads to her admirers?

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To feel confidently helps and personal life. According to Woodley, her heart is filled with love, but she tries not to mention the name of her chosen one in the interview. The girl was repeatedly credited with service romances with the most enviable fiancés who became her partners in many films.

And yet the fans are ready to learn how you canmore about Sheylin Woodley. The parameters of the young actress look as follows: the size of her leg is 39.5, the size of her breast is full second, the color of her eyes is dark brown. With such beauty and charm, the girl deservedly remains one of the sexiest stars under the age of 30.

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