Such unusual professions


Professions are very diverse.Most of them are reduced to a standard "recruitment" of workers in the company - from the cleaner to the director - and this is no surprise. And there are also unusual trades, about the existence of which few people can guess.

unusual professions

Here are some of them:

The determinant of the sex of chickens - the name of the profession speaks for itself. After all, it is very important to know the sex of the chicken as early as the first day of his life in order to create the necessary conditions for its further maintenance.

The interlocutor is an unusual profession of the crowdedTokyo. This person will listen to any complains about life and even nod his head in agreement. The only pity is that he will not give advice. However, many people just need to talk.

an unusual profession

Pusher in transport - and again Japan. It is here, where during the rush hour of a myriad of people, this person helps to "shove" into the car or bus of unmoving passengers.

Dressing guide - working on the streets of China, telling everyone who wants where the closest toilet is.

Toilet masseurs - while you are in need, they will break your tense muscles.

Tester of deodorants - this person checks the quality of deodorants. Subjects put the product on the armpits, and the specialist, sniffing them, determines how the smell varies during the day.

Unusual trade in trade:

the rarest professions
The wrinkle spreader is a person who works in expensive shoe stores and smoothes the folds on the shoes that are formed after numerous fittings.

Cushion equalizer - also smoothes "wrinkles". He works in stores selling bedding, and makes sure that all the pillows remain perfectly smooth.

Stojlshchik in turn - for money is ready to stand in your queue of any length for you.

Employee for punishment - "likes" when hispunished. If you are dissatisfied with anything and require the manager to figure it all out, the latter calls a special employee and scolds him wholeheartedly, makes him guilty and even fires (in words, naturally). As a result, the conflict is resolved, and the client is satisfied.

There are unusual professions of an intimate nature: a condom tester, a tampon tester and even a prostitute tester. Comments are unnecessary ...

Among the unusual can be identified the most rare profession:

unusual professions
Kavist is a wine specialist.The profession combines the ability to sell expensive wine and give advice on its use. He knows everything about wine and even tells you which dish is best for him.

The sniff is a connoisseur of perfumery, there are just over a hundred of them all over the world. It is his job not only to evaluate the finished fragrances, but also to compose new compositions.

Ozerivatel - the manager of the machine for applying sulfur to matches.

Titaster is a tea specialist. It is able to taste and smell to determine the grade of tea, its quality, as well as the place of growth and storage conditions.

Penguin turner - working close toaerodromes of Antarctica. The fact is that the awkward birds are very curious, and when an airplane flies over them, they are mutually raising their heads and falling. Rise from the back of the penguins can not, so they help the "specialist".

And there are also unusual professions that can be classified as the most enviable: a tester of elite beds, water pipes for attractions, elite beaches, sweets, computer games, etc.

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