List of popular professions in 2020-2025. What professions will be in demand in 10 years


The choice of a profession is a question faced byeach. From an early age a person tries to understand what place he will occupy in adulthood. Someone sincerely believed in the career of a firefighter, someone wanted to become an actor in the ballet, and some dreamed of selling sweets to children. Unfortunately or fortunately, not all children's wishes come true. With age comes understanding: an ideal profession is not only a favorite, but also a demanded business. Current schoolchildren and entrants should anticipate changes in the labor market. In this regard, it is necessary to understand the list of popular professions in 2020-2025. It should be capacious and justified - then you can take advantage of freedom of choice.

What was actual before

The first professions appeared before the emergencecivilization. Then the distribution of responsibilities among the ancient people was clear, specific. The task of the man was to ensure the safety of the "home", women and children. He was supposed to provide food for the tribe. Women, however, raised children and made sure that the fire in the family hearth always warmed the household. The redistribution of duties appeared when humanity began to change the habitual way of life. The nomadic tribes became settled, the development of agriculture began. There was such a profession as a tiller.

claimed profession 2020 2025 list

Heavy physical labor, with which peoplecultivated the earth, pushed society to the invention of more convenient devices. There was a craft. Over time, the specialties of potters and blacksmiths were born - these were professions related to the future. Dynasties of masters constantly improved their skills, than they started progress. In the end, this led to the fact that at present there are about forty thousand different professions.

The emergence of a narrow specialization

Already in the twentieth century there was a sharpthe need for a division of labor. If before "masters of all trades" were irreplaceable and very in demand, then in conditions of congestion of the labor market and a constant increase in demand for goods, narrow specialists were needed. The first to understand this was Henry Ford, who divided the production of cars into conditional workshops. Each of them produced a separate part of the general mechanism. People worked where they were more successful. The result was an increase in the output of finished products by several times. The example of Ford was adopted by other large manufacturers, and now every enterprise uses the conveyor method.

what professions will be in demand in 10 years

How was the progress

In industrial Russia throughout theThe twentieth century was popular with the traditional working profession. Factory workers received a decent salary, and young people, wishing to be useful, were happy to work for large enterprises. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many plants lost their stability. A new era has begun on the labor market - the development of the service sector. No less actively developed construction - large cities were built high-rise buildings. Thus, at the beginning of zero new, promising professions became the profession of a builder, mason, plasterer, as well as managers, waiters, specialists in the field of restaurant and tourist business and other workers in the service sector.

security specialist

In 2007, the society was increasingly asking the questionabout what professions will be in demand in 10 years. Applicants understood that the whole subsequent life depends on their choice. Then the ratings of the professions of the future were full of sales managers, marketing specialists, customer service specialists, IT engineers, lawyers, economists and some others. This suggests that at that time the sphere of services continued to develop and the demand for qualified specialists constantly increased. But even then the trend of development in the field of scientific research began.

Scientific development in our days

Now scientific research is given a decisivea place. The future development of the country and society entirely depends on the daily achievements of scientists. Features of scientific development are that there is a clear division of science into several independent disciplines. This allows you to solve more pressing issues. Studies and experiments at this stage of human development are primarily aimed at solving environmental problems. So, an expert in the field of alternative energy will be very much in demand in the labor market in a few years. No less important is the field of medicine, since the prolongation of life and the improvement of its quality are the primary issues of our time.

Medical professions

The development of technology allows specialistsconstantly improve. However, this medal has another side: employees need to improve their skills, take retraining programs. Undoubtedly, the results pay off all efforts - because they prolong the human life.

new promising professions

The future behind them

It is easier to provide a list of popular professions in the 2020-2025 list:

  1. Surgeon. This specialist should keep up to date. So, in 2012, an implant implant surgery was performed, which was previously printed on a 3D printer. Not unknown are surgery to implant artificial organs, such as the kidneys, liver and even the heart. The ability to use completely new technologies is the most important skill of a successful specialist of the future.
  2. Health Manager. A representative of this profession will have to select a team of scientists, engineers, developers and researchers and coordinate their joint work to achieve commercially promising goals.
  3. Architect of medical equipment. This is a symbiosis of the profession of engineer and medicalemployee. This specialist will develop the design of medical equipment, as well as ensure its normal functioning. This profession is also called a "bioengineer". Where to study? In universities, where there are areas of "medical photonics," "biotechnical and medical apparatus and systems," "computer technology in medical physics."
  4. Genetic consultant. This is a specialist in the field of genetics, whichreveals hereditary diseases, determines the individual features of metabolism and examines the diseases that cause viral and bacterial infections.
  5. Molecular nutritionist. The duties of a representative of this profession will include studying the molecular composition of food and developing an individual nutrition plan for each patient.


In order to understand the question of whichoccupations will be in demand in 10 years, it is necessary to analyze the economic development of the country at the present time. The leading branch of the economy in Russia is industry. This is the most important factor affecting the development of the state. Associated his life with this field specialist will never be left without work.

Where to go?

Types of industry:

  • Nutritional.
  • Easy.
  • Chemical.
  • Extractive.
  • Metallurgy (black and color).
  • Mechanical engineering and metal working.
  • Fuel and power.
  • Coal, oil and gas.
  • Forest.

professions related to the future

Thus, industry providessociety all that is necessary for its normal functioning. The food industry of the future, for example, is engaged in breeding new varieties of plants that mankind uses for food. The number of vacancies in industry is always higher than in other industries. In addition, there is a need to optimize production, so that, in addition to representatives of working professions, the work of economists, biologists and many other specialists is useful here.

Indispensable in industry

So what are the most popular professions in 2020-2025? The list will look like this:

  1. Engineers-constructors, which will design new equipment and invent more modern equipment.
  2. Nanotechnology, the field of work of which is ultramodern nanotechnology.
  3. Chemists, biotechnologists, petrochemists, employed in all branches of the chemical industry: from household chemicals to complex chemicals used in production.
  4. Seamstresses, textile workers, cutters, whose work will always be in demand in the sphere of light industry.
  5. Loggers, mechanics, sawyers, ensuring the correct distribution of forest resources.

Demanded occupations in 2020-2025: a list for men

Many aboriginal men's professions over timehave mastered and women. So, now ladies can be not only drivers and superiors, but also politicians, police officers, fitters. But, despite the wide distribution of such professions among the fairer sex, some areas are much more suitable for men. These include the profession of a sailor, pilot, miner, logger, plumber, bodyguard, security specialist, fireman, military, as well as a builder or a scientist. The most promising areas for men are:

  • Programming.
  • Design.
  • Engineering.
  • Cyber ​​prosthesis.
  • City-farming (organization of production of farm products in a megacity).
  • The space industry is the piloting of spacecraft, cosmogeology and galactic architecture.

claimed profession 2020 list for girls

It so happened that the technical mindsethas more men than women. This plays a strong half on hand: the rapid development of science and industry requires not only an increase in the number of workers, but also the attraction of technical minds. Designing, drawing, planning, organizing and optimizing production require a strong and strong-willed person at the head of the table. Often, such a position is occupied by a man.

Demanded occupations in 2020: a list for girls

Representatives of the beautiful halfhumanity is not inferior to the male part of the population. Diligence, punctuality, clarity of action and non-standard approach distinguish female experts from the vast majority of male colleagues. Ability to overcome difficulties at work in our time is inherent in women. Thus, the scope of work for women is very diverse: from creative specialties, in which girls are traditionally considered professionals, to complex technical sciences. Here you can include the work of a teacher, marketing, tourism or advertising manager, realtor, designer of all directions, as well as a psychologist and even a security specialist.

expert in the field of alternative energy

The most demanded "female" professions in ten years will be the profession:

  • The journalist.
  • The editor.
  • Nanomedica.
  • Manager of space tourism.
  • Igropedagoga (specialist in teaching children in a play form).
  • Coach for mind-fitness (brain training).

Women will not be left without work. A stable life position, activity, enterprise, which calmly coexist with tenderness and suppleness, will always be useful in the labor market. No direction can do without the participation of a woman's hand. In addition, among the students of leading universities of the country the overwhelming majority are women. Educated girls are able not only to build a brilliant career, but also to teach important knowledge of their children.

How to choose the perfect profession?

Applicants face a difficult choice: go to learn the direction to which the soul lies, or choose an unloved but sought-after profession? Everyone decides this for himself. However, careerists who are successful in their field advise finding a middle ground. None, even the most relevant in the future profession does not guarantee full material security. How the future life of a person will develop depends only on his desire to move and develop within the framework of his direction. But do you want to grow up in an unloved business? Definitely not. Therefore, you need to go to where it will be interesting to work first, and the rest will follow.

Development of science and technology

The speed of progress is impressive. Literally ten years ago, mankind could not imagine what the science of today will be capable of. And now it is difficult to believe that implants of vital organs can be printed on a 3D printer, that the space tourism industry not only exists, but also actively develops. That nanotechnology occupies a leading place in the development of industry. It is difficult to imagine what the popular professions will be in 2020-2025. The list can only be conditional. But one thing is clear: without qualified specialists, the future will not be able to manage. So, we must learn, develop and work hard on ourselves.

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