The customs officer is a prestigious and responsible profession


customs profession

The customs officer is a very demanded profession,especially in our time, in the period of active globalization and economic rapprochement between all countries of the world. The very word "customs" has a Turkic origin, a tamga was once called a brand to designate someone's property.

History of Customs

The first customs officers appeared together withthe emergence of the need to control the crossing of different goods by the borders that separate the individual states. For example, in Russia it happened in the XVII century. Then in each, even a small town, there was at least one customs house, headed by a customs head. In submission, he had several so-called "tselovalnikov", performing the functions that are now assigned to customs inspectors. Chosen kolovalnikov from local residents. In the XVIII century on the initiative of Peter I at the customs were introduced new posts - inspector and controller, and customs administrators began to be called Ober-tsolnerami.

Profession "customs officer": the pros and cons, which should be taken into account when entering the study

profession of customs plusses and minuses
Representatives of this profession preventillegal import of goods, among which there are sometimes even weapons. They stop smuggling, thus ensuring national security. Consequently, a customs officer is not only an interesting profession, but also very noble. Although at the same time, many people do not respect customs officers, seeing in them the enemies, who are only fixated on replenishing the state budget. This opinion, of course, is wrong. A customs officer is a profession that teaches to be a patriot of his country, a very disciplined person, committed to the cause and goals set.

It is possible to consider a peculiar advantage of the fact thata person who has experience of working at customs can easily find a job in prestigious positions at commercial enterprises, as he understands the schemes of economic activity, understands export and import issues. Among the minuses of the customs profession, it is worth noting a relatively low level of wages, although the social security of customs officers is guaranteed by the state, as well as the fact that sometimes it is not necessary to work in very comfortable conditions, regardless of the frigid cold or unbearable heat.

Why choose this profession?

why I chose the profession of a customs officer
Answering himself to the question:"Why did I choose the profession of a customs officer?" Many say that this profession is very important and necessary for society. Customs officers bring much more benefits to the state than many other now popular professions. Terrorists, drugs, weapons, import-prohibited goods and simply low-quality goods - these and many other misfortunes would have fallen upon the country, if not for the conscientiousness and responsibility of customs officers. A customs officer is a profession that requires knowledge and skills of a lawyer, a psychologist, a silovician, a cynologist, a linguist. Therefore, after enrolling in the faculty of customs, a person makes the right choice, because with a responsible attitude towards learning, he will necessarily become a versatile educated specialist.

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