Occupation and its difference from the profession


The term "occupation" has several meanings,However, for modern people, the most relevant is the case when it refers to a person's activities aimed at generating income to ensure their existence. It seems to be almost like the definition of a profession, but there is a slight difference. Occupation is what a person has at a certain time. A profession is something inherent, and very often it happens that at some time it may not coincide with the current way of earning a living. It is necessary to take this difference into account when filling out the documents, where they are asked to indicate the occupation: questionnaire, autobiography, protocol, application. After all, it may be that, confusing the concepts, people formally lie, and this can lead to negative consequences.


In order to avoid confusion, we should pay attention toon what affects the choice of the profession, as well as on how a person makes a decision, choosing the occupation. As a rule, this happens at school. What kind of profession should their child learn, parents often solve, and not himself. Moreover, their opinion is often based on subjective factors: the situation prevailing in the society at a given time, the prestige of a professional educational institution, the advice of friends and relatives. But this is the main danger - the solution may turn out to be wrong. The fact that today is prestigious and well paid, tomorrow may become unclaimed in the labor market. The occupation, on the contrary, is chosen under the influence of the objective conditions in which a person appears.

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At any time, you can find a lot of examples,when the teacher works as a salesman, the engineer opens his firm, the military manages agriculture, etc. What is pushing people towards this? Because of what they choose the occupation that does not correspond to their original profession, which they received thanks to the efforts of their parents? There are two main reasons. The first is the low need for certain workers or specialists in the labor market. The second is the amount of remuneration. Both of these factors jeopardize the comfortable existence of man. He may just be out of work, or the income from professional activities will not be enough to meet even the most needed needs.

Of course, there are still no less valid reasons. For example, a person may at some point feel that he is not involved at all in the current occupation and goes to work as a penal servitude. At the same time, there are types of activities to which he really feels craving. Another reason may be the need for self-fulfillment, which he can not satisfy by working by profession. This can be confirmed by numerous examples, when graduates of some technical or medical universities become famous actors, musicians, writers.


From all of the above, one importantconclusion. Before deciding on the fate of a child, determining his future profession, you need to answer two questions: what does he really have the craving and ability, and what professionals or workers will be in demand in the labor market when he grows up.

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