The most demanded profession in Russia in 2013


Of course, if you ask about which onedemanded profession in Russia, you will get completely different answers from experts. This is because often bases for comparison contain different criteria. Here we analyze the number of open vacancies, and the number of graduates of universities in one direction or another. Equally important is the assessment of the level of wages. In other words, there is no such thing as a "general rating of professions" in Russia. Relying on various materials, by means of generalization we tried to create our own. We invite you to read it.

the most popular profession in Russia

The IT industry is the undisputed leader

rating of professions in Russia

So, the most popular profession in Russia is2013, according to most sources - an IT specialist. To them, according to different versions, they include consultants for large ERP-systems, programmers, web designers, information security engineers. This trend has been maintained for the past few years, and this industry, judging by the forecasts, is not going to take positions. The salary of such a specialist is from 60 thousand rubles in Moscow. In regions, this specialty is paid traditionally lower, but still one of the most profitable.

Who else?

the most popular professions in Russia

The most popular professions in Russia, in addition toIT-specialists, - engineering and construction. They occupy the 4th and 5th line of the rating. Supply managers literally breathe after them. Then followed by doctors, auditors, cooks and human resources specialists. The latter, by the way, are not present in all the lists, but we decided to single out them, since the HR sphere in recent years has significantly changed its benchmarks and is actively developing according to Western technologies and norms. At present, there are already chairs in all large universities that train students in this direction. But sales managers have lost much of their positions, and they are rarely mentioned, speaking about what is the most demanded profession in Russia. And now the most interesting. Who is in the second and third position? And if an honorable second place is predictable - it is occupied by lawyers - then closing the top three of the profession is quite a surprise - a personal driver. However, we will not be surprised if we consider that it is really difficult to find a competent and reliable employee who can be trusted with his own life. Maybe that's why high popularity.

What is the result?

So, now you know about which onedemanded profession in Russia, and it's time to sum up a small amount of research. The list obtained actually speaks of positive trends. First of all, the confident leadership of the intellectual professions is quite evident, which indicates the development of technologies and investments in this direction. Secondly, it certainly pleases the growth of the attractiveness of the profession of a doctor, because in recent times much has been done to popularize it at the state level. And, finally, it is obvious that the times are passing away when the talent of the seller was valued above the ability to think and create.

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