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Over the past decade, the labor market has been filledvarious managers - on sales, tourism, managers-economists, managers, etc. Who is the manager? Translated from English, this word means management, organization and management. Usually the profession manager is associated with the American management model, which was established at the very end of the nineteenth century, although the leaders of enterprises, companies and firms have always existed.

So who is such a manager by definition? This is a qualified employee engaged in managerial and managerial activities and supervising other employees in the course of their work. In a word - it's a manager.

The profession manager is divided into three levels -linear, manager of middle or senior level. The first are junior superiors over performers, not necessarily having a higher education. For example, the department head in the store or head of department is a line manager. Middle-level managers are already leading linear and higher education here is welcomed. For example, the head of the workshop, the dean of the faculty or the director of the branch is the middle-level manager. The smallest group of managers is the top management team - top managers. In this case, it is simply necessary to have a higher education, or even two. The general director, the rector of the institute, the director of the plant are all top managers.

Today, the most common and yetwell paid is the profession of a sales manager, especially in the wholesale trade. What does such a specialist do? Develops, prepares and implements measures to create and organize a distribution network for goods, interacts with various buyers and intermediaries, and builds a dealer network. Organizes work with contracts and concludes them (contracts of delivery, purchase and sale and other necessary documents). Works with the information databases of customers, develops and creates them (addresses, necessary requisites, availability of sites, phone numbers, the names of the necessary management personnel, sales and purchases, etc.). Also, the sales manager's profession involves analyzing the volume of their sales and drawing up reports on the results of work and analysis for consideration by the higher management.

Also popular and interesting is the profession manager fortourism, because every year more and more people are sent to travel the world. One of the most interesting and responsible professions has many advantages - high wages, always interesting and fast flying working hours - after all, many people come to the office with whom they have to communicate, the opportunity to travel at a significant discount. But there is also a downside to the medal - often there are troubles like that that no one met tourists, the hotel was not very good, etc., and then you have to listen to the indignation of customers and solve the problems that arise. A person who has decided to plunge into this profession must be sociable, responsible, possess a fine memory and be able to answer the questions positively.

The profession manager is very prestigious and in demandon the modern labor market. It also gives an opportunity to realize their creative potential and ambitions, and also emphasizes the social significance of a person. But there are also disadvantages - this is intense mental work, a periodic effect of internal combustion, constant stress on the nervous system, irregular working hours and very high responsibility. Usually such a profession is chosen by lovers of extreme sports who have strong will and a "suspended language".

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