Student's portfolio, example of design, secrets of success and information advancement


Studying at a university, everyone dreams of a career,which will help you to quickly get on your feet, get a decent salary, earn a place in society. Show yourself on the positive side, recommending as a knowledgeable specialist will help the student's portfolio. An example of an advertising card should be for every student.

What should be in the student's portfolio: an example of design, photo

student's portfolio, example of design

The main task of the portfolio is advertisingspecific person to the employer. The purpose of the compilation is the demonstration of their bright and unique aspects from personal and professional life, the availability of skills in the acquired specialty, which prove the advantage of a particular candidate for a job in front of others.

Many university teachers emphasizethe importance of the student's portfolio, an example of design is given at the initial training courses, so that the material is collected gradually, formed and processed. This approach will cover all the positive aspects of the future specialist, the advertising project will reflect all levels of training, the formation of a highly qualified specialist.

What is necessary to create a portfolio?

student's portfolio, sample design, photo

Student's portfolio, sample design, structureand the presentation options at first glance do not cause special questions for students. But, starting your work, it is worthwhile to understand that the structure and sequence of sections should be built logically. The work should not have grammatical, stylistic or punctuation mistakes.

The best option is to view severala student's portfolio, an example of which is given in various sources. Do not immediately copy any of them, changing only your information. Employers see more than one portfolio, so immediately recognize a copy or a common template.

The best option for today is a portfolio containing:

  • documentation;
  • creative work, research, description of educational and creative activity;
  • reviews.

What documents should the portfolio contain?

The beginning of work should contain documents,confirming the graduation of the school. The optimal option for the set are: diplomas, certificates, certificates, certificates, certificates and photographic materials confirming their receipt.

In the second section, you need to collect all yourcreative, research and design work. Reports, speeches at scientific conferences, abstracts that were highly appreciated or were marked with certificates and certificates.

In the main, employers primarily turnattention to the last section - reviews. It should contain letters of recommendation from the places where the practice took place, the characteristics, letters of thanks, the feedback of the teachers who carried out the diploma projects.

student's portfolio, example of design

Study the conditions for creating a portfolio, an examplein this case it will not cause any special difficulties. Having rich material for the entire period of training, being able to systematize it into an advertising project, each student will be able to get the desired job without problems.

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