Makeup artist - who is this? Professional make-up artist: training, courses


Make-up artist - one of the most sought after and wellpaid professions. Where can I get training? Makeup artist - who is this? An artist, a make-up specialist or a universal master? What is his responsibility? The answers to these and other questions are contained in the article.

Make-up artist who is this

Features of the profession

At all times, women have sought to lookbeautiful. Today, the main components of the elegant image are properly selected make-up and a neat hairstyle. Those who do not have experience and knowledge in this area will be helped by a professional make-up artist. He will pick up makeup, taking into account the physical data of the girl, her character and way of life.

The name of the profession came from the Frenchthe word visage, which in Russian means "image, face". Nowadays, makeup artists are increasingly called makeup artists. And really, these people show certain creative abilities, creating an evening or everyday image.

Stylist and make-up artist

The duties of the make-up artist include:

  • preparation of the model's face for subsequent procedures;
  • selection of the type of make-up;
  • application of cosmetics with correction of the areas of the face;
  • counseling clients about the choice of blush, lipstick, shadows and other means;
  • manufacturing of personal cosmetics;
  • creation of an image (everyday or timed to a certain celebration).

Personal qualities

Makeup artist - who is this? First of all, the creative personality. A person who has chosen this profession should have a good taste and sense of style. Only in this case it is possible to achieve success by building a brilliant career in the fashion industry.

Important qualities for make-up artists are:

  1. Cleanliness.
  2. Accuracy in the work.
  3. Punctuality.
  4. Tactfulness and courtesy when dealing with customers.
  5. Self-control.
  6. Goodwill.
  7. Initiative and sociability.

Hairdresser make-up artist

The nature and availability of skills isnot all. Do not forget that the face and image of the make-up artist are his business card. Therefore, the master must take care of himself, be neat and stylish. Additional skills include: knowledge of drawing laws, the fundamentals of psychologists and the ability to communicate their point of view to clients.

Make-up artist: profession training

For today in Russia there are no profileuniversities, where you can get such a specialty. An exception is only a private institution, which is called the House of Russian Cosmetics. After learning a few years, you will receive a prestigious profession - a make-up artist. Moscow is the city where you can easily find a job in this specialty. After all, hundreds of new beauty salons and cosmetology centers are opened every year in the capital.

In provincial cities operatespecialized schools of make-up, offering all wishing to take short-term courses. In the beginning, the girls will get theoretical knowledge, and then start practical training.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Before enrolling in make-up courses,you must weigh the "pros" and "cons." This will avoid the waste of time and money. Only you yourself can understand whether the profession suits you or not. And we offer you food for thought.

Make-up artist of Moscow

Advantages of the make-up profession:

  • High salary. Masters of an average level receive from 30 000 rubles a month. In this case, the fees of make-up artists of extra-class start from 10 thousand dollars.
  • No problems with employment. It is not a secret to anyone that the beauty industry in our country (especially in Moscow) is very developed. Therefore, young professionals will not be difficult to find a beauty salon or image studio.
  • Huge opportunities for self-realization and building a successful career.
  • Moral satisfaction. It is expressed in gratitude from the clients, as well as in the emergence of a sense of belonging to the creation of something beautiful.

Disadvantages of the makeup artist profession:

  1. The size of the fee depends on the level of skill. To increase the salary of the make-up artist, you need to make a lot of efforts: to work for further training, to participate and win in various competitions, to hold master classes and exhibitions.
  2. Possible health problems. Almost the whole day the master spends on his feet or in a pose of a half bow. Because of this, there is a significant load on the musculoskeletal system.
  3. An uncomfortable work schedule. Make-up artist services may be needed at any time of the day. Masters working in private, have to work at night, and on holidays, and on weekends.
  4. Serious psychological load. Those who have ever worked in the beauty industry, it is well known that customers come across different. Often, the salon is visited by inadequate ladies who themselves do not know what they want. They criticize the masters and even insult them. In such situations it is important to remain calm and not to respond to the client's rudeness to rudeness.

Make-up artist training

Stylist and make-up artist

Specialists sought to concentrate ona certain direction and achieve great heights there. As a result, we now have stylists, fashion designers, make-up artists, hairdressers and so on. These specialists are in demand and successful. Do you know what the stylist-make-up artist does? His main task is to create a make-up and a harmonious image. Ideally, he should have a good taste and a diploma of art education. Stylists and make-up artists are taught not only the technique of applying make-up, but also tailoring the case. Important qualities are also: communicability, tact and ability to defend one's opinion. Stylists and make-up artists have to work with models, known politicians and show business stars. Therefore, their own look and style in clothes should not cause censure.

Professional make-up artist

Another popular profession

So, the make-up artist - who is it all the same? Some call the representatives of this profession universal masters. But you can only agree with this in part. After all, the make-up artist only selects the right image and applies cosmetics. To complete the image, clients need to contact other masters. To improve skills and increase the fee is to enroll for courses to obtain a specialty "hairdresser-make-up artist." After that, you can provide services to create makeup and hairstyles. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the courses will allow you to create and successfully complete the image of the model.

The hairdresser-make-up artist can count on a decent salary in the amount of 400 to 1000 dollars. This is the initial stage. Experienced master craftsmen receive a minimum of 2000 dollars.


We talked about the features, advantages and disadvantages of the makeup artist profession. Who is it, you now know. And if you want to become a stylist-make-up artist or a hairdresser-make-up artist, then safely sign up for special courses. We wish success in all your endeavors!

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