The most popular professions of the near future


The relevance of the question of which profession is the mostin demand at the moment, is beyond doubt. But it is equally important to know which specialists will be in demand in the foreseeable future. Indeed, until recently, a half or two decades ago, the main and popular specialties were lawyers and economists. But inability to predict the situation on the labor market has led to a clear overabundance of this type of occupation and a shortage of others.

Therefore, today every person is very importantto understand what the most demanded professions will be needed in the future, in order to navigate the changing market in time and get the appropriate education. Despite all the difficulties of such forecasting, an analysis of the development of industry can help in drawing up a sufficiently adequate list, designed primarily to help current applicants and students.

The most popular professions: a general characteristic and a list.

  1. 1. Technical engineers. The development of modern industry has long beencame to the level when practically complete automation of production brings to the first place among the popular specialties not workers, namely specialists in the field of engineering. Therefore, in the coming decades, the number of vacancies associated with management personnel with higher technical education will increase steadily.
  2. 2. Doctors. This profession occupies a leading position inall lists, which include the most popular professions in the world. Especially the demand for plastic surgeons, as well as specialists in organ transplantation, will grow.
  3. 3. Web designers. The increasing importance of Internet sites asvirtual face of the company, as well as the gradual transfer of most of the trade into the world wide web generates an incredible demand for such specialists.
  4. 4. IT-Specialists. It is difficult to imagine modern business without suchimportant and necessary people, as a computer guru. Therefore, experts in the field of computer programs will be in high demand on the labor market in the coming years. The most popular professions in the world, existing in the field of IT-technologies, will occupy the leading positions in the list of the most highly paid in the very near future.
  5. Specialists in the field of nanotechnology. So rare in the world today, these specialistswill become one of the most important in all fields of science and technology, because the constant development of this field, as well as the gradual introduction of nanotechnology into everyday life, make it necessary for an increasing number of people who own this complex profession.
  6. Specialists in the field of service. The emergence of a profession associated with enoughnarrow specialization, but at the same time well paid, leads to the fact that more and more people prefer to give into the hands of experts something that they recently did themselves. Therefore, the demand for specialists in the field of services will grow from year to year.
  7. Chemists. The most popular professions among chemists are related, first of all, to the search for alternative energy sources, as well as to the applied use of modern chemical discoveries.
  8. 8. Logistics. The blurring of borders between states and globalism -the main trends of the next century. As a consequence, those who can optimally calculate the routes of goods moving between supplier and buyer, find out quickly out of unusual situations and circumvent competitors will become more and more popular.
  9. 9. Marketers. The growth of competition inevitably leads to the fact that every modern firm dreams of having in its staff a person capable of promoting goods and services like a magician.
  10. 10. Specialists in the field of ecology. The preservation of the environment today is the survival of the human species. This contributes to the growth of demand for high-qualified specialists in the field of "green culture".

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