Required key skills in the resume


It's not a secret for anyone that every dayThe recruitment of employers puts forward more and more new demands. Interviews, filling out questionnaires and writing a resume - this is the only way to expect a good job. The first two points are more or less clear. To answer the questions of the questionnaire, it is necessary to accurately enter the necessary data. At the interview, the situation is more complicated, but the majority of people have an idea about how and what will happen there. The main thing here is not to get lost and like the employer.

But how to write a resume, what are the key skillsin the summary are the main ones, it is difficult to understand at once. The word "resume" is translated from French as "the flow of life" or simply "about life." It is not everyone's ability to compose a logically complete and informative story about one's own experience, work skills and knowledge. The psychology of man is such that it is easier for him to answer a specific question than to compose any story. For this, we list a few points that are mandatory for the compilation of a resume.

Information that must be included in the CV

  • Position for which the candidate applies. A precise job description increases the chances of your resume being seen. This indicates a clearly defined goal. In no event can you write instead of a specific post: an interesting job or something like that. It is also not recommended to specify several posts at once, this reduces the candidate's chances. One vacancy is one summary. Key skills - only related to future work
  • The purpose of the change or job search.
  • Surname, name, patronymic of the candidate.
  • Experience. In describing the work experience, one should not only list the positions held by the candidate, but also describe the tasks performed.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Date of birth of the candidate.
  • Foreign language skills.
  • Information about education (place of study). Here it is worth explaining that it is necessary to specify specialized key skills. In the resume of the manager it is not necessary to indicate in the "Education" column a music school.
  • Technical skills that the candidate is fluent in.
  • Presence of awards in competitions related to the chosen position.

After the above items are completed,once again, pay attention to how the key skills are highlighted. In the summary, this part is one of the most important. In addition to the mandatory items, there are data that do not matter when hiring.

Extra or unnecessary information

In no case should the following information be included in the summary:

  • Description of the financial situation of the candidate.
  • Amount of children.
  • Hobbies, unless it reflects the character traits of the candidate that may be of interest to the prospective employer.
  • Physical data of the candidate.
  • The reasons for the previous layoffs.

Classic mistakes in writing a resume

  • Borrowing someone else's resume.
  • Presence of spelling, syntactic and stylistic errors. If there are any, then the employer, most likely, will not even consider this resume.
  • Indistinctly formulated goals. The main emphasis is not on the key skills in the resume, but on minor, minor details.

Another important point: the resume should be easy to read. To do this, it should be divided into points, semantic paragraphs. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the business style. It is better to choose one type of font. To highlight important information, use the same font of a greasy shade and, of course, avoid multi-colored paragraphs. Key skills in the resume can be separated by an empty line or underline.

It is necessary to use only truthfulinformation. Often applicants in the preparation of a resume use false facts in the description of education, awards or work experience, but all this is easily verified. And consequently, there is no trust and disposition towards such a person. In a more advantageous position on the interview are candidates with an honest resume.

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