Sales Representative: duties and necessary qualities


Some professions are most in demandthe current job market. One of them is a sales representative. A few know the duties of such a position. Therefore, we will focus on them and tell you what the given profession is. If you are interested in such a position, then it will not be superfluous to learn the details.

From the title it can be seen that the profession is associated withtrade. But in what way and what does such a person sell, for many remains a mystery. We can say that the sales representative is the link between the supplier company and the retail outlets. For example, there is a wholesaler. The search for retail customers is exactly the task that the sales representative decides. Obligations may vary slightly depending on the place of work. Sometimes the whole job of a person in this profession is the execution of orders and the necessary documents. Then we can say that the sales representative also combines the duties of the forwarder.

Sometimes such a post requires you to be at all timestraveling to offer goods to potential buyers. But it may be that it will only be necessary to sit on the phone. So too you can find customers and offer them products for sale.

It all depends on which method the sales representative prefers. The job description does not prescribe any specific actions.

But still, as practice shows, usuallyThe job is to visit customers and sell them products. Therefore, often for such a job requires the presence of a car and, accordingly, a driver's license.

What should the sales representative look like? We dismantled the duties, but the appearance has an important role. It should be presentable, neat. The sales representative should inspire confidence and desire to communicate. Therefore, some features are mandatory. This is sociability, sociability, friendliness and age is not older than 40 years (most often). Education also has some significance. It should be average or higher. It all depends on the requirements of the company. Sometimes you need to get additional knowledge that will help you better understand the object of sale.

The official duties of the sales representative are to sell the products to small retail outlets, while sales should be as high as possible (which, however, is understandable).

Having got a job, you need to think about how to reach as many customers as possible. It is necessary to work out the route and the order of actions.

In addition, the sales representative must respond quickly to any situation that arose and be able to understand trade documents.

If you plan to make a career, it's worthit is better to study the products sold and the market. The more active the sales representative, the more his income. In general, the salary consists of salary and percentage of sales. Some companies pay only interest. But in this case you need to have sufficient experience and a good client base.

Work and its quality depend only on the sales representative. But the company's interests and image are not in the last place.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​can significantly increase earnings and expand the number of clients.

It is necessary to consider not only their interests and interestsemployer. Customers and their sales also play a big role. If the product will have a demand, then the orders for its purchase will be stable. Therefore, we must engage in full promotion of the goods. For example, give advice on the proper placement of goods, conduct an advertising campaign.

Here's what the sales representative should be able to do. Its responsibilities are not that difficult, but one must possess certain qualities and knowledge in order to secure a decent salary.

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