Instruction on labor protection for the engineer for labor protection, equipment maintenance


Almost every large enterprisethere is a specialist in labor protection. The essence of his work is to maintain the safety standards in the organization. Equally important is the availability of a special document, called "Labor Protection". All these things will be discussed later.

Occupational safety engineer - who is this?

The instruction of the engineer for labor protection prescribes,that this specialist is obliged to carry out all sorts of legal, socio-economic, organizational, sanitary and hygienic functions. All of them are aimed at maintaining the optimum level of safety in the enterprise.

The considered profession is, of course,very uneasy. A competent specialist in the field of labor protection must have a lot of communicative, organizational and legal skills. All of them are extremely necessary for the qualitative realization of labor activity. And how can they be correlated with the duties that the job description of the occupational safety engineer prescribes? This will be discussed later.

On the duties of the employee

The instruction of the labor safety engineer fixes a rather large number of job functions for the employee.

Manual for the protection of labor for an engineer for

Here are just some of the most frequently performed duties:

  • control over the quality of carrying out various kinds of preventive, sanitary and hygienic works;
  • control over the creation of optimal and comfortable working conditions at the enterprise;
  • study of workplaces;
  • consideration of accidents, emergency situations, injuries, etc., taking all necessary measures to avoid such cases in the future;
  • organization of inspections of the technical condition of buildings and structures;
  • improvement of working conditions, work to ensure comfort in the enterprise;
  • work with documents; preparation of the required package of documents and sending it to the management.

What can be said about such a document asManual on labor protection for a labor safety engineer? Here, too, are the basic rules that fix the main duties, rights and types of responsibility. This document will be discussed further.

Requirements for the school specialist

Instruction for the protection of labor for a security engineerLabor contains a number of special requirements for the specialist. It is worth examining them on the example of a school worker. So, the specialist in question is obliged:

  • follow the rules of the labor order, the regime of rest and working hours;
  • monitor electrical and fire safety;
  • carefully and accurately treat personal protective equipment;
  • pass an annual test of knowledge, and so on.

Functions of the school specialist

Teachers and students may be adversely affected by many external factors.

the instruction of the engineer for labor protection

Thus, the occupational safety specialist should ensure that the educational institution complies with:

  • optimal lighting at workplaces;
  • comfortable temperature and humidity for labor duties;
  • cleanliness in all used rooms and premises;
  • absence of contaminated sites on the school grounds;
  • high-quality work of water supply, heating and sewerage.

It should be noted that the requirements for the schoola specialist in occupational safety and health are strikingly different from those that are presented to such specialists in enterprises and manufacturing plants. In particular, the labor protection instruction for the labor safety engineer at the school prescribes not the most number of functions for the representatives of the profession in question.

Specialist in Dow

What can be told about thespecialists, workers in nurseries or nurseries? Immediately it is worth noting that the responsibility for such employees lies large and complex. To monitor safety and working order in a room where there are children are many times more difficult, and therefore the specialists themselves should be prepared for difficult working conditions. What in this case prescribes the instruction on labor protection for the engineer on labor protection in the DOW? The document fixes the following provisions:

  • the occupational safety specialist must timely control the temperature and humidity level in the premises;
  • The employee must ensure that the personnel follow the hygiene rules;
  • the specialist must maintain the optimum level of safety in the room, avoid gas leakage, various types of flammable liquids, etc .;
  • the specialist must report on all the work done to management.

Above, only the most basic functions were mentioned, which the occupational safety engineer in the DOW must perform.

The beginning of the work of an engineer

The instruction on labor protection for the engineer for the operation or repair of equipment establishes a clear list of requirements for the specialist at the beginning, middle, at the end of the working day.

Manual on labor protection for the engineer for labor protection

What exactly can be distinguished here? Here is what the document fixes:

  • On arrival at the workplace, you must wear overalls and a special footwear. Its type will depend on the type of work performed and on the season.
  • Obtain from the management attire and all the necessary documentation for work.
  • Check for serviceability and prepare for operation all necessary tools.
  • Make sure that all available equipment is in the off state.
  • Indicate the areas under repair with special tapes or plaques.

It is not allowed:

  • Use apparatus in the presence of high or excess pressure in them;
  • Use protective clothing, the expiration date of which has expired;
  • work with a faulty tool, etc.

Implementation of works

Instruction for the protection of labor for an engineer forrepair of equipment fixes the following main provisions relating to the quality and safety performance of labor duties in the workplace: the employee begins to perform his professional duties only if he knows about all the safe ways to perform his labor activity.

job description of a labor safety engineer

In cases of doubtful, capable of entailing injuries and other types of hazards, it is necessary to seek explanations for the leadership.

It is also worth noting that it is strictly forbidden to start work:

  • if it was not authorized by the authorities (in other words - unauthorized work);
  • on sites fenced with ribbons, fences, etc. (in case the authorities did not allow it);
  • in the case of unsuitable instruments;
  • work in places where the lighting level is not optimal enough, and in some other cases.

Completion of work

No less important is the list of requirements for the engineer at the end of the day's work.

a safety manual for the safety engineer at the school

What in this case fixes the instruction on labor protection for the engineer on operation of the equipment (or repair of the equipment)? Here are some key points:

  • The specialist must check all available equipment; At the end of the working day, all machines and machines must be in the disconnected state.
  • It is necessary to check all the flaps and switches for serviceability.
  • It is necessary to remove all the overalls and put them in the proper storage place.
  • Be sure to wash your face and hands with soap, then take a shower.
  • It is necessary to sign the special register of the account and inform about the termination of the change to the official.

Thus, the equipment maintenance and repair engineers are subject to the same labor protection requirements as all other employees.

Emergency situations

Instruction for the protection of labor for an engineer forrepair or operation of the equipment contains, in addition to all of the above, a number of points about the necessary actions in the event of emergency situations. What can be distinguished here?

a labor safety manual for a labor safety engineer in the dow

The first thing to do during an emergency isstop the entire workflow and report the danger to management. If there is a fire, then immediately disconnect from the power supply all available equipment, call the fire department and evacuate from a hazardous location. In the event that an employee is injured, it is necessary to immediately finish the work process, report the incident to the authorities and call the ambulance.

Instruction on the protection of labor for a quality engineer

What can you tell about such an employee asquality engineer? This is a specialist that monitors the quality of products; this employee is obliged to check the consignments of goods on time in accordance with the norms.

a labor safety manual for a labor safety engineer in the dow

What points does the document on labor protection fix on this specialist? First, the main duties of this employee are indicated. These include:

  • participation in the development of quality management systems, as well as systems that allow monitoring the quality of products;
  • analysis of information obtained at various stages of production, as well as taking measures to prevent the release of poor-quality products;
  • studying of domestic and foreign experience in improving the quality of products;
  • work with all the necessary documentation, and some other items.

It should be noted that the safety requirements forthe attitude towards this specialist is practically no different from the requirements for other employees. So, the document on labor protection fixes the main points related to optimal lighting, temperature, fire safety, etc.

Responsibility of employees

If in violation of security requirementsthe employee himself is guilty, a certain share of responsibility is imposed on him. Depending on the degree of the incident, it can be criminal, administrative or disciplinary. What exactly can be distinguished here?

If the fault of a specialist was provokedbreakage of any apparatus, tool or equipment, the employee is obliged to compensate the enterprise for material damage. This includes offenses during the direct implementation of their work activities, improper performance of assigned duties, and much more.

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