The work of a bartender: a description, pluses and minuses, the subtleties of the profession


Sphere of rest is given rather largeattention these days. Almost every city has a variety of recreation facilities, ranging from billiards and cafes, ending with bars. And in most of these places there must be a counter, behind which there is an employee who carries out the orders of customers. For many people, this work becomes a dream thanks to the image and charm of workers in this field. But not everyone knows that in reality everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Features and description of the profession of bartenders

According to most, the main functionsThe bartender is an artistic serving of drinks and providing clients with information of interest to them. In fact, the applicant for this position must be able to accurately pick up the right dishes for each drink, as well as know the ingredients of all the cocktails that are included in the menu. The employee is obliged by his actions to attract the public to the counter, to interest the visitors and provoke them to buy themselves drinks.

bartender's work

In the work of a bartender, communication skills are very important,thanks to which the employee can create a comfortable atmosphere for every visitor and support any conversation. It's important to have a good memory, because bars often have regular customers, for which the phrase: "Do you like it?" will be a call to visit this institution next time. After all, it is these visitors who bring the most profits to the institutions. In this work there is a complexity, the employee is constantly on his feet, while he can be surrounded by a noisy environment and, if the institution smokes, there is also a constant smell of smoke. Some employers require knowledge of a foreign language if the level of the bar allows foreign customers to be accepted.

History of the profession of bartenders

For the first time this profession was in demand intimes of the "gold rush" in the territory of America. Small settlements were established, where gold seekers were located, and there were trade outlets with different types of goods, including alcoholic beverages. Over time, the stores began to establish barriers to separate places for recreation and pastime from trading rooms. It was in such places that workers were required who would pour and mix drinks, entertaining the audience gathered.

work as a bartender without experience

But the first printed edition containing in itselfthe rules of making cocktails and the code of work by a barman, appeared in 1862, the author of this book was an employee of this field with many years of experience named Jerry Thomas. Until now, this profession has remained relevant and spread throughout the world. Barmen are needed not only in bars, but also in restaurants, clubs and other similar entertainment establishments.

Pros of work

The first plus of working as a bartender at the club isThe schedule, mainly the drinking establishments, are open in the evening and there is no need to get up early. This attracts many extraordinary personalities. Training this work does not require time and money, and sometimes a person can take a job without any work experience, the main thing is that he has the basic qualities necessary to fulfill his duties.

Since this post is directly relatedwith communication with people, there is a great chance to make new acquaintances and even useful links. Well, naturally, it is worth noting the payment of labor. Like the profession of a waiter, a bartender can get a good tip, in addition to his basic earnings.

Profession minuses

The first and most important disadvantage of this workderives from its first plus - it's an unnormal working day, especially when it comes to institutions that work until the last client leaves. A professional must have great willpower and not drink in the workplace, despite the fact that he constantly deals with alcohol. It does not matter, the bad mood of the bartender or the client gets drunk and shows disrespect to him, the employee should always be polite with his visitors.

profession bartender description

Besides this, one must constantly remember not only,how to prepare this or that drink, but how much it costs. Working conditions are not always good, it is constant noise, din, cigarette smoke and other delights of drinking establishments. In addition, the employee is financially responsible not only for drinks, but also for the dishes, and customers of such establishments beat her much more often than in ordinary cafes and restaurants.


At the moment there are no institutions wherea person would qualify. Naturally, there are specialized courses, after which you can get a job as a barman without experience, but their duration usually does not exceed two weeks and they can not be called a full-fledged certificate of education.

In most cases, those who wish to enterthis post, just arranged in assistants or trainees to more experienced professionals. Naturally, at first it will be necessary to wash the rack and dishes, pour only the simplest drinks, but this experience will allow to bring all these actions to automaticity.


Usually people getearn extra money. Many students choose to work as a bartender without experience, since a flexible schedule allows you to combine it with study. But over time, for many people, temporary earnings become permanent.

bartender of the subtlety of the profession

If the employee will sharpen theirprofessional skills, he can be invited to a more prestigious institution. In addition, a free schedule allows you to receive additional education, constant communication with people affects personal growth. This can affect the promotion to the restaurant administrator. It often happens that, having studied all the subtleties of the profession, the barman decides to open his bar.

Qualities of the employee

Employee who wants to get a job for a barStand, should have special personal qualities. The applicant for this position should be stress-resistant, and also work quietly even under extreme conditions, where there is a lot of noise, smoke and drunken customers. This employee must constantly stand and provide customers with ordered drinks, that is, you need good health and physical endurance. Attendance of the institution very often depends on the wit and sociable qualities of the barman, so he must have an excellent sense of humor and the ability to support any topic offered by the visitor.

profession barman

Many may think that this profession is veryfascinating and interesting, and also does not require special stress. But if you seriously assess all the pros and cons of the bartender's profession, then you can safely say that without special skills, creativity and the ability to find a common language with different people, there is no positive in such work. Employers appreciate benevolent applicants who are able not only to speak but also listen to energetic people who are carefully performing their work. When applying for a job, it is estimated how much a person is polite, educated, obligatory and patient. The candidate for the position must be able to quickly find solutions to problems, be clean, have impeccable manners and presentable appearance.


Despite the fact that bartenders areservice staff, their earnings are quite attractive. Although in many respects it depends both on the prestige of the institution and the type of clients who visit it, as well as on the personal qualities of the specialist himself. The bartending experience can be obtained quickly by completing courses and learning the recipes as a professional assistant. But the income depends not on the ability to properly mix cocktails.

bartending experience

The barman should be the pleasant owner of hisStand, able to respond quickly to any visitor's request. His main mission is to serve a drink of high quality cooking, but, in addition, he should help a person relax, forget about pressing problems and stresses. Any professional barman should combine knowledge of chemistry, psychology, acting skills and be a real humorist. Communicate with customers will only be the employee who has innate qualities, and the tip of such a specialist directly depends on his ability to find an approach to different clients.


At first glance, the duties of this employee are notSuch complicated ones. But in reality, the employee must have certain knowledge and be able to apply them in practice. From the worker it is required knowledge of recipes of various cocktails and ability to prepare them quickly and qualitatively. The supply of a drink is also not so simple, there are many nuances about utensils, decorations and other things that not everyone can do. That is why the work of a barman without experience is offered only in not very expensive and presentable establishments.

work as a bartender in the club

In addition, an employee must havesufficient knowledge to advise the visitor on a particular drink, analyzing his preferences. Workers who can juggle, show pyrotechnic tricks and other skills that are able to entertain and interest the public are very much appreciated. The employee is obliged not only to listen to his clients, but also to maintain with them soul talks. If a bartender is able to create a mood for his visitors, this is the key to success and the likelihood that a person will become a regular customer of the institution.

Medical Contraindications

This post is not advised to be arranged for people withchronic diseases of the respiratory and hearing organs, skin diseases. Work is contraindicated in people with impaired movement, nervous disorders and cardiovascular diseases. As the bartenders have a busy schedule, a job that requires enormous expenditure of physical and mental strength, it's better to settle for it with people with excellent health. In other words, the work of a bartender will not suit everyone.


Many people are attracted to this profession because of itscharm, atmosphere and mystery. But in reality things are very different, this is a serious work that requires physical endurance and psychological stamina. Shifts may not be standardized, and you will have to sit and wait until the last customer leaves, you need to constantly be on your feet and fulfill the desires of customers. In this work, it is important not only to properly mix and serve a cocktail, but also to place the client to oneself.

Of course, the salary immediately causes interest, but itvery much depends on the personal qualities of the employee, his ability to attract as many visitors and prestige as possible. The employee should not only learn and be able to quickly and accurately prepare drinks, as well as beautifully serve them, but also constantly improve their skills in psychology, learn new jokes and be a good humorist. Only a person with a presentable appearance, clean, sociable and energetic can get into this position.

He needs to be patient, respond politelyeven unpleasant people and be able to quickly and sensibly find the way out of their existing situations. Since the employee is responsible for the dishes, he must keep track of which visitors broke the glass, otherwise the amount of spoiled dishes will be deducted from his salary. And, of course, the working conditions are not the best, so bartenders often refuse to visit friends with noisy companies after work.

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