Specialty "Management of the organization": who can work?


Annually higher educational institutions producethousands of specialists who then hopelessly try to find work corresponding to their qualifications in the diploma. If in the old days this problem was easily solved by state distribution, and young employees needed diligent work and strict adherence to the instructions of the mentor, now the situation radically changed. Man independently decides his fate, including his career. Therefore, it is extremely important when entering a university to seriously approach the choice of the faculty and the profile of the training, in order to have an idea of ​​which direction to search for work in the future.

What does management mean?

Management is a fairly new word in everyday lifecompatriots, but it quickly gained popularity. Having opened a newspaper or a website describing the required specialists, you can always notice that companies need managers. Let's try to understand what is meant by this concept, and by whom it is possible to work in the specialty of "organization management".

A person who never encounters thisoften thinks that it means control. In some ways it is, because the concept of "management" comes from the Latin manus (hand), which is reflected in the English verb to manage - "to lead." However, management is a broader concept that implies the ability to manage any systems, including automatic ones, while management is the art of creating a product by the hands of others. This means that the manager is the person who manages people and has leadership qualities at the same time.

Organisation management. Who can work with this specialty?

Labor exchanges are full of requests for the search for intelligent managers. This is due to the development of domestic business.

management of the organization by whom it is possible to work
Any manager understands how important it is forthe company has a qualified staff to ensure that at the head of each unit there is an outstanding leader capable of increasing the commercial profit of the organization. This is possible in two cases: when the manager correctly chose his life path, and his personal qualities fully correspond to the profile of the position and when he is able to distribute the company's resources competently.

The prospect of running a company or beingthe head of the department leads many students and their parents to the choice of the specialty "organization management". "Who can work in reality with this profession?" - a question that should excite applicants in the first place. The most interesting is that there is no single answer to this question. The business environment undergoes constant changes, which means that, perhaps, after completing a five-year term of study, students will be required to possess new competences that were not originally envisaged in the profile of their position.

At the moment in the scientific literature there areDefinitions that imply that the organization of management at the enterprise is a sphere of management aimed at planning the company's activity, a step-by-step system for ensuring its vital activity, controlling the operation of individual units and skilfully distributing temporary, labor, information and material resources.

The manager and owner of the company - what's the difference?

organization of financial management

Domestic business does not always keep up withforeign innovations, so very often there is confusion when interpreting certain concepts. The manager's profession came to our country from the West and quickly covered all segments of the market, but for many so far remains a mystery: what is the difference between an owner of an enterprise and a manager, if both of these persons are by definition their decision makers. In fact, there is no difference between these entities. Their duties include the same list of tasks, but shares their difference in the level of authority. In other words, the manager is an employee who is called upon to lead a skillful management of an organization, while its owner is a person who invests in its own development, but does not necessarily carry out management. However, as the experience of foreign companies shows, any owner of a company must be a priori a good manager.

Duties of the manager

The organization's management system implies,that in each company there are functional divisions, at the head of which there should be a person making decisions. In practice, the manager most often acts as a middle manager, whose immediate duties include:

work management organization

  • planning and implementation of measures to modernize the work of the enterprise;
  • performance of the analysis of work of the company;
  • ubiquitous monitoring of the performance of the tasks assigned to the staff;
  • motivation of employees, creating a favorable climate in the team.

The goal of a manager as an employee is to increaseefficiency of the enterprise, so it is extremely important for him to be able to see the situation as a whole and understand how the work of his department can improve the KPI of the whole company.

The qualities that a manager in the modern world should possess

Finish university, get a diploma and, maybe,even experience - far from determining factors of success for the employee in the field of management. In addition to the above nuances, each manager must work on improving personal characteristics and develop the following skills and qualities:

  1. Leadership abilities.
  2. Strategic thinking.
  3. Innovative approach to management.
  4. Be able to influence your personnel and manipulate them as needed.
  5. Use effective levers to control the execution of orders.
  6. Delegate authority, based on a personal approach to management.
    management organization management

Management appreciates to the greatest extent thosespecialists who can quickly and efficiently distribute the company's resource base, and achieve the maximum profit with the least cost, which is why the organization of financial management occupies an important role in the enterprise.

Spheres of work after obtaining the specialty "Management of an organization"

Based on the results of the statistics of universities that offer applicants to become students and master the profession of a manager, their graduates work in the following areas:

  • public service;
  • restaurant and hotel business or, as it is now called, HoReCa;
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • banking and insurance services;
  • financial institutions;
  • Information Technology;
  • industry;
  • education.

organization of management in the enterprise

Among the frequently encountered questions there is this: "Management of the organization - who can work?" This is not surprising: companies offer an incredibly extensive list of vacancies for potential employees. Of course, most guys dream of starting their own business, but in an aggressive competitive environment it is desirable to have preliminary experience, so many follow a proven path of years: they are arranged by hired employees.

Today, there are so many opportunities formanifestations of one's own abilities, that for everyone there is work. Management of the organization as a specialty covers a wide enough horizon of activities that will satisfy the ambitions of everyone who is ready to make an effort. Let's consider the most perspective directions for realization of the potential.

Consulting services

To date, this is very attractivean area of ​​activity where not only entrepreneurs who have had a successful business experience, but also beginners who are ready to assist the head at the beginning, can apply their skills. To get a job in a consulting agency, you need to have the skills in the field of services provided and have good communication skills, since the work involves the widespread communication with people and the ability to convey information of varying complexity to them.

Marketing and advertising services

Today this is one of the most promising spheresactivities. It is dynamic, requires creativity from managers and is ideal for those children who like a democratic management organization. Management within such a company should be built on the ability to clearly plan activities and advertising campaigns, position oneself in the market, know the basics of pricing and financing schemes, the ability to find markets and skills to promote their own product.

who can work on the specialty of organization management

Personnel Management

First of all, management studies leversinfluence on people, allowing them to effectively manage. Many companies have long concluded that their most valuable resource is people, and therefore they focus on creating a favorable microclimate in the team. Teambuilding and training on the basis of the enterprise, all sorts of social guarantees and comfortable working conditions is not the humane desire of the leadership to do more good in the world, but a detailed planned action. That is why in large enterprises vacancies of HR managers are everywhere open - people who care about the efficiency of each employee's work. These specialists are called upon to motivate employees to increase their personal productive results. Most often, these positions are attracted to girls, who, in addition to paper analytical work, also organize corporate events and other personnel development programs. Those who wish to receive such a position should pay close attention to the study of the Labor Code, special software equipment, office work and psychology, since HR managers often participate in the selection of personnel.

organization management system

If someone still has questions about "whatif you want to study the management of an organization, "" who can work after graduating from the university, "then you should think about your personal qualities and fantasies." This specialty is so extensive and opens up so many opportunities for people that it can rightfully be called universal.

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