How to become a masseur: the path to a new profession


The profession of a massage therapist attracts many. Firstly, it brings a good income, and secondly, everyone can master it. That's just where to start your journey? What do you need to become a masseur? And how long will it take to learn the basics of the profession?

It would seem, to find answers to all these questionsquite simply. But it's worth digging deeper - and outwardly hidden facts are emerging that generate more and more new questions. Therefore, in order to dispel all myths and prejudices in one fell swoop, let's talk about how one can really become a good masseur in Russia.

how to become a massage therapist

The first step is the most difficult

Let's say that in your head a plan forI want to become a masseur. " Thinking about it, you will clearly come to the conclusion that this is a good idea, which is easy to implement. But for some reason, most people do not go beyond empty rantings.

Therefore, the first advice would be banal: "Act!" That is, do not just read the article on how to become a massage therapist, but really start to follow all the recommendations that are prescribed in it. It's the only way to achieve success. And remember: the first step is the most difficult, it will be easier.

What qualities should a masseur have?

So, let's drop for a while the thought ofprofessional skills and focus on what personal qualities each masseur should possess. After all, if there are no such people, he will have to sweat hard to develop them in himself.

  1. A good physical form is the first necessaryminimum, since almost all types of massage require strength in their hands. Otherwise, the specialist will not be able to properly stretch the large muscles and tendons.
  2. Endurance and patience are the guarantee of a productivework. This is due to the fact that some massage sessions can last for an hour, or even more. Therefore, a person must prepare himself beforehand for such tests of the soul and body.
  3. Indomitable thirst for knowledge. For some reason, some experts stop, having studied only a few techniques of massage. This is a wrong approach, because a good master has many skills. Therefore, if you seriously think about how to become a masseur, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to study for the rest of your life.

become a masseur without a medical

On the verge of an important choice

To study the profession of a massage therapist can be severalways. In this case, any of them will have both their pluses and minuses. Therefore, it will be right to discuss them with separate items in order to understand which one is the best.

If to speak briefly, the first way isto finish preparatory courses, which will give an idea of ​​the basics of this profession. The second is to enter a medical college or college, which will open up access to more demanding massage techniques.

How to become a masseur without medical education

Many incorrectly believe that the availability of a diplomaphysician - is a fundamental factor in the work of each masseur. However, this is far from the truth. Today, thousands of specialists in different parts of our country are successfully coping with their duties without having any medical education at all.

After all, the truth is that the basics of mastery can beto study at special courses on massage. At the same time, they are conducted in almost every city, with the exception of only remote outbacks and small villages. Therefore, enrollment for such courses is easy, it would be a desire to learn. Now about the benefits of such training:

  • First, it's availability. On average, the cost of training varies from 4 to 8 thousand rubles for the entire course. And thanks to this, everyone can accumulate enough funds for his passage.
  • Secondly, a quick result. Basics of massage can be learned in 2-3 months, which allows you to start working on this specialty soon.
  • Third, upon completion of the training, all graduates are given special certificates that allow them to work officially in this field.

However, there are disadvantages. And the main of them is that the presence of such education does not give the authority to conduct courses of therapeutic massage. And this severely limits the list of places where the master can work, and also cuts his upper lap of monthly income.

what you need to become a massage therapist

On the way to higher craftsmanship

The fact that you can become a masseur without a medicaleducation - the truth. But in this case you will have to accept that some types of services you can not provide. For example, the same medical massage, which is so in demand among people of advanced age.

Therefore it will be quite reasonable to talk about how to become a masseur with a medical education. And again, there are two ways of development of events:

  • The first - to graduate from medical school, collegeor college, and then take a massage therapist. Naturally, this option is best viewed by those who have already received a diploma of a doctor or paramedic, since it is foolish to spend 4 years of your life just for the sake of getting this profession.
  • The second is to apply for specialpreparatory classes for therapeutic massage. They are conducted at medical schools, universities, clinics or centers. However, you will have to study here much longer than in regular courses. But the final result fully justifies such costs.

I want to become a massage therapist

Choice of specialization

It should be clearly understood that today there isa huge number of varieties of massage. Therefore, in order not to harass the question in the future: "Why did I become a masseur in this area, and not in another?", Let's discuss the main directions of the profession.

  1. Cosmetic or relaxing massage. The beauty of this direction is that it is not necessary for him to have a medical education. It's enough to pass a training course - and you can start looking for clients. In addition, over time it is possible to improve their skills by choosing one of the narrow areas. For example, aromatic and energy massages are very popular today.
  2. Wellness. In this case, the healing properties of the procedures are brought to the forefront, which requires certain knowledge in medicine. No less important are the practical skills of a specialist, because, unlike a cosmetic massage, any inaccurate movement can harm a patient. This is especially true when it comes to patients suffering from defects in bones or muscle tissue.
  3. Oriental. Although for Russia this is a relatively new direction, today it is very in demand. So, salons of Thai massage open today in many cities, and the list of their clients is truly impressive.

Can I become a massage therapist?

How to become a masseur, or What do I have to learn?

Regardless of what specialization the specialist chooses, he still has to master the following basics:

  • the general anatomy of a person;
  • the basic techniques of massage by hands;
  • peculiarities of using vegetable oils and extracts;
  • rules of sanitary control in the workplace.

how to become a good masseur

A few words about practical skills

So, how to become a good masseur? The answer is quite simple: to be able to do an excellent massage. Alas, to achieve this, some courses will be few. After all, they can not give one important thing - practical skills. After all, no matter how hard the teachers, they can not give proper attention to all students.

Thus, the fate of students in their own hands. In order to better consolidate the material, repeat the lesson in practice relentlessly. Fortunately few people today will refuse a free massage session. In addition, you can always involve your relatives, friends or even neighbors in the process. And who knows, maybe in the future they will be your main customers.

Where to go to work?

About how to become a masseur, we talked,now it remains to understand where to find work then. The pleasant news is that you can accept clients even at home, the main thing is to get a massage table and some accessories and consumables (the same oils). At the same time, even a few receptions per day can quickly recoup the money invested in training.

But those who want to develop betterthink about working in a massage salon. Thanks to the constant influx of customers, you can quickly develop practical skills, which in the future will only play into the hands. Well, if you have a medical education, the ideal place of work will be a private clinic or a sanatorium, as the level of payment here is the highest.

why did I become a massage therapist

How many massage therapists receive in Russia

Is it possible to become a masseur and at the same time a littleearn? Of course, you can, especially if you do nothing. After all, one of the main features of this profession is that each specialist himself determines the minimum threshold of his salary. So, working in the clinic, the master calmly can receive additional clients during the after-hour hour. Or, owning their own massage room, a person can easily hold in it preparatory courses or read seminars.

As for the approximate figures,The minimum bar varies from 15-20 thousand rubles per month. Little? Yes, but, as practice shows, most good masters work for much more money. Thus, their average for Russia stopped at around 45 thousand rubles a month. However, there are those who manage to gain from 80 to 90 thousand rubles. What is true, this income requires a person maximum dedication and an innovative approach to business. Dare!

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