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Ilgiz Valinurov - one of the most successful peopleRussia. It was this man who became the founder and president of the Corporation of Recruitment Agencies "Business Union". He released several of his own books "Recruiting 100%: the science of attracting the best" and "50 creative ideas for finding productive employees through social networks." A recruiter's handbook. And also regularly published in business and professional media.

Ilgiz Valinurov

Ilgiz Valinurov: biography

He was born in 1976 in the city of Ufa. Ilgiz Valinurov lived there for a relatively short time, as his father was offered a good post in Ulan-Ude at the aviation plant. In Novosibirsk Ilgiz moved in 1993, in the same place in 1999 he graduated from the business department of NETI. Then in 2000 he opened his own recruitment agency. In 2007 he opened an office in Moscow. At the moment Ilgiz Valinurov is considered one of the best recruiters in Russia.

Ilgiz never was afraid of works, that's whybegan to earn additionally at school. He became more conscious in his student years. A group of students, which included Ilgiz Valinurov, was engaged in small show business. Organized concerts, parties and festivals. Ilgiz tried to go to small trips on the money he received from the events.
Due to his work experience and specialty,which Ilgiz Valinurov chose, he made for himself the choice of the future profession. I decided to start recruiting. As Ilgiz himself explains: "Personnel is one of the main points in every business.If you assemble a team of experienced specialists, you can master almost all information related to business." In all cities of Russia, recruiting only develops, and this gives good opportunities for studying and earning in this system. "

Ilgiz Valinurov reviews

Life of a businessman

In addition to his work, Ilgiz Valinurov likesrest, prefers to play sports. Quite often he appears on photo sessions. Many do not miss the opportunity to capture what a successful businessman and recruiter Ilgiz Valinurov is doing. Photos appear on the Internet and various magazines. Constantly travels to business trips and travels regularly. In general, this person spends his life as actively as possible.

Way to success

To understand who Ilgiz Valinurov is and how he achieved popularity, it is worth studying his work and learn more about how he went to success.
Achievements of Ilgiz Valinurov:

  • In 2006 Ilgiz Valinurov was recognized as the man of the year in the category of "Public Recognition" in the All-Russian competition "People of Business".
  • He won the competition "Captains of Russian business" in the "Best Personnel Agency of Moscow".
  • He is the president of the Moscow Pipe Club and is currently considered the champion of Russia for smoking cigars.
  • He organized Moscow HR-breakfasts and one of the most popular games on "HR-Mafia".
  • In 2010, ranked 13th in the list of the best headhunters in Russia. The "Profile" magazine published these lists.
  • Over 16 years of work, he conducted more than 11,500 interviews for the position of ordinary specialists, as well as heads of organizations.

ilginus valinurov photo

Professional experience

At the moment Ilgiz Valinurov headsrecruitment agency Business Connection. In addition, Ilziz regularly conducts castings of "Strategic Personnel Management" and is the president of the program that prepares management personnel for Russia.

In the biography of Ilgiz Valinurov one can find manyinteresting moments. It's amazing when one person manages so much. In addition to his main activity, he is the author of publications in many journals. The publications that produce the works of Ilgiz are the following: "Personnel management", "Company management", "Vedomosti", "Kommersant", "Chief accountant", "Trud" and many others.
The conference on personnel management Ilgiz Valinurov conducts not only in Russia, but also abroad.

At one time, Ilgiz himself was trained by leading Russian and Western recruiting experts.

Ilgiz Valinurov biography


Ilgiz Valinurov found his place in business and is well versed in many issues. The main points of specialization:

  • Selects executives for business owners.
  • Regional and international recruiting.
  • Provides training and training for staff.
  • Provides services in outsourcing of personnel production.

Recruitment Agency Business Connection

In 2000, Valinurov Ilgiz founded the Business Connection recruitment agency in Novosibirsk. It is developing quite successfully, and now an office is opened not only in Novosibirsk, but also in Moscow.

Causes, according to which in our time recruitment agencies are gaining increasing popularity, several. The main ones are:

  • The professional staff is in great demand.
  • For any worker, the increase in wages is of no small importance.

Every day in Russia more and moremore different companies, the scope of their activities are diverse, but everyone necessarily needs specialists. Not always the founders of companies get to work for professionals, then they turn to recruitment agencies, which are engaged in the search. Also, such agencies can apply and applicants.

In each city there are many recruitment agencies. But only the largest ones survive on the market, which have already acquired permanent customers and connections.

Recruitment agency Business Connection in thisThe moment is mainly engaged in servicing and opening of new branches of Moscow companies. At the opening stage, they require specialists: branch directors, commercial directors, chief accountants. In Novosibirsk, however, the company requires production managers, technologists and chief engineers.

The company has many large customers who have not been looking for employees for a long time, but have completely entrusted this activity to Business Connection.

Author of books

Ilgiz Valinurov has already published several books aboutrecruiting. They are in great demand and popularity. His main work: "Recruiting at 100%" and "I'm an ideal candidate." Plots of books help both the employer and the applicant find exactly what they need. For a person who is looking for a job, Ilgiz described all the necessary points: from choosing a profession and a city before writing a resume and going through an interview.

who is Ilgiz Valinurov

The books give answers to many questions of interest to entrepreneurs and specialists. The main issues discovered in the book "Recruiting at 100%":

  • How to build a team that will share the values ​​of the company and bring it closer to fulfilling the mission.
  • How and what to motivate the workforce.
  • How to keep employees from being laid off.

Information for writing books is taken fromown experience - so says Ilgiz Valinurov. Reviews of his works are always only positive. These books have helped many employers in their search for employees. And also people who have studied the book "I'm an ideal candidate" are much more confident in interviews and clearly understand what they want from work.

To the question: "How to become an ideal candidate?"Ilgiz Valinurov responds that when entering adulthood, a person starts to look for work, tries to sell his skills and skills at a better price." If a person has something to offer to the employer, he offers his candidacy for the desired position. so describe their merits, so that the employer does not have any questions about why it is necessary to take it.

Ilgiz Valinurov recruitment agency

Strategy is a quest

Each person throughout life putsbefore him certain goals. Sometimes, goals become a strategy. Reaching one line, we must set ourselves the next and so on. It is a literate strategy in life that produces tangible results.

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