Job description of teachers of primary and senior classes


Teacher of the school, having signed the labor contract,drawn up in accordance with the LC RF, in most cases is obliged to get acquainted with the provisions of its job description. Its structure is also formed on the basis of various legal acts. What is the specificity of the job descriptions of teachers of modern Russian schools?

Specificity of the post of teacher

The work of the teacher is usually related to the agespecialization. That is, a school employee can have the highest level of vocational training for teaching children of lower grades or, conversely, graduation. However, the job description of teachers, as a rule, does not depend too much on the age of the pupils. Competences of the school employee remain generally the same regardless of the subjects. The teacher's task is to give knowledge.

Job description of teachers

Certainly, in some particular aspectsjob descriptions may vary depending on the specialization of the school. There are private educational institutions, and there are state and municipal ones. The job description of a teacher in a commercial school may include provisions that are not envisaged by the government or even not recommended by the government, and therefore missing in the relevant documents of state institutions.

Uniformity of instructions

So, the job description of a school employee -It is a document that generally preserves uniformity regardless of the age specialization of the teacher or the subject that he teaches. This can be seen by examining several sample samples of the relevant documents.

This situation is quite logical. As we noted above, the teacher's task is to give knowledge, and this can not be done in any special way for the Russian language or mathematics, except by means of conducting classes. The unification of job descriptions is also due to the generality of the legal framework on which they are based.

Teacher's instruction instruction

In this sense, not onlydocuments issued by educational institutions of the same status, in particular secondary schools. The job description of the teacher-speech therapist DOW, in connection with the generality of the legal framework of the relevant institutions and schools, can by its structure generally correspond to a similar document regulating the professional activity of employees of general education organizations.

Legislative aspect

The provisions of which laws must correspondjob description of the teacher? First of all, it is the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development No. 761n, which approved the provisions of the Single Qualification Handbook of posts, namely, insofar as it relates to the specifics of the work functions of teachers. Other important legal acts are the Law "On Education", the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and the Federal Law "On the Fundamentals of Labor Protection". Also important are local regulatory sources - the Charter of the educational institution, the Collective Agreement or, for example, the Internal Regulations.

job description of the teacher of the Russian language

It can be noted that in the preambles, whichcontains any job description of teachers, as a rule, the indicated legal acts are indicated as fundamental from the point of view of document development. Following the preamble are other structural parts of the job description. Let's consider their essence.

Structure of job description: appointment and dismissal

The teacher's job description includesprovisions concerning the procedures for admission of a teacher to work and release him from his duties. The wording here is usually unambiguous and reflects the fact that the employee is approved in his position or removed from it by the headmaster. In accordance with the order of the head of the educational institution, the functions of the dismissed teacher can be temporarily assigned to other employees.

Requirements for the level of education

The teacher's job description in the school asrule includes provisions reflecting the requirements for the level of education of a specialist. At the same time in many institutions it is accepted that the length of the work of a teacher is more important than the fact of having a diploma. At the same time, there are schools in which the teacher's higher education may exclude the requirements for work experience in relation to him. And this is prescribed in the job description.

Knowledge requirements

The next section of the document of this type reflects the requirements for the knowledge of the teacher. New job descriptions of teachers, as a rule, include the following list.

job description of a primary school teacher

Firstly, in the relevant documentsrequirements for knowledge of various legal acts are reflected. Namely: the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Federal Law "On Education", possibly, municipal laws. Among them, one should note the labor legislation, various codes related to work, - Civil, Family. This, of course, is the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Secondly, these are the requirements for knowledge reflectingcompetence in certain disciplines. Here the job description of a mathematics teacher may differ slightly in some formulations from a document for a specialist in teaching children Russian. However, for teachers of both profiles in the relevant part of the instruction may contain the same requirements for knowledge in the field of pedagogy, child psychology, hygiene, sociology. The job description of the teacher of the Russian language, mathematics, physics, and geography will in any case contain the requirements concerning the possession of the methods of teaching the subject, the means of instruction.

Thirdly, the criteria characterizing theteacher's toolkit. These may be requirements for the knowledge of modern teaching technologies, approaches to developing learning, methods of persuasion, establishing trustworthy contacts with students and their parents.


The job description may contain provisionsgoverning character. Some of them may be close to the requirements that we discussed above. That is, for example, in some educational institutions in the instructions it is prescribed that the teacher should be guided by such and such laws, regulations, norms. In fact, such wording coincides with those that are recorded in the section on qualification requirements. But in addition to them, the job description may contain guidance on, for example, impartiality in communicating with students, observance of their rights, or their official or civil duties.


In a number of schools in job descriptionsthe competences of teachers are prescribed. In fact, they represent the same requirements, but adapted to specific areas of the educational process. Let's look at some examples of competences that can be included in the relevant document. Note that they are typical for teachers of any profile, and therefore they can include both the official instruction of the primary school teacher and the one that is adapted to the activities of school employees specializing in the education of older children.

New job descriptions of teachers

Professional competence

First of all, for the teacher is important professionalcompetence. She assumes that the teacher has the skills to effectively solve problems in the field of pedagogical education, knows how to use his life experience and learning experience. Professional competence also presupposes the possession of the necessary technologies that are involved in the educational process - computer, psychological, sociological. Also in this area of ​​skills is the interest in specialized literature and the improvement of pedagogical qualifications.

Communicative competence

Communication competence is very important. She suggests that the teacher can easily find a common language with the children. Such provisions often contain the job description of the teacher-speech therapist, since the corresponding skill is necessary for communication with students who may have difficulties with pronunciation.

Job description of the teacher of mathematics

The type of competence considered is important forteacher in terms of the correct delivery of the required information to the child in a form understandable to him. And this applies to both classes conducted in the classroom, and individual lessons, which can also be included in the training programs.

In many modern schools, thethe instruction of teachers includes provisions concerning information competence. Here we mean the availability of knowledge and skills that help to quickly find the data required for the organization of an effective learning process - on the Internet, in reference and legal systems, in libraries.

Legal competence

Legal competence is extremely importantteacher. It involves not only knowing, conditionally speaking, the content of laws relating to work, but also a correct interpretation of their essence, possession of general principles reflecting the law enforcement practice of the relevant legal acts. This competence - among those that do not depend on the specialization of the employee in the school, they can include the job description of the teacher of primary classes or a teacher teaching older children.

Teacher functions

The most important section of the document type in question- the functions of a school employee. Among the basic ones that are contained in the job descriptions of many educational institutions, the following can be noted: the education and upbringing of children, taking into account their individual psychological, physiological characteristics and features of the subject, the organization of the educational process in classes and classes outside the school schedule, the promotion of socialization and the enhancement of the culture of children , as well as compliance with the necessary safety rules in the classroom.

Official duties

Perhaps this is one of the key sections of the job description. In the corresponding type of duty, teachers can include:

  • compliance with necessary qualification characteristics, passing of timely certification with a view to their confirmation;
  • guarantees of following the school statute and rulesinternal regulations, compliance with the terms of the employment contract, the performance of their duties, the orders of the manager, compliance with the criteria of discipline;
  • passing a regular medical examination, confirming fitness for the performance of professional activities for health reasons;
  • respect for the rights and freedoms of students, their parents, their colleagues, observance of their legitimate interests.

In many schools (in state andmunicipal - this is almost always necessary) the job description of the GEF teacher (according to the Federal State Educational Standard) is adopted. In this case, the provisions on the compliance of the educational process with the GEF standards can be included in the teacher's range of responsibilities.

The job description of the teacher of the speech therapist

In the structure of the duties of the teacherthere may be points that reflect the need to carry out tests, adjust the curricula based on their results, and approve the corresponding programs aimed at improving the performance of children.

Teacher rights

The teacher's job description, as a rule, fixes the rights of the employee of the educational institution. Which of them can be called the base?

First of all, this is the right to participate in managementschool through discussions within the Pedagogical Council. This right to protect professional honor, personal dignity. Depending on the specifics of the school, the corresponding list can be very broad. So, many educational institutions record in their job descriptions the rights of the teacher:

  • on the freedom of choice of teaching methods, specific textbooks and other materials that, in the opinion of the school employee, are best suited for the implementation of the program;
  • to get acquainted with the experience of other teachers by visiting their lessons - in accordance with the understanding or recommendations of the director;
  • to increase professional competence, to voluntary certification, the result of which can be a higher qualification category;
  • on social guarantees - such as, for example, extended vacation, pension provision for long service and other benefits provided for by the laws of the Russian Federation.

This is the structure of a typical job descriptionthe teacher of the Russian school. It can be noted that the sphere of education in the Russian Federation remains among the most dynamic, including in the aspect of regulatory legislation. It is possible that over time, the requirements for compiling job descriptions for school employees will be different. But while they are organized fairly logically and in general reflect the specifics of the modern educational process.

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